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  2. WHAT IS FLUORIDE? • Fluorine is the ionic form of the element. • Fluorine is a mineral found throughout the earth’s crust and widely distributed in nature. • Found in soils rich in fluorspar, cryolite and other minerals. • Fluoride is often called as nature’s cavity fighters.
  3. WHY FLUORIDE IS IMPORTANT IN DENTAL HEALTH? • Fluoride plays an important role in the mineralization of our teeth, keeping them hard and strong • About 99% of the body’s Fluoride is stored in bones and teeth. • Fluoride is also important for preventing dental caries, also known as Cavities
  4. SOURCES OF FLUORIDE. Small amounts of fruits, vegetable, cereals Rich amounts of sea food and tea leaves
  5. OTHER CHIEF SOURCES OF FLUORIDE. • Water • Topical agents (toothpaste) • According to WHO: Fluoridated Salts/Milk
  6. CAVITIES • Cavities, also known as caries are holes (or structural damage) in the teeth. • It is an infectious disease caused by the complex interaction of caries-causing bacteria with sugars on the tooth surface over time. • Theses Bacterias metabolize sugars for energy and produce organic acids as byproducts. • The acids lower the Ph in the Plaque biofilm.
  7. WHAT HARM DOES CAVITIES DO? • Your teeth are under constant attacks by acids and bacteria. • These substances will break down your teeth over time by causing tooth decay. • This tooth decay is in the form of cavities or holes which is a microscopic damage to your tooth.
  8. ROLE OF FLUORIDE • Fluoride helps prevent cavities. • It strengthens the Enamel which is the outer layer of our teeth. • Alters the action of the Bacteria. • Reduces the Enamel solublitity. • Example: Sodium Fluoride(NaF), Stannous Fluoride(SnF2).
  9. ROLE OF FLUORIDE • Sodium Fluoride(NaF): Synonymn-Florocid Uses- 1)NaF makes teeth more resistant to decay and bacteria that causes cavities. 2) It is used to prevent cavities.
  10. ROLE OF FLUORIDE • Stannous Fluoride(SnF2) Synonym- Fluoristan Uses-1)It is used in toothpaste for prevention of gingivitis dental infection, cavities, and to release hypersensitivitiy 2)It manages and prevent dental caries and gingivitis by promoting enamel mineralization.
  11. WATER FLUORIDATION • Technique in which there is addition of small amounts of Fluoride to public water supply. • Community water fluoridation is safe and effective in preventing dental caries in both children and adults. • Water fluoridation benefits all residents served by community water supplies regardless served by community water supplies regardless of their social or economic status.
  12. SUMMARY • Dental caries is a progressive disease characterized by demineralization and destruction of enamel and dentine. • Fluoride can reduce caries by preventing demineralization and promoting remineralization of tooth surfaces and can also inhibit production of plaque acid.
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