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Succeeding Internationally with your Social Media strategy

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Since we converged with Datawords, our horizons have expanded.
Thanks to their e-multicultural expertise, we have strengthened, through several common projects, our pledge to provide new connections between performance and creativity. We have, among other things, experienced our first international Social Media strategies roll-outs on several continents, simultaneously.
A groundbreaking step in Vanksen’s history.

While browsing this study, you will get to know the particularities of the Chinese “Biaoquingbao” or the Arabian #GroupMessaging trends, discover new cultural and geopolitical factors to take into account when conceiving your Social Media strategy or even learn about different organization models and methodologies your company should adopt based on your objectives.

If the world, today, is all about globalization, context and culture have never been so powerful and important from a communication and marketing standpoint.

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Succeeding Internationally with your Social Media strategy

  1. 1. 1 Succeed internationally with your social media strategy
  2. 2. 2 AGENDA 1 / Social Media: challenges & opportunities 2 / Keys to internationalizing your content 3 / Deploying your strategy Internationally 4 / Our methodology
  4. 4. 4 SOCIAL MEDIA IN 2018 IS... GLOBAL
  5. 5. / 2.23Billion Monthly active users on Facebook / 77% Of Americans have at least one social network account A mass phenomenon...
  6. 6. …which is inclined to persist Penetration rate of social media networks worldwide 33%20% 2012 2017 2 hrs 5 min1hr 30 min Average daily time spent on social networks 2012 2017
  8. 8. Where Facebook is – almost – preeminent
  9. 9. But where certain networks remain key locally Monthly users: +200M OK & VK Russian networks Monthly users: +200M LINE Popular Japanese messaging service Monthly users: 75 million Taringa! Latin American network Monthly users: +50M KakaoTalk South Korean messaging service Monthly users: 200M TELEGRAM Encrypted messaging service Users: 300 million Sarahah Rapidly growing Middle Eastern messaging service Monthly users + 1 billion Weibo, WeChat, QQ,… Sino-Asian digital ecosystem
  11. 11. More than 100 different languages are available on Facebook Source
  12. 12. 50% of tweets are written in a language other than English Source
  15. 15. In Russia, people place a high value on appearance. This is represented directly on social networks by the proliferation of selfies Source
  16. 16. Brazilians spend an average of 4 hrs 48 min per day on the Internet via their smartphones Source
  17. 17. In the Middle East, social media users are increasingly inclined towards communicating via group chats rather than by individual private messages Source
  19. 19. 1 9 United colors of social users Linked to political, digital, societal and cultural codes, Internet users are adopting social networks in their own particular way, thus obligating brands to adapt to their needs and expectations. 01 / SOCIAL MEDIA: SURVEY 19
  20. 20. 2 0 The Chinese distinction in 3 keywords: 01 / SOCIAL MEDIA: SURVEY 596M social media users #GreatFireWall The Golden Shield Project is the Internet censorship and surveillance program managed by the Chinese Government. It currently blocks access to 8 of the 25 most popular sites in the world, including Facebook and Google. #LiveisLife Trailblazers on the subject compared to Western social networks, live video is a very popular format, as symbolized by Kuaishou, the live streaming application which boasts 10 million uploaded videos per day and 700 million users. #Mobile Out of 731 million Internet users, 95% are mobile Internet users; this use can be explained particularly by the fact that mobile devices are the most economical Internet access solution in China. 20
  21. 21. 2 1 Biaoqingbao, or memes Chinese style 01 / SOCIAL MEDIA: SURVEY / We are all familiar with memes, a symbol of “geek culture”, which are widely shared and circulated on social networks; the Chinese have their own equivalent: the biaoqingbao. / Due to The Great Fire Wall, biaoqingbaos were first democratized by Chinese expatriates before quickly spreading to Weibo, Line, WeChat, etc. / As the format overwhelmingly favored by young people in the Middle Kingdom, it offers the possibility of adopting a method of communication that is easy to decipher and more contextualized than a classic emoji, all while “evading” the censorship that has clamped down on the country. 21
  22. 22. 2 2 The rise of live-stream quizzes 01 / SOCIAL MEDIA: SURVEY 22 / A social phenomenon in China, live-stream quizzes have become increasingly popular since the start of the year and are at the point of dethroning WeChat from its number-one spot as the most downloaded application in China in January 2018. / This format is just an adaptation of iconic TV game shows (Question pour un champion, Jeopardy, etc.) to Chinese Internet usage:  Mobile: whether via an application or on WeChat, we go to a vertical format.  Live: Internet users interact in real-time to try to win the jackpot.
  23. 23. 2 3 The American distinction in 3 keywords: 01 / SOCIAL MEDIA: SURVEY #AreYouReddit With its expanding community of users, Reddit has become the 3rd most-visited site in the United States, thus moving ahead of Facebook. #PictureforYoungster A serious division can be seen on social networks in terms of age, where notably 78% of the18-24 age group say they use Snapchat vs. 25% of the 30-49 age group. #YoutubeForEveryone Although it’s behind Facebook in terms of engagement, YouTube is the website that brings together the most Americans, as it reaches across all generations (from the youngest to the oldest). 220M social media users 23
  24. 24. 2 4 Reddit, an American specialty 01 / SOCIAL MEDIA: SURVEY / Still only marginally used in Europe, Reddit is a major name in social networks in the United States. / The American Reddit community continues to grow, enabling it to become the 3rd most-visited site in the United States in 2018. / This community network emphasizes sharing links and content organized into threads, which in turn are grouped by topic (Subreddits). 24
  25. 25. 2 5 iMessage, the platform of American teens 01 / SOCIAL MEDIA: SURVEY / iMessage is the instant messaging system that comes preinstalled on Apple products, offering a multitude of functions that go beyond classic telephone text messaging. / 76% of American teens said they had an iPhone in 2017, which makes it the most popular mobile brand for this age group. / It's mainly thanks to its many additional functions that iMessage has become the social platform most used by Americans under 18 years old. / Consequently, many brands, particularly in games and entertainment, have flooded the service using different formats: stickers, group applications, etc. 25
  26. 26. 2 6 The Middle Eastern distinction in 3 keywords: 01 / SOCIAL MEDIA: SURVEY #FreshNews Although the social networks are also used for entertainment purposes, in the Middle East they are considered an important source of information for young people. #TheBigPicture Facebook and Twitter use has dropped considerably in the Middle East in favor of much more visually-oriented networks such as Instagram and Snapchat. #GroupMessaging Since 2015, the percentage of direct messages sent in group chats has been increasing dramatically, to the point where in Saudi Arabia 70% of direct messaging is with groups.130M social media users 26
  27. 27. 2 7 Massive video consumption 01 / SOCIAL MEDIA: SURVEY / In the Middle East, Internet users on average spend twice the amount of time watching videos on Facebook. / Saudi Arabia appears as the country that watches the most YouTube videos per inhabitant. / It should also be noted that video consumption in the Middle East doesn't stray from the global tendency towards short- form videos. 27
  28. 28. 2 8 Influencers, a key role in the Middle East 01 / SOCIAL MEDIA: SURVEY / With social network use directed towards visual content, influencers enjoy considerable fame and renown, and have a strong impact on social media users, particularly young users. / It's also worth noting that the highest-paid influencer in the world, Huda Kattan, is Iraqi-American. Her huge community draws together 20 million followers on Instagram 28
  30. 30. Social networks, sites for discovering products... 22% 34% 59% 59% 78% Snapchat Twitter Instagram Pinterest Facebook of young Americans become interested in purchasing a product after discovering it on Facebook
  31. 31. Ne l'achète pas L'achète plus tard L'achète immédiatement 44% 11% 45% Behavior of social media users after seeing a product of young Americans purchase a product after seeing it on social networks. 55% ...and then buying them Do not buy Buy later Buy immediately
  33. 33. 0,00% 0,50% 1,00% 1,50% 2,00% 2,50% 3,00% 3,50% Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Click-through rate on Facebook advertisements* 201820172016 Advertising on social networks, a sure bet * in the United States
  34. 34. / 23%* of budgets spent on digital advertising will be on Facebook / $1out of 10* in advertising, digital and nondigital combined, will be spent on Facebook And media investments are increasingly important * in the United States
  35. 35. /But in this diversified globalized multilingual multicultural multiplatform multistandard multipurpose How do you deploy an international Social Media strategy and make it a true catalyst for business? world
  37. 37. 3 7 Deploying your strategy internationally is the art of universally projecting your brand's identity and values while adapting the message to the specific context and location where it is broadcast...
  38. 38. 3 8 Internationalizing your social media strategy is above all about staying yourself: 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND UNIQUE FAITHFUL CONSISTENT 38 Each brand has its own DNA and values that exemplify it. Opening yourself up to the world is above all about assuming your identity. Remain faithful to your identity, its origin and history so that you don't distort its message and perception vis-à-vis your target audience. Keep the main elements of your brand territory (personality, codes, etc.) consistent.
  39. 39. 3 9 If content is king…
  40. 40. 4 0 If content is king… 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND Content is naturally the backbone of any social media strategy: it's the brand's voice throughout the world: TONE DNA MESSAGE Reflects your personality and values The manner in which you convey your message The manner in which you communicate with your customers 40
  41. 41. 4 1 … then context is God
  42. 42. … THEN CONTEXT IS GOD TONE DNA MESSAGE #Culture #Origin#History #Geography#Politics This content must therefore fall within the social context of each of these countries and remain consistent with the various elements that constitute its identity
  43. 43. 4 3 Internationalizing therefore means responding to 3 challenges: 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND 43 BE RELEVANT TO ALL Above all, this means having a useful and relevant message able to effectively reach the different audiences targeted by the brand. BE ADOPTABLE BY ALL A community is created and comes together as the brand and its message are adopted by its members. Your Internet users must be able to adopt the message and vision of the brand in order to generate discussion. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF All this must be accomplished while respecting the integrity of your brand and your customers; if not, all relationships and credibility will crumble.
  44. 44. 4 4 To respond to these challenges and ensure the effectiveness of your international social media strategy, we have identified various key factors to consider during your international development:
  46. 46. 4 6 Culture--a vast subject / Culture takes into account all the elements that constitute the identity of a country and its inhabitants: its gastronomy, history, its tangible and intangible cultural heritage, etc. / Adapting your brand and its content to the local culture is obviously a good practice; however, it's also necessary to keep an eye on your content’s relevance in order to avoid sinking into caricatures and clichés.. McDonald’s in Russia have adapted their visuals to the urban Russian landscape. 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND 46
  47. 47. 4 7 Example of effective cultural adaptation: / The French brand Auchan, called АШАН in Russia, went even a little bit farther here with the posting of video and photo content of recipes prepared based on a region's climate as well as its local culinary culture. / Examples: Pelmeni – typical Russian family dish from Siberia / Chachlik – it's not summer in Russia without Chachlik, the Russian version of the barbecue. 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND 47
  48. 48. 4 8 Therefore, making use of and adopting cultural codes can be beneficial for a brand, but here again, caution is called for...
  49. 49. In 2014, to celebrate the United States soccer team’s victory over Ghana during the World Cup, Delta Airlines tweeted about the event using two images representing each country along with their respective scores.
  50. 50. The are no giraffes in Ghana. This gaffe was perceived on two levels. Firstly, this message was considered as true ignorance on the part of the Airline… which is supposed to be aware of the tourism-related particularities of the destinations that it serves. Secondly, this mix-up was also viewed by certain communities as a form of common racism.
  51. 51. 5 1 The consequences of the affair Despite a significant number of comments, the crisis was contained: it didn't expand beyond the twittosphere and quickly subsided. 2%2% 5% 91% Blog Facebook News Twitter 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND 51
  52. 52. Taking advantage of a Euro 2016 match between Germany and France, Ryanair played the humor card to ask its community who they thought would win the match.
  53. 53. Even though it was just a simple play on words, the fact remains that it angered a segment of the French population. In fact, the right to strike is a fundamental right in France and a symbol of the struggle for workers’ rights .
  54. 54. 5 4 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND Dedicating investment internationally signifies making an effort to acculturate your strategy to local practices and codes, which requires carrying out significant intelligence and research on the non-native population in order to offer relevant content that will successfully catch the attention of local target audiences. ACCULTURATE YOUR STRATEGY 54
  56. 56. 5 6 Mastering a language is knowing how to speak it: / Although more than half the users of Facebook use it in English (whether native speakers or not), the other half expects or hopes that the brand will eventually address them in their preferred language, and especially in the correct manner. 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND 56
  57. 57. On August 15, 2015, Disney Japan wished a “merry unbirthday” to its Japanese community (expression from the animated Alice in Wonderland movie) to commemorate the 70 years since the bombing of Nagasaki…
  58. 58. But this was translated literally as: “Congratulations on a not-special day”.
  59. 59. 5 9 Language is also knowing how to write it / In addition, language writing may differ depending on the country and its codes: reading direction (to the right and down, top to bottom), different punctuation… / For example, Chinese characters (Hanzi) are read without spaces. 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND 59
  60. 60. Coca-Cola posted an advertisement on Twitter highlighting Coca-Cola Zero, along with a photo in which the word “zero” is written in Arabic.
  61. 61. The problem is that Arabic is read from right to left. The word thus meant nothing
  62. 62. 6 2 What to remember about this key factor
  63. 63. 6 3 A complete mastery of the target country's language should be an obligation, and the best solution here is to have your content worked on by a native speaker of the language, who is a master of how it's used. GOOGLE TRANSLATE WILL NOT DO IT FOR YOU 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND 63
  65. 65. 6 5 Be aware of your surroundings / Very few brands consciously decide to address a topic related to the geopolitics of their target country, but it often occurs without them being aware of it, due to a lack of knowledge about the country or its audience. 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND 65
  66. 66. To celebrate the New Year in 2016 with its Russian community, Coca-Cola posted a map of Russia with an warm message.
  67. 67. And Crimea? The map didn't include Crimea, a territory claimed by Russia.
  68. 68. And Crimea? Following the ensuing uproar, Coca-Cola changed the map, thus provoking anger in the West and Ukraine in particular.
  69. 69. 6 9 The consequences of the affair Multiple peaks of activity this time. The first when the affair came to light (January 5-11), then when Ukraine initiated legal action (January 20-22), and finally when a member of the British Parliament called for sanctions against Coca- Cola (February 16-17). After this, the volume is more spread out over time. 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND 69
  70. 70. 7 0 And geopolitics even goes beyond simple borders:
  71. 71. Mercedes-Benz posted an “inspirational quote” on Instagram taken from the Dalai Lama.
  72. 72. Mercedes-Benz posted an “inspirational quote” on Instagram taken from the Dalai Lama. Even though Instagram is blocked in China, Chinese expatriates with Instagram could see the quote and reposted it on Chinese social networks.
  73. 73. Mercedes-Benz posted an “inspirational quote” on Instagram taken from the Dalai Lama. Even though Instagram is blocked in China, Chinese expatriates with Instagram could see the quote and reposted it on Chinese social networks. This post thus ignited the Chinese media and social networks, forcing Mercedes to issue a public apology to China.
  74. 74. 7 4 The consequences of the affair As this is a complex political topic, the tweets were for the most part retweets showing strong engagement. For the same reason, we can note that a significant portion of the comments came from news sites, which are more legitimate in these messages. 2%0% 5%1% 28% 64% Blog Facebook Forum Instagram News Twitter 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND 74
  75. 75. 7 5 You must always pay special attention when the content included in an item is not part of the brand's environment. This content must be verified by persons aware of the realities that exist in the target country. CAUTION IS THE MOTHER OF WISDOM 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND 75
  76. 76. KEY FACTOR #4 USAGE
  77. 77. 7 7 Adapting yourself to social media usage by using the right platforms / As addressed in the introduction, there are specific distinctions that affect social media usage which may be inherent due to various factors:  Developing countries for the most part access the Internet via mobile devices, due to issues related to cost. By adapting its advertising to the preferred media of choice, the brand ensures it will effectively reach its core target .  Countries subjected to censorship, such as China and Russia, have specific networks. This implies that brands must adapt to these networks in order to reach these audiences. 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND 77
  78. 78. 7 8 Tokyo Disney Resort, present where the Japanese are most active / Although Facebook is the most widely-used social network in Japan, those that have the most active users are Twitter and Line:  Twitter has 70% active users.  The amount of active users on Line has risen to 96%.  Facebook has to content itself with 56% active users. / This shows that the brand has adapted itself to Japanese usage and has a strong presence on Line and Twitter. 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND 78
  79. 79. 7 9 Not being present is like missing a date with your community / Apart from developing the brand, it’s also a good protective measure to ensure your presence on popular local platforms. / By having no presence on Chinese social networks, for example, the brand would be totally cut off from this market and most importantly, would have no way to control or manage its e-reputation on a daily basis. 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND 79
  80. 80. 8 0 Developing internationally also requires you to go beyond your initial social media boundaries. This represents an opportunity for the brand to expand its community as well as limit the risks by preempting certain small fires… BE WHERE THEY WANT YOU TO BE 8 0 2 / KEYS TO INTERNATIONALIZING YOUR BRAND
  81. 81. 8 1 Now, to bring this strategy to life, it's necessary to organize yourself accordingly
  83. 83. 8 3 Various organizational models exist that offer a brand certain advantages and disadvantages — costs, resources, etc.— and which need to be examined in order to determine which one best suits your brand:
  84. 84. A single editorial policy deployed in one language on one global page 1 The GLOBAL SINGLE-PAGE MODEL
  85. 85. 8 5 ADVANTAGES: - Quick setup and deployment - Easy to manage - Controlled risk exposure and total project visibility - Few resources required DISADVANTAGES - Generates very little closeness with the customer - Distant from the audience - “One-to-many” vertical posting dynamic - Doesn't encourage interaction - Moderation limited by the choice of one language Branding consistency Adaptation of the message User engagement Project control ROI Human resources required Financial resources 3 / DEPLOYING YOUR STRATEGY INTERNATIONALLY 85 1 The GLOBAL SINGLE PAGE MODEL
  86. 86. 8 6 This model, frequently used in the Luxury and B2B sectors, offers a brand the possibility of expressing itself in a consistent manner on its social networks. However, the absence of contextualization and no adaptation of content limits the possibilities of interaction and engagement between the brand and its community. IN BRIEF 3 / DEPLOYING YOUR STRATEGY INTERNATIONALLY 86
  87. 87. Multiple diversified editorial policies deployed in multiple languages in an autonomous manner, with no supervision, on multiple country pages 1 1 2 2 3 3 2. MULTI-LOCAL MODEL
  88. 88. 8 8 Branding consistency Adaptation of the message User engagement Project control ROI Human resources required Financial resources ADVANTAGES: - Closeness with audiences - Autonomy of teams -> quick decision-making - Local content, adapted to the target DISADVANTAGES - Weak strategic dimension - Frequent brand misrepresentation - Increase in the risk of error or even bad buzz 3 / DEPLOYING YOUR STRATEGY INTERNATIONALLY 2. MULTI-LOCAL MODEL 88
  89. 89. 8 9 With this model, the brand speaks to each of these target countries in an independent and personalized manner. However, this model does not guarantee brand consistency in its messages and makes managing the social media strategy more complicated. IN BRIEF 3 / DEPLOYING YOUR STRATEGY INTERNATIONALLY 89
  90. 90. A consistent editorial policy deployed in multiple languages by local teams, supervised by the head office, on multiple country web pages. 3. THE CENTRALIZED MODEL
  91. 91. 9 1 Branding consistency Adaptation of the message User engagement Project control ROI Human resources required Financial resources ADVANTAGES: - Effectively controlled branding - Strategy deployed on an international scale - Project supervision and control DISADVANTAGES - Local teams have little autonomy in creating content - Lack of room for maneuver at the local level 3 / DEPLOYING YOUR STRATEGY INTERNATIONALLY 3. THE CENTRALIZED MODEL 91
  92. 92. 9 2 The centralized model allows for the deployment of an international social media strategy that guarantees excellent project control and visibility but relatively little adaptability and room for maneuver for local teams. IN BRIEF 3 / DEPLOYING YOUR STRATEGY INTERNATIONALLY 92
  93. 93. The brand defines a global editorial policy, which will then be interpreted and applied locally by the local operational teams. 4. THE GLOCAL MODEL
  94. 94. 9 4 Branding consistency Adaptation of the message User engagement Project control ROI Human resources required Financial resources ADVANTAGES: - Effective content lifecycle management - Adapted content that expresses its original strategic purpose - Limits the risk of “communication blunders” - Increased project visibility and predictability - Versatile, relevant and responsive community management DISADVANTAGES - Costly in terms of human and financial resources - Results depend on the local teams’ effectiveness and competence 3 / DEPLOYING YOUR STRATEGY INTERNATIONALLY 4. THE GLOCAL MODEL 94
  95. 95. 9 5 The glocal model is the full-option model. Although both consistent in branding and adapted in terms of the message, it is very dependent from a qualitative point of view on the local teams’ competence. IN BRIEF 3 / DEPLOYING YOUR STRATEGY INTERNATIONALLY 95
  96. 96. 9 6 Reconciling strategy and organization is thus the key to performing internationally; however, these elements require precious resources…
  97. 97. 9 7 4 / OUR METHODOLOGY
  98. 98. 9 8 Rich Media Production Our “Glocal” methodology for performing internationally 4 / OUR METHODOLOGY Creative Strategy “We think global” “We create worldwide” International Scaling “We act local” 98 By combining the strengths of three fields of expertise, we’ve been able to define a work methodology that adapts itself to all the models and is able to address each target country with dedicated contextualized content.
  99. 99. 9 9 AuditBriefing Benchmark Audit Global Behavioral Analyzes Social Media Strategy Local Social Media Strategy Tone of Voice Ecosystem Target & Objectives KPIs Editorial Strategy Paid Media Planning Local deployment Glocal Reporting Glocal Adaptation Market AdaptationCultural Adaptation Global Reporting Local Reporting 4 / OUR METHODOLOGY Defining & deploying a social media strategy internationally 99
  100. 100. 1 0 4 / OUR METHODOLOGY Defining & deploying a social media strategy internationally Artistic Direction Rich Media Video Production Master Copywriting Social Game Content Localization Local Copywriting Local Coordination Local PublishingCreative Copywriting Local Moderation Editorial Strategy Master visual Content 100
  101. 101. 1 0 4 / OUR METHODOLOGY 500 people around the world, with more than 50 nationalities represented 101 An international presence...
  102. 102. 1 0 4 / OUR METHODOLOGY ...And local intermediaries for adapted messages A network of local intermediaries comprising 5,000 professionals around the world 102
  103. 103. Would you like us to present this study at your place of business with no obligation? Contact us via contact@vanksen.com ON-SITE PRESENTATION?
  104. 104. 1 0 Thank you To learn more, follow us at: Romain WILMET COMMUNICATION OFFICER rwilmet@vanksen.com Jeremy COXET PARTNER jcoxet@vanksen.com Study prepared by: Guillaume Dollé Guillaume Cloux Romain Wilmet @Vanksen @DatawordsGroup@87Seconds
  105. 105. 1 0 OUR SOURCES
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