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Valtech - Agile Innovation Games

Agile Innovation Games : The seriously fun way to do serious work – seriously

Nadeem Ulla Khan, Agile coach - Valtech India

Agile Day 2012

Valtech - Agile Innovation Games

  1. 1. Agile Innovation GamesThe seriously fun way to do serious work – seriously June 2012 Nadeem Ulla Khan
  2. 2. Agenda• The Industry• The Market• Understanding the Market• Games + Business• Why do we need them• Hot Air Balloon• Value add• Case study• Other Innovation Games• References
  3. 3. The Industry Source - http://www.esrb.org
  4. 4. The Market Source - http://www.theesa.com
  5. 5. Understanding the marketWhy do people play games?• Be more cognitive (knowledge gathering)• Solving the unsolvable• Be more competitive• Self actualization (to realize ones potential)• Socially intrigued• Work better as TeamsSo, can we use this in business ??? Lets explore…
  6. 6. Games + Business = Innovation GamesDeveloped by Luke Hohmann: Goal Innovation Business Game Collaboration Strategy
  7. 7. Using games in business – Innovation GamesInnovation Games surface out thesethrough effective collaboration Circle of Knowledge
  8. 8. Innovation Games help in … Optimizing collaboration Enables Ideation Deeper Business Insight Strengthening the customer-vendor bond Making learning fun
  9. 9. Hot Air Balloon Let us summarize. The game has 2 parts: 1. Fly high 2. Unable to fly
  10. 10. Hot Air Balloon What did we learn from this?  Diverse expectations but one goal  Surface USP’s  Derive feature list  Uncover obstacles right from the word “Go”  Plan for risk management earlier in the cycleWhere can we use this exercise? Bring out the Business Case, especially when multiple stake holders are involved Product backlog Prioritization In a “retrospective meeting” to discover what went right or wrong
  11. 11. Value-add• Know your customer• Discover unspoken needs• Learn what you shouldn’t build and why• Build consensus (Get every one on the same page)• Foster trust relationship• Share tactical knowledge/experience• Validate requirements (Offering = Customer business needs) …all of this while you are having fun 
  12. 12. Valtech – Case Study – HR Open HouseValtech Bangalore, went through a merger.Challenges faced in the past:• Employees were hesitant to open up• No Candid feedback• Unavailability of management at times• No structure in facilitation• Unable to maintain transparencySolution: • “Innovation Games”
  13. 13. Valtech – Case Study – HR Open House Speed Boat in Action:
  14. 14. Valtech – Case Study – HR Open House • 23 sessions conducted, over 2 Months
  15. 15. Valtech – Case Study – HR Open House • 394 Employees addressed
  16. 16. Valtech – Case Study – HR Open HouseWhat is important • 195 issues raised, 166 closed and 29 open is to note the closed items – Transparency achieved
  17. 17. Valtech – Case Study – HR Open HouseValue-add using Speed Boat :• No inhibition due to use of post-its• More open communication• Higher level of interaction• Transparency between management and employees• Accelerated more ownership• Catalyzed smooth transition
  18. 18. Valtech – Case Study – HR Open House The Team that made it happen
  19. 19. Innovation Games to explore20/20 Vision Rank a list of choices.Buy a Feature Prioritize features.Give Them a Hot Tub Generate your crazy ideas and let your customers determine just how crazy those ideas really are!Me and My Shadow Watch your customer use your product on their terms, not yours.Product Box Ask your customers to design a product box for your product.Prune the Product Tree Build a product according to your plans.Remember the Future Are you asking your customers the right question?Show and Tell Ask customers to tell you about the results that they can produce with your product.Speed Boat Identify what customers don’t like about your products or services.Spider Web Clarify the operating context for your products and services.Start Your Day Understand how and when your customer uses your product.The Apprenctice Understand your customers needs so well that you can envision solutions to problems customers may not realize they have!
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  21. 21. Feedback
  22. 22. Thank you Nadeem Ulla Khan (ATS Team)