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Team for research support at via library 2016

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Research support at VIA Library, Campus Aarhus C

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Team for research support at via library 2016

  1. 1. Team for Research Support at VIA Library TASKS AND CHALLENGES
  2. 2. The University Colleges in Denmark first received a Goverment grant to Research from 2013- Knowledge production at the Universities Knowledge reproduction at the University Colleges Transformation of knowledge to business and professions •Professions•Business •Research•Educations Production and transformation of knowledge Production and transformation of knowledge Production and transformation of knowledge Production and transformation of knowledge Knowledge circuit
  3. 3. What consequences does this have for VIA library?  Support to the educations and the research process  Build-up of competences for the librarians  Be more international  Access to more research and subject databases- 1.3. mill dk more to buy access  Set up a team for researcher support  Negotions with the directors af the 4 research departments- How the library can support the research process  Activities: Courses for the researcher:  How to make a search strategy and which databases to search in  Where to publish to get impact  Tools for reference handling  Instructions for the researcher - 4 hours if they need personal support  Section at library web with information ressources of intererest to the research process
  4. 4. Team for Research Support - challenges Many challenges  How and where to inform about the Library support  Difficult for the researchers to give priority to join the courses  Acknowledging that information searching is a time-consuming process  Small research grant - covering 60-80 hours pr researcher - no time for library courses  Only little experience of writing and publiching research articles  Make the researchers understand that they also have to register their articles in our local repository Internal challenges  Librarians in Team for Research Support are not working in the same library- Skype meeting and it can be difficult to share experiences  Just one more task to do  Time for Team for Research Support to share their knowledge with their local colleagues