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New Year Manager's Resolutions

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This infographic will offers a way to improve your leadership skills every day of the week. Be a better manager in 2015! Visit http://www.workboard.com/new-year-managers-resolution-2015/ to sign up for a 30-days to new leadership plan!

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New Year Manager's Resolutions

  1. 1. NEW YEAR J‘Irmager’s (Rosrstllu/ tixswts: Be a great manager Lead my team to remarkable achievement Get promoted Great management and leadership may be the missing ingredient in remarkable achievement: 0 60% ” 87 '5 of employees don't understand I of employees aren't engaged in their organization's goals their work and 20"‘ actively undermine value their peers create >8. (2 § l 2 2 96 ‘ 5 0 96 I . of empieyeee say their ' of managers fail to hold team performance weuid improve with members accountable and have more feedback. Giving feedback the “aid C°"V9'33I'°” increases engagement by 60x ‘ of employees say they want the critical feedback that helps them improve 57% I an "5 (yourteammemféers. .. - Can't achieve goals they don't understand or care about - Can't get motivated when they don't feel appreciated - Won't follow through if no one is accountable - Can't improve without your feedback and input WORKING HARD LEADING THE WAY Achieving remarkable results requires transparency, W938 for: G) E’ E I Actions Progress Feedback & Required Accountability Reward How far do you have to go to achieve your management and leadership aspirations? Take this quick assessment on your management effectiveness: Q n "‘ ” '7 ,1 '7 v i ‘I’ II I . Ask each team member to answer these 4 questions to see how well they understand your goals and their deliverables. 0 Our top five priorities as a team are: I . .0‘.4>. ‘-°! ’ 9 The 10 most important action items and deliverables I'm responsible for in the next 21 days are: I . . U‘: ‘>. °°l’ $99351?‘ I0. 9 I am totally aware sort of understand am baffled by how my actions support our business goals. 9 My career aspirations for the next year are: In three years, I'd like to be: Ask yourself these 5 questions: 0 I last communicated our goals weeks months ago. 9 I last communicated specific feedback to every team member days weeks months ago. © Our five priorities and strategic initiatives for the next 90 days are: .0‘.4>. °°! ‘. —' 6 My 10 most important action items and deliverables in the next 21 days are: I . .0".4>-. ‘-°! ‘3 $990519‘ 10. 6 To get status on our progress toward goals takes me: five minutes five days 55 minutes six weeks into next quarter five hours BUILD YDUR LEADERSHIP CAPACITY cu/ wb skwlls {gar 2015. % Establish systems of transparency on goals, priorities, committed actions, and progress to plan to create capacity for better leadership. Start with the intention to be a great leader. Get centered on your strategic goals and assess what's needed to mtentions achieve them. Communicate or reinforce the mission and ensure team activities align with goal achievement through direct Mission engagement. Invest time in enabling your team members to succeed. Rather than asking for status, ask what you can do to Coach help. And listen to the answers! Focus on what you need to do to achieve the goals. Guard against diversions on misaligned or reactionary activities Execute (e. g. ignore email missilesl). Tune into your top, mid and bottom performers and their needs and contributions. Identify career paths for each Calibrate and allocate time advancing them on it. Don't work, even a little. Renew your energy with exercise and enjoyment. Rejuvenate Bring your inspirations and aspirations consciously to mind. Drop all doubt about your ability to achieve. Reflect To sustain new practices, focus on the day's theme. Week by week, your intentions will get stronger, the mission clearer, your coaching better, execution more consistent and your results will be stellar. Make 5 your remarkafsxeogear. ’ rtfiim Get a leadership lift with Workboard! (9 E’ E I Goals 8. Actions Progress Feedback & Metrics Required Accountability Reward Get Workboard FREE for your team at www. workboard. com workbocrrd 3 ----- es