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UserZoom & UXPA Present a Webinar: Build a Better Experience

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UserZoom & UXPA Present a Webinar: Build a Better Experience

  1. 1. Build A Better Experience Live Webinar, November 17, 2016
  2. 2. 2016 goals 1. Provide more UX resources to UX professionals. 2. Improve brand consistency. 3. Improve “International” UXPA. User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) Monthly webinars User Experience Magazine The Journal of Usability Studies Visit www.uxpa.org for more info about the conference, webinars, and other UX resources! Annual Conference in Toronto, Canada June 5 – 8, 2017 uxpa2017.org
  3. 3. Key Takeaways From This Webinar Adapting UX Research For An Agile Environment Scaling Your Research Capabilities Demo: UserZoom 4.0 Enables Rapid Study Creation & Instant Recruiting Alfonso de la Nuez Co-Founder & CEO Andrew Jensen VP & Head of Product Paresh Vakhariya Sr. Director of ProductGot questions? Submit them via the chat box!
  4. 4. Build A Better Experience Alfonso de la Nuez, Co-Founder & CEO
  5. 5. 1.  Customers are empowered with more options than ever 2.  They have come to expect beauty and function 3.  70% of the buyer’s journey is independent of sales 4.  Social media is an open forum to voice anything and everything 5.  We live in a SaaS economy, where cancelling is easy Why this UX revolution?
  6. 6. Now more than ever, we need to Make informed decisions based on end user feedback, not intuition
  7. 7. Design-led companies have outperformed the S&P by an extraordinary 228%
  8. 8. 150k+ Number Of UX Design Job Openings In 2016
  9. 9. Remember when all we had was the lab?
  10. 10. Agile Development Incorporate UX research into your rapid cycles
  11. 11. We need fast, in- the-wild, real-time testing, with instant insights.
  12. 12. We need to adapt for feedback on- the-go, multi- device, and in a natural context
  13. 13. So UXers have become really busy people... Increased demand for fast user research How could they cope with this increasing demand?
  14. 14. “In short, software is eating the world” Marc Andreesen
  15. 15. Other industries have embraced automation Customer SuccessMarketingCRM Finance/HR/Admin
  16. 16. We spend most of our time in the cloud now
  17. 17. Automation Of User Research & Usability Testing •  Software helps automate the tedious process of testing •  Enabled companies to scale their research, do more with less •  Testing embedded in the agile design process - test early, often & quickly •  As a result, we see a WHOLE lot more testing being done… •  ...at any stage of the product lifecycle.
  18. 18. Some tips and tricks: •  Make a few tweaks to successfully integrate your research. •  Break down research questions into the smallest possible hypotheses •  Run more experiments, but of smaller scope •  Flex the rules of traditional research methods (see more ahead) Remote unmoderated testing Multi-method approach within same study Build a private panel Amanda Stockwell, How to adapt UX research for an Agile environment, http://uxmastery.com/how-to-adapt-ux-research-for-an-agile-environment/
  19. 19. Scaling Your Research Capabilities Andrew Jensen, VP and Head of Product
  20. 20. For every $1 dollar invested in fixing a user issue during the design phase, you would have to pay $10 in the development phase and $100 after the product launch
  21. 21. Get deeper insights make the power of multi-method UX research technology accessible to all teams that touch the product lifecycle, across the enterprise
  22. 22. End User UX Researcher UX Consultant UX Architect Visual Designer Product Manager Creative Director
  23. 23. Let insights guide your entire product lifecycle Discover & Define Tailor your digital experience to the evolving needs of your users Test early to validate concepts before development Launch & Measure Ensure that your digital assets continue to resonate with you customers Monitor customer experience for actionable insights after you launch Build & Iterate Deliver an experience that is both valuable and relevant to users Gather essential feedback as you build your website or mobile app
  24. 24. The research methods that will get you there Discover & Define Think Out Loud (TOL) Usability Benchmarking Heatmaps Clickstream Analysis Surveys Card Sorting Tree Testing Prototype Testing Concept A/B Testing Build & Iterate Prototype Testing A/B Testing Task-Based Testing Think Out Loud (TOL) Moderated Research Surveys Launch & Measure Voice of Customer True Intent Intercept Surveys Usability Benchmarking Clickstream Analysis Click Heatmaps
  25. 25. What answers are you looking for?BEHAVIORALATTITUDINAL QUALITATIVE QUANTITATIVE Why & How To Fix How Many? How Much? What People Say What People Do Source: Christian Rohrer, Nielsen Norman Group
  26. 26. A research method for every goalBEHAVIORALATTITUDINAL DATASOURCE APPROACH QUALITATIVE QUANTITATIVE Usability Lab Studies Ethnographic Field Studies Participatory Design Focus Groups Phone Interviews Eye Tracking Usability Benchmarking (In Lab) Data Mining Analysis A/B (Live) Testing Online UX Assessment Diary/Camera Study Message Board Mining Customer Feedback Via Email Desirability Studies Card Sorting Intercept Surveys Email Surveys Broaden your perspective. Easily adapt and evolve. Consolidate your research. Source: Christian Rohrer, Nielsen Norman Group
  27. 27. How Can UserZoom Help
  28. 28. All-in-One UX research platform for the data-driven enterprise
  29. 29. Collaborate Efficiently On Any Project, Across All Teams •  Streamline teamwork •  Quick Project Status •  Reuse Projects and Templates
  30. 30. Mature Your Team’s UX Research Capabilities •  Expose your team to new approaches •  Rapidly initiate studies and enable agile feedback
  31. 31. Apply The Right Study For The Questions You Have •  In line contextual validation •  Establish organizational best practices •  Encourage smarter approaches
  32. 32. Increase The Speed And Caliber Of Your Results •  Integrated Panel •  Invite your own users •  Intercept from your site •  Leverage partnerships
  33. 33. Easily Define Key Criteria To Bring In The Right People •  Select general population demographics or request special criteria •  Receive immediate feedback on recruiting time
  34. 34. •  Attention called to critical actions throughout Streamline Task Creation As You Build Your Study
  35. 35. Rapid Study Creation & Instant Recruiting Demo: UserZoom 4.0 Paresh Vakhariya, Sr. Director of Product
  36. 36. Stories From The Field
  37. 37. We’ve run 28,000+ usability studies, resulting in 3,000,000+ participant completes and 100,000+ videos collected
  38. 38. Q&A marketing@userzoom.com