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The Importance of Your Logo Design

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Are you considering redesigning your logo or website? Flip through our Slideshare presentation to discover the importance of your logo design and learn more about Urban Media Salisbury's logo design and web design.

Alternatively, speak to one of our business advisors by calling 01722 440371 or visiting http://bit.ly/1s4YH3e today.

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The Importance of Your Logo Design

  1. 1. The Importance of Your Logo Design
  2. 2. Why is Your Logo Important? o Your logo will be used throughout your company, including letter heads, pens, signage, banners and of course your website o Your logo will be the first identity potential prospects see, and therefore they will judge your entire mentality and offerings based upon it o Your logo will become recognisable by customer, and it will make them feel comfortable and reassure them they are receiving a service they know and trust Urban Media Salisbury
  3. 3. What Makes a Great Logo? o A great logo must convey some information about your business, this could be the services you offer, your core purpose or the values your business is built upon o For your logo to be great it must sit well within your industry. For example, technology companies often use angular edges to convey speed o Your logo must be designed with your target market in mind. Therefore you should ensure that your shapes, colours and typography should be considered o Much like a new advertising campaign, new data or a new website your logo should lead to a return on investment. This could be a greater number of sales, or improved brand identity o A logo should be future proof. This means that it can be used at future events and throughout the expansion of your company Urban Media Salisbury
  4. 4. How Can Urban Media Help? As highlighted within previous slides your logo design and web design go hand in hand. So, if you’re considering redesigning your logo, website or both then contact a company who can do both by calling Urban Media Salisbury on 01722440371 or visiting http://bit.ly/1s4YH3e. Urban Media Salisbury
  5. 5. A Look at Our Work As one of the UK’s leading 4x4 vehicle hire providers 4x4 Vehicle Hire needed a website that represented their brands identity, converted visitors and was scalable as the company grew. Urban Media’s web design and web development team developed a comprehensive understanding of their goals and built a website that would aid them in achieving them. Take a look at 4x4 Vehicle Hire’s website for yourself or contact Urban Media Salisbury today. Urban Media Salisbury