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Who is Unitiv, Inc? About Unitiv - IT Solutions Provider

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Unitiv, Inc. (www.unitiv.com) is a professional provider of enterprise IT solutions headquartered in Georgia.

Unitiv provides infrastructure solutions that include data management, network optimization, security, and systems virtualization.

Unitiv is also a cloud aggregator focused on infrastructure as a service, platform as a a service, software as as service, and cloud engagement.

Our support services include third party maintenance, multi-vendor support, service desk, asset recycling and relocation.

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Who is Unitiv, Inc? About Unitiv - IT Solutions Provider

  1. 1. Corporate Overview
  2. 2. Our Services
  3. 3. Our History Building on our past has paved the way to our future. Since 1995, we have been a competitive advantage for our customers. Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, Unitiv delivers services, solutions, and support nationwide in the continental US. 1995 Founded Intelligent Technology Systems (ITS) 2004 Founded Utopian Technology Solutions 2006 ITS merged with Utopian Technology Solutions 2007 Formed Unitiv, Inc.
  4. 4. Support Services Intelligent Help Desk™ A single point of contact for technical support and trouble resolution across multiple network computing architectures and information system manufacturers. Multi-Vendor Support Services Reduce vendor management complexity with one contract for multi-vendor hardware and software support. Premier Maintenance Services Our Third Party Maintenance offering that features a single point of contact for all equipment and flexible support levels. Our comprehensive service desk solution that delivers customized, predictable, and consistent delivery of support services to your user population. Services include Desktop Support, Application Support, Data Center Support, and Custom Support.
  5. 5. Our Partners Strategic Featured
  6. 6. Award-Winning Service Industry Awards 2014 2014 Customer Service Awards
  7. 7. Thank you! Contact Unitiv: www.unitiv.com | info@unitiv.com | 877-621-4212