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Dm24 2017 Capacity Building Session 5



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Dm24 2017 Capacity Building Session 5

  1. 1. Do More 24 Capacity Building and Strategy Training Series Session #5: Social media strategy Email campaigns Graphic design with the Do More 24 branding Paid advertising options March 9, 2017
  2. 2. • What is a social media strategy? • Social Media • Trending – what’s the big deal? • Editorial Calendar • Email-what have you done for me lately? • Make the Do More 24 branding work for you • Updates • Questions Overview
  3. 3. Do More 24 By The Numbers Source Sessions m.facebook.com 6506 facebook.com 5973 t.co 2474 l.facebook.com 619 nbcwashington.com 591 mail.google.com 449 lm.facebook.com 307 Source Sessions tara.org 246 unitedwaynca.org 237 ui.constantcontact.com 180 outlook.live.com 143 mail.aol.com 142 iccpgc.org 114 linkedin.com 104
  4. 4. Be Prepared • Don’t bite off more than you can chew—use the platforms that you can conquer • Create an editorial calendar – download the suggested editorial calendar in the Do More 24 toolkit • Write your scheduled posts and load them into a scheduler like FaceBook Scheduler, Hootsuite or TweetDeck • How can you support your prize strategy through social media
  5. 5. • Who are the influencers in your space? • How can you get their attention? • Who are your evangelists? • Thank your sponsors! • Thank your donors! • Share partner posts. Social Media
  6. 6. Social Media Planning
  7. 7. Email • Incorporate your email outreach into your editorial calendar. • If you haven’t already, send your donor base and supporters a “Save the Date” • Begin the meat of your strategy about a month out • Let them know about your goal • Use the stories you’ve been collecting • Make sure your emails have a clear call to action and make sure to test the links
  8. 8. Content with Conviction
  9. 9. Email Tips • Download the M+R Benchmarks Report: http://mrbenchmarks.com • Find an easy to use email platform like Mail Chimp • Use email to share your unique link on domore24.org • Don’t over write: Make your message clear and your call to action easy to execute with links and buttons
  10. 10. • Did you know that Google has a keyword search grant for nonprofits? • Did you know that the Google Display network can put your ads on reputable websites for a much lower cost than buying them directly? • We have a relationship with Orange Barrel Media and can help with rates for the digital billboards in Chinatown. Paid Media
  11. 11. Paid Media 8.8 M + Impressions Broadcast Television & Radio, Online Advertising & Digital Billboards
  12. 12. Graphic with Do More Branding
  13. 13. Do More 24 Toolkit What’s Inside: • Do More 24 Brand Standards • Branding elements • Do More 24 logos • Templates
  14. 14. • Sign up for free to easily create and download graphics • Multiple formats: social media platforms, flyers, postcards • Templates • Stock Photography
  15. 15. Let’s Create One Together!
  16. 16. Questions?
  17. 17. Updates from Stephen Next Session: Large training at Catholic University April 3rd 9 – 12 With additional separate breakout sessions from 1-4 (Details in the works)

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • Facebook: posts should be 1-2 sentences, fun and engaging language, with a catchy graphic and a link or call to action. Use tags to engage other groups.

    Facebook Live: Share live streaming video with your followers.

    Twitter: short bits of information, graphics, links, hashtags and partner/sponsor/supporter interaction through tagging other accounts. Limited to 140 characters in length. Audiences include general supporters, partners, sponsors, donors and the local community.

    Instagram: pictures and short bits of information. Not recommended for posts with links that we want our audience to click or long-winded text.

    YouTube: Videos can include a short description and can be programmed with calls-to-action and links throughout the video.

    LinkedIn: for professional audiences. Posts here should be relevant to our partners, members, donors, advocates and professional supporters. 1-2 sentences in length, include a picture, professional voice.

    Flickr: for sharing multiple full-quality photos from an event with attendees and partners.

    Storify: curate multiple social media posts, pictures, links, and more from a particular event or campaign. It can then be shared as a post on Facebook or other social media outlets.

  • Good Morning all!

    Last time I gave a quick intro to photography and graphic design. Today we want to go a little more in depth with how to use our Do More 24 toolkit to create custom graphics for your organization.

    How many people in here have the capabilities at their nonprofit to produce graphics like this one. (hopefully only a few people raise their hands)
    Okay, raise your hand if you have a computer and internet at your organization (everyone raises their hands)
    Surprise! You all are able to make graphic just like this with these easy steps.
  • Sign up for free to easily create and download graphics
    Multiple formats: social media platforms, flyers, postcards
    Stock Photography
  • We will go to Canva’s website and create a new graphic similar to the one in the example with Music for Life.
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