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OER Authoring and Delivery Platforms

  1. OER Authoring and Delivery Platforms Clint Lalonde, BCcampus Judy Einstein & Etienne Pelaprat, Courseload, Inc Domi Enders, Open Assembly April 8, 2015, 10:00 am PST Unless otherwise indicated, this presentation is licensed CC-BY 4.0
  2. Collaborate Window Overview Audio & Video Participants Chat Tech Support available at: 1-760-744-1150 ext. 1537, 1554
  3. Welcome Please introduce yourself in the chat window Clint Lalonde Open Ed Manager BCcampus Judy Einstein VP Business Dev Courseload Moderator: Una Daly Director of Curriculum Design & College Outreach Open Education Consortium Etienne Pelaprat User Design Director Courseload Domi Enders CEO & Founder Open Assembly
  4. Agenda • CCCOER Overview • Courseload Delivery Platform • The Pressbooks Authoring Tool • Open Assembly Platform • Q & A
  5. • Expand access to high- quality materials • Support faculty choice and development • Improve student success Community College Consortium for OER (CCCOER) Come In, We're Open gary simmons cc-by-nc-sa flickr
  6. 250+ Colleges in 21 States & Provinces
  7. OER Authoring & Delivery Platforms • Faculty need easy-to-use authoring tools • Institutions need to integrate OER into existing CMS infrastructures • Students need easy search and access to OER • Leverage the inherent shareability of OER to build communities of interest
  8. Courseload Judy Einstein VP Business Dev. Etienne Pelaprat UX Director
  9. Strictly Confidential Courseload’s role in OER success 1. Deliver OERs alongside other course materials in a seamless, unified content experience. 2. Focus on content-enhancement tools that benefit instruction and learning. 3. Enable institutional content and metadata management. 4. Flexible, customizable discovery and adoption capabilities. 5. System integrations: LMS, SIS, catalogs, content repositories. 6. Business models that meet institutional needs.
  10. Strictly Confidential Courseload Engage Diverse content • OER (text-based) • Video • Journal articles, library content • Proprietary content • Upload content Features & apps • Accessible web application (508(c), WCAG 2.0AA+, ARIA, etc.) • Native mobile apps • Offline access Integration • Seamless LMS integration • Content preparation and rendering
  11. Strictly Confidential Courseload Engage • Exceptional content / mobile delivery • Clean, sleek, attractive, usable • Day 1 access to students • Class-wide content enhancements • Instructionally oriented – scaffold, Q&A, etc.
  12. Strictly Confidential Ingest & Curate • Harvest content. • Ingest diverse catalogs and metadata. • Generate custom content catalogs for your institution, program, department, etc. • OER-specific catalogs. • Metadata curation capabilities via custom tools.
  13. Strictly Confidential Discover & Adopt • Expose catalogs of content to federated search tools. • Integrate with campus systems (e.g., SIS) to facilitate specific content discovery. • Ordering tools to acquire new or custom content. • Faculty freedom to peruse catalog offerings and adopt them for their courses and sections.
  14. Strictly Confidential Content analytics • Content-use data to drive adoption and ordering decisions. • Request custom publisher textbooks to reduce costs. • Generate course packs based on common use patterns.
  15. Strictly Confidential Student analytics • Real-time, class-wide reading data. • Real-time, class-wide content interaction data. • Correlate to outcomes. • Map data to various content enhancement strategies.
  16. BCcampus Pressbooks Clint Lalonde Open Education Manager
  17. Open Textbook Authoring with PressBooks Textbook Clint Lalonde Manager, Open Education, Bccampus CCCOER Webinar April 8, 2015 Unless otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Feel free to use, modify and/or distribute any or all of this presentation, with attribution.
  18. Connect the expertise, programs, and resources of all BC post-secondary institutions under a collaborative service delivery framework • Promote & support the development & use of Open Educational Resources • System wide initiatives to facilitate the enhancement of a high quality teaching & learning culture. Open Education & Professional Learning
  19. The BC Open Textbook Project 40 free & open textbooks for highest enrolled 1st & 2nd year post-secondary subjects in BC 2014 – 20 for skills & training First province in Canada 2014 – AB & SASK MOU $1 million 2014 - $1 million Visual notes of John Yap announcement, Giulia Forsythe Used under CC-SA license
  20. Don’t reinvent it by Andrea Hernandez released under CC-BY-NC-SA and based on Wheel by Pauline Mak released under CC-BY license
  21. Students Faculty 1. Free 2. Choice of formats a. Web b. Print c. eBook 3. Can retain 1. Easy to find 2. Address Quality 3. Support Adapt/Create
  22. Beyond a “book” “the thing that interests me most about where we are in the world of books is imagining new and different kinds of models for book publishing. To build new models, we need open platforms that allow people to experiment with new ideas.” Hugh McGuire The blurring lines between books and the internet
  23. Publish Many Write Once/Import
  24. Hosted, commercial service PressBooks Plugin Self-Hosted Open Source WP plugin PressBooks Textbooks Plugin Extends PB plugin Pro • Hosted. Need little tech support Pro Con • No control of platform • Designed for fiction, not TB • Cost • Full control of entire platform • Open source Con • Designed for fiction • Requires tech support • Proprietary PDF engine (PrinceXML) Pro • Full control of entire platform • Open Source • Textbook specific features Con • Requires tech support • Proprietary PDF engine (PrinceXML) BCcampus developed
  25. Development Cycle BCcampus develops & contributes code To PressBooks OS plugin PressBooks OS plugin code merged with
  26. Pressbooks Textbooks Plugin Extends PB plugin • Add Creative Commons licenses • Add Textbook specific features • Learning Outcomes, Exercises & Key Takeaways • Search • Annotation ( • Added API (Application Program Interface)
  27. More than a book (book as application) "An API, or "Application Program Interface", is a set of routines and protocols that provide building blocks for computer programmers and web developers to build software applications." importance-of-apis-in-web-development--net-22368
  28. More than a book (book as application)
  29. What we are working on now • Accessibility features (FLOE Project) • Replace PrinceXML with Open Source PDF engine • New ODT output (Word Compatible)
  30. Finding us Open Textbook Project: PressBooks plugin: PressBooks Textbook plugin: PressBooks Textbooks GitHub (developers): Example of a PBTB book:
  31. Thank You @bccampus @clintlalonde
  32. Open Assembly Domi Enders Founder & CEO
  33. Open Learning powered by Open Educational Resources Domi Enders, Founder & CEO |
  34. THE PROBLEM: ACCESS Non-traditional students & adjunct instructors are often poorly integrated with institutions due to their circumstances, and therefore: Less likely to be reached by OER initiatives on their campuses Have limited access to peer communities How can we use technology and the inherent shareability of OER to increase access to resources and peer communities?
  35. THE SOLUTION: OPEN ASSEMBLY Anytime, anywhere access to peer communities and learning resources. Open Learning Architecture for OER
  36. THE SOLUTION: OPEN ASSEMBLY Anytime, anywhere access to peer communities and learning resources. Open Learning Architecture for OER Personal technology owned by the adjunct or student, course to course, year to year Modularized OER collections optimized for micro-learning and ease of adaptation Collaborative content curation enabling every user to become a producer/curator of OER P2P learning facilitating connection & interaction w/ peers, within courses or groups
  37. Content Integration API Integration LMS Integration THE SOLUTION: OPEN ASSEMBLY • Plug-and-play in any LMS • Access all your learning resources in a single interface • Use analytics to personal the learning experience Open Learning Architecture for OER
  38. THE PLATFORM: OVERVIEW Analytics Easy Adaptation Drag and drop remixing Contextualized resources Collaborative Content Curation Live chat Groups Modularized OER collections Modularized OER collections
  39. Contracted pilot: 2015 60k students & 5k adjuncts1,132 institutions 12.8M students 644K adjuncts INSTITUTIONAL PILOTS 2015: PROOF OF CONCEPT Anticipated pilot: 2015 13k students & 1k adjuncts OTHER CCCOER PILOTS UNDER DEVELOPMENT
  40. INSTITUTIONAL PILOTS: EFFICACY STUDIES Teaching with modularized and curated OER a. Time-savings in class prep time b. Increase/decrease in OER adoption c. Value of OER curation to • Departments • Instructors • Students d. Increase/decrease of instructor-student interaction via • Use of live chat • Use of analytics • Collaborative content curation Learning with modularized and curated OER a. Increased engagement via • Affordability of resources • Increased opportunities for P2P learning • Increased opportunities for interaction with faculty • Anytime anywhere access to OER b. Improved student outcomes • Course completion • Engagement with college as community METRICS
  41. Domi Enders:
  42. May 13, 10:00 am PST See you at our next webinar! Community College OER Projects Image: Quill and Modern Pen" by Digital Paradox is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
  43. Open Education Global 2015 The theme for Open Education Global 2015 is Entrepreneurship and Innovation, emphasizing the exciting directions and developments in open education around the world. Organized by OEC and Athabasca University. Where: Alberta, Canada When: 22-24 April, 2015
  44. Thank you for coming! Contact Info: Una Daly: Clint Lalonde : Judy Einstein : Etienne Pelaprat : Domi Enders : Questions?

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  1. ELLUMINATE/CCC Conference Opening Script   [Start recording…] Welcome to the ________ Webinar for DAY, MONTH, YEAR [sponsored by]. [If applicable] Today’s guests come to us from _______ in ____, ___. I will introduce them shortly, but first I want to go over a few details about this [Elluminate/CCC Confer] session for those who are new to [Elluminate/CCC Confer]. Details At the upper left of your screen, you should see the Participants window, which lists the participants in this session. You can use the icons underneath this window to: Raise your hand if you have a question or comment and you wish to speak There are also happy and sad faces and an applaud icon Below the Participants window is the Chat window to the center-left of this screen where you can type a question or comment into the box at any time. You can also send a private message to another participant at any time, but please be aware that moderators can see all private messages. Below the chat area is the Audio window in the bottom left of the screen. Click on the raised your hand button to let us know you would like to speak. You can use a head set or your phone for audio chat. If you are using a microphone and have been recognized to speak, Click the button with the microphone on it and begin speaking. Remember to click the button again when you finish speaking so that someone else can have a turn. You can control your mic and volume levels with the sliders. And if you are having trouble with your headset or microphone, you can access the Audio Setup Wizard from the Tools menu on the top toolbar. From Tools, select Audio, and then Audio Setup Wizard, and follow the on-screen instructions. [CCC Confer ONLY] If you are using the telephone to speak, Click on the phone handset below the microphone and audio volume sliders. The call-number and pin will then appear in a dialog box.
  2. The Community College Consortium for OER is a community of practice dedicated to promoting the adoption and development of open educational resources to enhance teaching and learning. We were founded to support the community college mission of open access through creating awareness and development of openly licensed, low-cost education materials to make college more affordable and accessible for students. We provide regularly scheduled online and face-2-face workshops for faculty and staff who are engaged in OER projects.