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Design for enterprise software by Benjamin Humphrey

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A talk by Benajamin Humphrey at UXMY2013 on Enterprise Software

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Design for enterprise software by Benjamin Humphrey

  1. 1. Design for enterprise software @humphreybc UX Malaysia 2013
  2. 2. Benjamin Humphrey @humphreybc humphreybc.com
  3. 3. Dunedin, New Zealand 2009 - 2011
  4. 4. Dunedin, New Zealand 2011 - 2012
  5. 5. Dunedin, New Zealand 2012 - 2013
  6. 6. San Francisco, California 2012 - 2013
  7. 7. I was all about consumer.
  8. 8. Sydney, Australia 2013 - present
  9. 9. What is enterprise software?
  10. 10. “purposed-designed computer software used in the furtherance of the needs and objectives of the organization... as opposed to the individual.” - Wikipedia
  11. 11. ‘Enterprise software’ is a scalable tool used by ordinary people to get their primary job done. - Benjamin Humphrey (me)
  12. 12. Enterprise design challenges Busting common myths You can make it awesome
  13. 13. Designing for the 100% Designing for edge cases can be a real challenge.
  14. 14. “On the Rapidboard, each column on a swimlane have a count. This count seems to be the total count. I would like to see the count by the status associated with that column.”
  15. 15. “Our PM's and upper management like to see both when dev is complete and when the story has actually passed QA. Can you please add a feature or tell us how we can do that?”
  16. 16. “It would be great if there is tree view in the To Do List.”
  17. 17. Scalability Not only does performance need to scale, but so does your design.
  18. 18. Accessibility Companies need to adhere to accessibility standards.
  19. 19. Flexibility Large enterprise companies are used to flexibility and customisation of their tools.
  20. 20. Security Enterprise customers have a lot more security concerns than your average consumer.
  21. 21. Things can move slower Enterprise customers are less likely to upgrade software frequently, which means you might find yourself designing for the future.
  22. 22. Enterprise design challenges Busting common myths You can make it awesome
  23. 23. I am a nice guy, but I am a grumpy designer.
  24. 24. Myth #1 Enterprise users don’t expect the software they use at work to be designed well.
  25. 25. Rubbish! They’re people too. People are used to a great consumer experience at home. They’d love that at work as well!
  26. 26. Myth #2 Enterprise software has to be technical and utilitarian.
  27. 27. Bullshit! We’re all human. … and our software should be too. Take a look at products reinventing themselves with human interfaces for humans.
  28. 28. Myth #3 Enterprise software is only used on a desktop computer with a keyboard and mouse.
  29. 29. Mobile usage is growing. Traditional internet traffic from desktops dropped 9.63% between Q1 2012 and Q1 2013. Tablets and phones have taken that share. - Stats from Monetate Q1 2013 E-commerce Quarterly
  30. 30. Myth #4 Users need more features instead of better design.
  31. 31. Solve their problems, not just provide more features. Adding another feature may not always be the right decision. Get cosy with your customers to understand what they really want.
  32. 32. Myth #5 It’s difficult to get into the enterprise space because it’s dominated by heavyweights.
  33. 33. justworks dropbox salesforce workday evernote github bitbucket hipchat pantheon rapportive vend uservoice sendgrid memsql vertica cochlear box actionstep bigcommerce coupa asana zenpayroll fusion .io joylent blue rooster xero freshplum chartio intuit thankyou payroll periscope atlassian fluent bromium directly calxeda
  34. 34. Enterprise design challenges Busting common myths You can make it awesome
  35. 35. Things have changed for me!
  36. 36. I now design for millions of users and growing
  37. 37. I now design for all sorts of users with all sorts of use cases
  38. 38. I now face different challenges to consumer design
  39. 39. $ I now work for a company that uses a proven business model
  40. 40. Challenges are solvable Myths are just that: myths It’s a great space to work in
  41. 41. Lastly, this is how I think.
  42. 42. Be human in your design. Your users are people. You can have visual flair, personality, and simple terminology when designing enterprise software.
  43. 43. Design for scalability. Constantly think about performance, transitional content, and how to craft smart software.
  44. 44. Set clear priorities. Weigh up all the inputs and make the right decision for the user.
  45. 45. atlassian.com/careers or talk to me Benjamin Humphrey @humphreybc humphreybc.com
  46. 46. Cheers for listening! Things you should read: Icons from thenounproject.com: Mountain Climber Juan Pablo Bravo Microinteractions Dan Saffer Loch Ness Monster Mike Wirth The Little Black Book of Design Adam Judge Happiness Jim Lears The Design of Everyday Things Donald Norman All other icons from entypo.com Don’t Make Me Think Steve Krug Adobe comic from xkcd.com/1286 Brain Rules John Medina OS stats February 2013 from analytics stratechery.com Ben Thompson firm Net Applications ia.net Oliver Reichenstein Mobile growth stats from Monetate Q1 littlebigdetails.com 2013 E-commerce Quarterly