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OER Institutional Policy - Leeds University

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Presentation on the Open Educational Resources Policy developed at the University of Leeds

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OER Institutional Policy - Leeds University

  1. 1. Open Educational ResourcesPolicy at the University of LeedsHelen HowardAdapted from a presentation by Morris, N.P.,Lewis, D.I. (2013) © University of Leeds 2013.Reused under the terms of the CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
  2. 2. Session overview• Development of an institutional OER Policy• Policy outline and implementation• Implications for IL practitioners / Library roles–Supporting others–Creating / using OER
  3. 3. Developing an institutional policyJISC/HEA phase 3 OER project at Leeds to:>Increase knowledge & engagement• Workshops• Case studies>Develop & implement an institutional policy
  4. 4. Workshops with academic and teaching staffAiming to:• Raise institutional awareness• Showcase OER withindiscipline• Facilitate finding/use ofappropriate OER
  5. 5. Case Studies: practitioners’ experiences of using OER forthe first time
  6. 6. Feedback from academic and support staffKey points which informed the policy. Staff asked for:• A web portal to / for resources• Advice on producing OER• Information on any validation /authorisation process forpublishing OER• Advice on proper attribution and how OER can be used• Clear advice on copyright / IPR issues surrounding OER• Recognition and reward for using / creating OER
  7. 7. Developing an institutional policyOER steering group (academics, OER champions, staffdevelopment unit, Library, copyright expert, student rep)Draft policy circulated widely for commentsProduced set of recommendations to accompanypolicyFinal policy agreed by Senior Management team andTaught Student Education Board in Autumn 2012Disseminated to Faculties for implementation
  8. 8. Leeds Institutional OER Policy“the University encouragesstaff and students to use,create and publish OERsto enhance the quality ofthe student experience,provided that resourcesused are fit-for-purposeand relevant”
  9. 9. Policy outline1.Staff are encouraged to make use of OER in studenteducation.2.Staff are encouraged to produce and release OER into thecommunity.3. Policy recommends use of Creative Commons licences.4.Staff are reminded to ensure all materials are copyrightcompliant.5. Policy recommends use of JORUM.6.Students can be consumers and producers of OER.
  10. 10. Implementation and roll-out: staff engagementSpotlight on “forstaff” website,showcasing videointerviews withOER practitionersWorkshops /eventsInstitutional front-page / window(probably aLeeds-JORUMpage)Use / productionof OER named asan example inpromotionscriteria
  11. 11. Implications for the Library• 3 staff on OER steering group–E-learning officer–VLE team leader–Copyright officer• Attendance at workshops / events• Rep on policy implementation roll-out group• Ready to contribute learning objects to repository
  12. 12. Library roles in supporting OER creation / useCopyright and IPRadviceStaff training /eventsAssist withdevelopinginstitutionalrepositoryContribution ofteaching resourcesto a repositoryAdvice for studentson producing /sharing / usingOER
  13. 13. Benefits of an institutional policy• Formalises the “under the radar” sharing of resources• Removes barriers to OER use:–Lack of knowledge / understanding–Lack of support / guidance• Promotes continued advocacy, support, training anddevelopment activities
  14. 14. References / Links• Leeds OER project final report:http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/projects/detail/oer/OER_COM2_Leeds• Leeds workshop on embedding OER institutionally:http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/assets/documents/seminars/Themes_2012-2013/WSST03/HEA_OER_Jan13_nm.pdfHoward, H.E. (2013) © University of Leeds 2013.This work (excluding logos) is made available forreuse under the terms of the Creative CommonsAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0Unported License.