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Activities in the field of CCA and DRR: Preliminary results from the PLACARD project



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Markus Leitner, Environment Agency Austria

International Conference – Climate Change 2019
Bratislava, 14. November 2019

Find out more about PLACARD project at www.placard-network.eu

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Activities in the field of CCA and DRR: Preliminary results from the PLACARD project

  1. 1. 11 ACTIVITIES IN THE FIELD OF CCA AND DRR PRELIMINARY RESULTS OF THE PLACARD PROJECT Markus Leitner Environment Agency Austria International Conference – Climate Change 2019 Bratislava, 14. November 2019
  2. 2. 22 PLACARD – PLATFORM FOR CLIMATE ADAPTATION AND RISK REDUCTION How PLACARD aims to achieve this: • provide a common ‘space’ where CCA and DRR communities can come together, share experiences and create opportunities for collaboration; • facilitate communication and knowledge exchange between both communities; and • support the coordination and coherence of CCA and DRR research, policy and practice. Main Goal: Establish a coordination and knowledge exchange platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue and consultation between CCA and DRR research, policy and practice communities across scales
  3. 3. 33 A COMMON SPACE TO FACILITATE DIALOGUE AMONG DIFFERENT ACTORS Which actors has PLACARD co-organised events and in how many PLACARD events they have participated? 35 dialogues organised or co- organised with different actors focusing in different relevant topics for both communities Different topics/areas have different needs in terms of harmonization between CCA and DRR. To make concrete and meaningful recommendations they need to be considered separately.
  4. 4. 44 INFORMING KEY CCA AND DRR PROCESSES Concrete contributions to key CCA/DRR processes
  5. 5. 55 AREAS OF WORK • Analysis of CCA & DRR actors • Connectivity Hub • SFDRR & adaptation and Paris Agreement & DRR • Narrative recipe book • Strengthening institutional coordination • Foresight for policymakers • Evolving issues brief 2016 and 2019 • ECCA 2019 • PLACARD legacy dialogues https://www.placard-network.eu/our-work/
  6. 6. 66 RESULTS OF THE SOCIAL NETWORK ANALYSIS AT THE EU SCALE • Climate-ADAPT scored best in 3 SNA metrics, possibly best connector between CCA and DRR Fig 1. SNA based on intensive communication and collaboration, presenting betweenness centrality. Node size and colour are determined by the node’s betweenness centrality value. Strong communication is represented with black and strong collaboration with blue edges.
  9. 9. 99 PLACARD CONNECTIVITY HUB http://connectivity-hub.placard-network.eu
  10. 10. 1010 – Discovering new work on adaptation/DRR that might be relevant but is performed outside of the user network – Finding out which organizations are most relevant – Discovering links to related case studies and lessons learned – Learning about different perspectives and interpretations of concepts across the CCA and DRR domains – Finding related terms that could also be relevant to user’s work, and lead to new case studies – Potentially creating more impact using the data available to the user to create new knowledge THE CONNECTIVITY HUB CAN SUPPORT IN:
  11. 11. @ECCA2019 European Climate Change Adaptation conference ECCA2019 brought together researchers, policymakers and practitioners to discuss recent advances in climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) research, policy and practice, and aimed to inspire collective climate action. Conclusion: è Integrated action needs to happen now! 28–31 May 2019 | Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon @ECCA2019
  12. 12. @ECCA2019 Key areas - Summary • Be inclusive • Focus on integrated approaches and solutions • Better linking CCA and DRR • Make data more accessible • Keep improving communication and a common language • Metrics and indicators – but realistic • Adaptation, risk reduction & mitigation are urgent • Societal engagement, young people, climate change and disasters • Arts and climate change @ECCA2019 https://www.ecca2019.eu/wp-content/docs/ECCA2019- conference-summary.pdf
  13. 13. @ECCA2019 Key areas – research and practice gaps • Availability of quality data is critical to advance CCA and DRR research • New approaches in the modelling of local climate change hazards and impacts are needed • Raising awareness for the need of adaptation and risk reduction depends on broad engagement with society • Developing novel co-design and co-production processes for different governance scales is urgent and crucial • Further improve information and knowledge sharing on CCA and DRR approaches and solutions • Develop better communication and dissemination processes considering the specific context of different actors in CCA and DRR practice • Explore innovative technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches @ECCA2019 https://www.ecca2019.eu/wp-content/docs/ECCA2019- conference-briefing.pdf
  14. 14. @ECCA2019 Key areas – research and practice gaps • Develop and implement specific tools for monitoring and evaluation of ongoing practice to ensure knowledge development and learning from both good and bad experiences • A better understanding of tipping points and limits – biophysical, sociocultural, economic and ecological – is needed • Additional research is required on how vulnerability can be quantified and reduced via increased adaptive capacity and risk reduction • The notion that climate risks undermine the ability to deliver on other global goals agreed by the international community needs urgent consideration • Urbanisation and the impacts of climate change on human health are among the most urgent gaps to be covered • The role of governance in adaptation and risk reduction (Climate Risk Management) still requires further development @ECCA2019 https://www.ecca2019.eu/wp-content/docs/ECCA2019- conference-briefing.pdf
  15. 15. 1515 CONTACT & INFORMATION Markus Leitner Tel. Nr. +43 (0)1 31304 3536 E-Mail markus.leitner@umweltbundesamt.at Umweltbundesamt www.umweltbundesamt.at International Conference – Climate Change 2019 Bratislava, Slovakia l 13.-15.11.2019