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Australia Real Estate News - UCHK Consulting Ltd

UCHK Consulting outlines a clear path for existing and potential overseas property investors that empowers them to achieve phenomenal returns on their investment. Our wealth creation strategies are complex however, one key element is buying property and retaining, only selling under exceptional circumstances. http://uchkconsulting.com/wealth-advice.php

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Australia Real Estate News - UCHK Consulting Ltd

  1. 1. CHINA|HONG KONG|INDONESIA|MALAYSIA|SINGAPORE 海 外 投 资 者 的 必 备 指 南 t h e o v e r s e a s i n v e s t o r s e s s e n t i a l g u i d e IMMIGRATION a matter of coming and going BUYING PROPERTY with no deposit ? impossible ! THE TWO-PRONGED Purpose of a Property Investment WIN QANTAS FLIGHTS Two Economy and Two Business Class tickets to Win 移民 是去,是留 置业 零存款?不可能 双管齐下 房产投资的问题 赢取澳洲航空机票 有机会赢取2张经济舱和2张商务舱机票 + 1959年以来最低的利率 lowest interest rates since 1959 Says Scott O. Talbot 陶智研讨会 UCHK SEMINARS The essential guide for all overseas investors and immigration news 海外投资者的必备指南 免费提供 住宅 或 公司 递送 SCOTT O.TALBOT 房 地 产 相 关 投 资 服 务 UCH K CONSULTING LIM ITED
  2. 2. 2 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 3 CONTENTS - VISA DILEMMA why investors are confused and real estate agents are being opportunists. - 签证的两难境地 - 为什么投资者感到困 惑而房地产商成为了投机者。 - IMMIGRATION who really understands the rules and regulations regarding Immigration to Australia - 移民 - 谁是真正了解澳大利亚 移民条款的人。 - NUT INVESTMENT there are two main types of investor when it comes to investment in real estate. - 投资的难题 - 房地产投资中的两 种投资者 - UCHK SEMINARS the path to wealth is clearly knowledge and correct advice - 陶智研讨会 - 通往财富的光明大道 提供 专业和正确的咨询服务 - NO DEPOSIT Times are changing and those in the know can save themselves time and money by knowing how to invest in property the smart way - 零存款- 了解 如何省时省钱的进行明智的投资 - PURPOSE OF PROPERTY some enjoy moderate capital growth and high rental returns - 置业的目的 - 享受稳定的资产增长和高 额的租金收益 - TALK IS CHEAP The lowest interest rates since 1959 coupled with access to private banking products - 空口无凭 - 自1959 年以来最低的利率与可以利用的个人银行 产品的结合 - AUSTRALIAN POPULATION Australian Real Estate Market in need of more property. - 澳大利亚人口 - 澳 大利亚房地产业的更大需求 - CONUNDRUM housing shortage -vs- population in Australia - 难题 - 住房紧缺 –vs- 澳大利 亚人口 A GAME OF THIRDSA broader view on the factors affecting property investment So, you’ve signed the contract, handover is complete, financing is in place, everything is looking good on your brand new, first ever property investment. Or perhaps you’re an old hand and this simply marks another shrewd addition to your bulging property investment portfolio. However, whether you be an intrepid new explorer into the world of property investment, or have navigated the metaphorical four corners of the real estate world, before getting too car- ried away with how your property investment will perform, we must analyze the global economics and the affordability factors in each city which will help to give key indicators on the health of the overall economy and social circum- stances in that area, thus revealing the likely outcome of your investment. Many different elements and factors come into play that will have a long-term impact on both capital growth and rental returns. To understand this better, let us analyze countries that are experiencing huge capital growth and what the effect will be in those countries. A favorite example of mine is Singapore. real estate agents and speculators have inflated the market prices so much above the average income to the point where the average local can no longer afford to live comfort- ably. Accommodation costs now use up 70 percent and lifestyle remains at around 30 percent. Lifestyle will always be 30. People don’t generally eat less, not travel or deprive them- selves of all luxuries and leisure. How- ever, they will sacrifice any attempt to make savings. This is a bad state of affairs. Continued on page....17 Property values have been doubling or tripling in unprecedented surges. The pockets of investors have not been big enough to fit the cash that has been flowing abundantly. The question only remains then to be asked, is it stable? Well, lets look at the example of the localised economic balance on the affordability scale. The average citizen earns $50,000 a year, about a $1,000 a week. In a balanced economy and social set- ting salaries are used equally in three areas. That is, 33 percent of income is used towards accommodation, a further 33 percent goes towards life- style and entertainment and in a truly balanced economic environment the remaining 33 percent is allocated towards savings (the extra 1 percent can be allocated upon discretion). This is considered a balanced situ- ation. When you get to the likes of Singapore, the property investors, analyze countries that are experiencing huge capital growth and what the effect will be 分析当一个国家正在经历巨大 的资产增长,而造成的影响会 是 一个三分之一的游戏 在一个广阔的视角看来对房地 产投资的影响因素 当您签完合同,完成交接工 作,资金到位,您的第一次房 地产投资看起来一切都很完 美。 又或者您是一个房地产投资的行家, 这次投资仅仅只是在您的投资清单上 又增加了漂亮的一笔。无论您是一个 勇敢的房地产投资者新星或是一个纵 横房地产业多年的行家,在您的房地 产投资产生任何收益之前,您必须分 析世界经济和不同城市房地产的可购 买性,这些分析不仅将会是经济和社 会环境保障的重要指标,还会预示您 可能得到的投资结果。 不同的因素发挥作用将对资产增长和 租金收益造成长期的影响。 为了让您更深入的了解这些,让我们 为您分析当一个国家正在经历巨大的 资产增长和将会造成的影响。 以新加坡为例,现在新加坡的房地产 价值正以两倍甚至三倍的史无前例的 速度增长。投资者赚取的资金大量的 流动,这个现象不禁让人质疑,这是 稳定的吗?那让我们看看本地化经济 平衡的负担能力规模。假使一座城市 的人均年收入是$50,000,大约合成 $1,000一周。那么在安定的经济和 社会环境下,薪水会被平均用于三个 方面,其中33%用于居住设备,另外 33%用于生活和娱乐消遣,在绝对安 定的经济环境下余下的33%会被作为 储蓄(额外的1%可以随意支配)。 当然,这些都是存在于极度稳定的生 活形势下。但是在新加坡,房地产投 资者,地产中介和投机者已经将市 场价格膨胀到高于平均收入太多,这 导致了许多新加坡人不能很舒适的生 活。居住设备花费了薪水的70%,使 得花费在生活消遣方面的薪水只能占 据30%。人们不能减少自己在吃方面 的花费,所以削减的部分只能通过不 去旅行或者不买奢侈品和不消遣来获 得。即使这样,大多数新加坡人还不 得不牺牲自己的储蓄计划来填补住宿 方面的费用膨胀,这并不是个好的征 兆。 (下接第17页) SCOTT O.TALBOT 房 地 产 相 关 投 资 服务 UCH K CONSULTING LIM ITED
  3. 3. 4 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 5 Why investors are confused and real estate agents are being opportunists. Is the Significant Investor Visa being sold as something that it was never intended to be by its authors? Many real estate agents are touting the visa as opportunities to get involved with chicken farms, a distant relative’s restaurant, car dealerships and an assortment of unusual business ventures. The difficulty for UCHK when approached by an investor inquiring about SIV is that there can never be a match on what the customer wants to invest in nor a business opportunity that meets our strict due diligence and will pass as a recommended ongoing concern for the client. In the majority of the opportunities that have been presented, they are not ongoing concerns, they are inflated and are simply businesses that are in debt and are looking for any way out by selling to an investor looking for any way in. Moreover, it is very difficult to match a business that is an ongoing concern and profitable venture in an industry that is familiar with the clients skill base (don’t forget, whatever business you are buying, somebody has to run it). In a recent trade fair in Beijing an exhibitor was selling everything from chicken farms, pig farms, dairy farms, etc, as viable businesses for the visa. Whilst I come from a rural background and was naturally interested in these agricultural opportunities, I did wonder to myself how many of my wealthy Chinese clients would be keen on buying a chicken farm themselves, have ever even seen one, let alone would know how to run one. Liken this to a restaurant for sell in prime location in Sydney. How many of my clients would be experienced restaurateurs in their natural environment, never mind in Sydney, Australia. So, before we get to the gate of opportunity for the significant investor visa, the first challenge is matching a client to a business opportunity that is not going to be a disastrous decision before we even lodge the paperwork. We also have the question, will my clients financial health-check pass the scrutiny of the Australian government with regards to the source of the $5m investment? Notwithstanding the above, the SIV is a great opportunity and there are VISA DILEMMA Student学生 Work/Business/Sponsored 工作/商业/担保 Visitor 访问 Investor 投资 Retirement 退休 products that are perfectly structured, pre-approved, easy to understand and carry a fast-track from start to completion. UCHK recommends to its clients banking products, such as Credit Suisse. A large global institution has carefully structured a financial product that meets all the requirements of the Australian government. Available from UCHK, with this visa clients can invest with a clear understanding, know their returns, what is happening and the exit strategies. Lets go back to the chicken farm, the restaurant, the car dealership, whatever the business opportunities are that people are thinking of. While best case scenario is that it may pass the approval test, the exit strategy will still be very difficult. Should you try to sell your shares or business, even recouping 50% of your initial investment would be a success as the agent had marked it up in the first place. When getting in to a business investment for the simple purpose of obtaining a visa, getting out of and exiting the business venture will be three times as hard. Potential investors should also bear in mind the careful analysis of the Australian government on all submitted applications. A proposal to buy uncle Bob’s cafe in Perth for $3m when the business is patently worth much less will be seen straight through by the reviewing government officers. On the other hand, the banking products that are available offer a clear path, guarantee of return, and an exit strategy. No advertising to buyers, no commissions or any of the other problematic circumstances of buying a business. Overseas investors considering the SIV should contact their UCHK consultant to get more details and advice on this matter. If you are contemplating a Significant Investor Visa application, use a trusted banking product, exclusive to UCHK. It will be secure, it will manage itself, will guarantee positive returns and gives you a definite time of duration, which you can use to plan how you will enjoy your grant to residence in Australia. the route to a passport and a lifestyle in Australia. As easy as the pitch may sound, the truth is rarely communicated to would-be applicants. In a recent presentation, federal representatives and immigration experts delivered a report on the SIV’s success and clarified a lot of the misrepresentations that have been presented to overseas investors. Since the inception of the Significant Investor Visa class toward the end of 2012, out of 400 or more applicants to date, only two have been approved by the Australian government. Clearly there is a way to succeed in the application process or the government would never have created the visa in the first place. The success or not of the application seems to depend on professional and sound advice. The basic rules can be summed as per the following: AU $5 million invested in to a range of products, and crucially, validity of the $5 million. In other words, does the AU$5 million genuinely belong to the applicant? Is the source of those funds legitimate? Such antics as borrowing money from relatives to cover shortfalls or producing bank statements showing sudden transactions from unknown sources are a red flag for the Australian government. Choosing which business investment to enter is no less of a difficulty for the visa applicants. There are many agents and brokers presenting 签证的 两难境地 为什么投资者感到困惑而房地 产商成为了投机者。 许多房地产中介正在把兜售签证作为 获得澳大利亚护照和生活方式的捷 径。这听起来似乎很容易,事实上却 很少传达到每个潜在的申请者。 在最近的演讲中, 联邦政府代表和移 民专家就重要投资者签证的成功对海 外投资者做了一场专门报告,并澄清 了大量有关重要投资者签证的虚假陈 述。 自2012年年底重要投资者签证发布以 来,截止到目前有超过400名以上的 申请者,只有两名申请者的申请被澳 大利亚政府批准。显然有一种方法可 以成功地应用申请程序否则政府不会 设置这类签证。申请的成功与否其实 依赖于专业和合理的建议。 基本规定概括如下: 需要投入500万澳大利亚元作为一系 列产品的投资,重要的是,请注意这 500万澳大利亚元的有效性。换句话 说,这500万澳大利亚元是真正属于 申请者的吗?这些资金的来源是合法 的吗?一些来源不明的交易记录,比 如从亲戚那儿借钱来弥补亏空或制造 银行证明,都是澳大利亚政府严格审 查的重要方面。 对于签证申请者来说,选择哪种商业 活动进行投资是个不小的难题。有许 多代理商和经纪人为申请者提供投资 建议,比如养鸡场,远方亲戚的餐 厅,汽车经销商以及各式各样的商业 投资。当投资者询问有关重要投资者 签证的问题时,陶智咨询公司发现总 是很难找到与投资者要求所匹配的投 资项目或是达到陶智咨询公司严格审 查并能推荐给客户作为持续关注的商 业机会。目前出现的大部分商业机会 都无法达到持续关注的程度,有些企 业可能会遭遇通货膨胀,或者有些企 业正试图通过吸引投资者的资金投入 来摆脱自身的负债。 此外, 寻求商业的持续关注并能与有 利润增长,熟悉客户技术基础的企业 相匹配是很难同时兼顾到的(不要忘 记,无论您购买哪种生意,都需要有 人去经营它)。在最近的一次北京交 易会上,有一位参展商试图兜售养鸡 场,养猪场,奶制品农场等,来提供 给投资者获得可行的商业签证。尽管 我来自农村并对这些农业机会相当感 兴趣,但我确实好奇有多少富有的中 国客户将热衷于购买养鸡场,这其中 又有多少人拥有相关的农业养殖知识 以及相关的经营知识。 这就好比出售一间位于悉尼黄金地段 的餐馆。有多少我的客户拥有餐饮 行业经验,无论是否在悉尼,澳大利 亚。所以,在我们到达重要投资者签 证的这扇机会大门前,我们迎接的第 一个挑战是寻找匹配客户业务,并能 持续发展的商业机会,在我们提交书 面文件之前,这个决定不会带来任何 灾难性的后果。同时我们还有其他疑 问,就是我的客户可以顺利通过关于 500万澳大利亚元资金来源的澳大利 亚政府的金融健康检查吗? 综上所述,重要投资者签证对投资者 而言是一个巨大的机会,并且有完全 结构化,预先批准,易于理解,以及 快速运行并携带的产品。陶智咨询公 司会给其顾客的银行产品提供建议, 比如瑞士信贷。为了能满足澳大利亚 政府的所有要求,有一家大型全球机 构已经详细地结构化金融产品。陶智 咨询公司提供此种服务,持有此种签 证的客户可以对投资有一个清晰的理 解,了解他们投资所带来的回报,现 状和退出策略。 现在让我们回到养鸡场,餐馆,汽车 经销商,任何人们正在考虑的商业机 会这个话题上来。而最好的情况会是 它可能会通过认证测试,但退出策略 仍将是非常困难的。您应该试着卖掉 你的股份或业务,甚至收回初始投资 的50%,这会是代理为客户策划的第 一个成功退出策略。以获得签证为目 的开始一项商业投资是很简单的,但 想要摆脱和退出商业投资将会付出3倍 的努力。潜在的投资者也应该牢记澳 大利亚政府会仔细分析提交的所有申 请。举个例子,一项以300万澳币购 买佩斯Uncle Bob咖啡馆的提案,通 过政府官员的审查发现这项业务的实 际价值大大少于300万澳币。 另一方面,可利用的银行产品为投资 者提供了一条清晰的道路,退款保证 以及退出策略。这些银行产品可以帮 助投资者在没有广告,没有佣金以及 其他任何问题的情况下购买业务。 考虑申请重要投资者签证的海外投资 者应该联系他们的陶智咨询公司顾 问,以获得关于此种签证的更多细节 和建议。 如果您正在考虑申请重要投资者签 证,您需要使用一款可以信赖的银行 产品,而陶智公司独有这种银行产 品。这种产品是安全的,可以进行自 身管理,并将给予投资者积极的回报 和确切的时间长度,这样有助于投资 者规划在澳大利亚的生活。
  4. 4. 6 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 7 IMMIGRATION- a matter of coming and going Who really understands the rules and regulations regarding Immigration to Australia - and why does it matter? While our company specialises in personal wealth creation through property investment, we take the issue of immigration seriously and strive to give our investor clients all the assistance that they need in this important and associated issue. It has taken me by surprise at the importance of the topic of immigration and the direct relevance that it has to overseas property investment. At every UCHK event or seminar that we hold, no sooner than we’ve been talking about real estate investment than the subject of immigration crops up. I am usually met by scores of inquisitive questions on the subject hoping for definitive answers. Well, the issue is not that simple, and there are certainly no one-size-fits-all solutions. Each family and each personal set of circumstances are different.“How much does it cost? Who’s eligible? Am I too old? What’s the correct visa to apply for?”The questions always come thick and fast, the enthusiasm for the topic evident with many attendees seeking a better life abroad for themselves and their children. Sometimes a client, in their verve for the matter, offers a question and an answer at the same time. When I do answer, however, I let the clients know that various factors will affect the process; education, age, asset worth, health, and other elements. Whilst we have a designated team of immigration experts at our partner law firm Rigby Cooke who give the formal legal advice, the basic overview of what I tell my clients is that Australia welcomes all immigrants and visitors. A visa selected based on its criteria matching with the individual’s circumstances is the pathway to an extended stay in Australia and potentially permanent residency - a passport. I break it down to the clients, it comes back to some basic factors; your age, are you investing in the country, do you have any offences against your name, and based on these points, in the normal course of circumstances nearly everyone will get their desired result. Whilst Australia does not hand out passports like candy at the airport, contrary to some beliefs I’ve met - it seems that opinions and ideas about immigration and entry to Australia are as varied and diverse as are the people that hold them - usually visas are the pathway to a longer term residence. 或许我们需要理解为什么这个热门的话题被摆在首 位。150多年前,澳大利亚是英国罪犯的流放地。一个天 堂般的流放地。但是对新的一代来说,现在的这里是个近 乎神话般的天堂。来自地球各个角落的人们在这里寻求更 好的生活。所有个人及家庭都在一个可能的移民地寻找 理想因素;经济强劲,低失业率,充足的空间,丰富的文 化,社会安全,丰富的野生动物,自然,沙滩和清新的空 气,这样的例子不胜枚举,却没有一个不太理想的因素影 响欧洲和北美。由于移民去不同国家的利弊被列出,澳大 利亚如此受欢迎也不足为奇。 再回到移民问题,有些人认为充足的金钱是获得护照的唯 一途径。在另一方面,有些人认为工作和学习是获得签证 的仅有的两个选择。虽然这两个选择可以有效地申请签 证,但是仍然有许多其他的选择。 这里有五种常见的签证;学生签证/ 工作/商务/配偶/ 旅 游/投资/退休签证。当然这些签证的类别会根据申请人的 不同情况来提出更具体的要求。 当我们看该怎样去澳大利亚的时候,应该说澳大利亚是一 个移民国家,澳大利亚的一般人口都出生于海外或者父母 在海外。澳大利亚的文化和生活方式多种多样,这使得许 多移民者把澳大利亚视为家园。 澳大利亚政府对所有申请签证和居留权的人列出了相同的 原则。国际和种族不是影响因素。政府意识到一般家庭的 自然出生率在过去十年里以逐年减少一个孩子的速度下 降,目前每个家庭平均有1.8个孩子。这低于保持人口的所 需水平,因此移民政策才被考虑。在许多发达国家却没有 如此待遇。 传统的移民天堂比如美国,加拿大和英国正遭受着内乱, 银行濒临破产,高失业率,经济不景气,基础设施在学 校,医院和交通方面过重的负担。相反,在澳大利亚,健 康的新移民浪潮使澳大利亚每年的工业和经济产出保持在 世界前列。 记得最近在北京的一次研讨会,无意中听到我公司首席执 行官Scott O. Talbot的对话. 听顾客李先生说有意把自己 的孩子送去澳大利亚读书。Talbot 先生表示获得澳大利亚 学生签证就像买张机票那样简单。他说:“教育是我们的 主要出口产品之一 - 我们邀请所有国际学生,尤其是中国 学生特别受欢迎,因为他们非常勤奋好学”。 这次谈话的有趣之处在于李先生的孩子仅仅只有一岁。他 却提前了18年为他的儿子计划未来。 这些是我给我的潜在客户的基本细节。当然,一旦他们完 全成为我们的客户,那么他们就有机会从我们的法律顾问 那寻求专家的意见。 陶智咨询公司为客户提供免费签证服 务和来自法律团队的移民咨询。 Perhaps we need to understand why this is such a hot topic in the first place. 150 years ago Australia was where the British sent their convicts. A paradisiacal exile. Now it’s an almost mythical like paradise for the new generations, with people from the four corners of the earth flocking to it for a higher standard of life. With all of the desirable elements that an individual or family would be looking for in a possible immigration destination; strong economy with low unemployment, plenty of space, rich culture, safe society, an abundance of wildlife, nature, beaches and fresh air, the list goes on and on, and yet none of the less desirable factors that are affecting Europe and North America. As one lists all the positives and negatives for immigration to different countries, there’s no surprise Australia is so popular. So returning to the issue of immigration, some people think that a suitcase full of cash on arrival is the only way to get a passport. At the other end of the spectrum some people believe that work and study are the only two options for getting a visa. While these two reasons are good and valid for a visa application, there are many more choices available in the visa range. There are essentially five types of visa with which to start this process, being the most common they are; Student | Work/Business/Sponsored | Visitor | Investor | Retirement. Of course these visas each have subcategories that cater to more specific needs of the applicant. While looking at how to get to Australia, it should be said that Australia is a nation built on immigration. Almost half of the entire Australian population were either born abroad themselves, or have an overseas parent. The tapestry of Australian culture and lifestyle is rich and varied, reflecting the collage of many immigrants who now call Australia home. The Australian Government apply the same principles to all applicants for visas and residence. Nationality and ethnicity are not factors. The government are aware that the natural birthrate of the average family has fallen by one child over the past decades to a current average of 1.8 children per family. This is below the level needed to maintain a population, hence the deliberate policy of immigration. Most countries in the developed world do not have this luxury. Traditional migration havens such as the US, Canada and Britain are suffering from civil unrest, failing banks, high unemployment, a struggling economy and an overburden on ailing infrastructure including schools, hospitals and transport. On the contrary, in Australia a healthy wave of new immigrants each year has kept Australia at the forefront of industrial and economic output. I recall at a recent seminar in Beijing, overhearing a conversation as our company CEO Scott O. Talbot listened to a client, Mr Li, who expressed his desire to send his child to university in Australia. Mr Talbot assured Mr Li that obtaining a student visa to Australia is like buying an airline ticket - it’s that simple. He said:“Education is one of our major exports - we invite all international students, and Chinese students especially are always welcome as they are extremely hardworking and studious”. What was very interesting out of this conversation was that Mr Li’s child was a mere one year old. He was planning roughly 18 years ahead. These are the basic details that I give to my prospective clients. Of course, once they become a fully registered client then they have the opportunity to seek the expert advice from our legal counsel. If I hadn’t already mentioned to them, I explain that UCHK clients are entitled to free visa and immigration consultation from our legal team. 移民 – 是去,是留 谁是真正了解关于移民澳大利亚的条款的人以及 为什么他很重要。 虽然我们的公司专门从事通过产权投资创造个人财富,同 样我们也会认真处理关于移民的问题,并且给予我们的投 资者在这个重要相关的问题上一切所需的帮助。 移民话题与具有海外资产投资直接相关的重要性让我惊 喜。在我们举办的每一场陶智的活动或研讨会中,一旦我 们讨论了关于房地产投资的问题,移民问题便迅速出现 了。我常常遇到很多好奇的问题,并且希望在这些问题上 得到明确的答案。这个问题没有那么简单,当然,也没有 万全之策。每个家庭及个人都会遇到不同的情况。例如: 需要多少花费?谁是符合条件的?年龄是否偏大?什么是 正确的签证申请?这些问题的频频到来,为什么这么多人 热衷于这个话题的原因使为了给他们自己以及他们的孩子 寻求在海外创造更好的生活条件。有时在某个顾客热衷于 这些事的同时,也提出了问题及答案。在为顾客作答时, 应告知该顾客各种可能影响签证办理的因素,例如教育, 年龄,资产,健康,以及其他因素。 同时,我们拥有指定的移民专家团队以及合作的律师事务 所Rigby Cooke, 他们将提供正式权威的法律意见,并告 知顾客澳大利亚欢迎所有的移民及来访者。签证根据个人 情况与其标准是否匹配来延长到访者的留澳时间或者获得 永久居住证护照。 我将顾客以各种不同种类来进行划分,回到一些基本的因 素:年龄,是否在这个国家投资,是否有过曾用名,基于 这些点,在正常情况下几乎每个人都能得到理想的结果。 澳大利亚并不是随意的发放护照。相反的,我见过的一些 人认为,好像持有护照的人对移民进入澳大利亚的观点和 想法各有不同。通常签证是获得长期居住权的唯一路径。 IMMIGRATION - COMING AND GOING By SEAN LIN
  5. 5. Summary 物业介绍 Type: Luxury Home Address 地址: 112 Wolseley Rd, City 城市: Sydney, Point Piper Land Sqm: 783 Bed 卧室: 5 Bath 卫浴: 7 Parking: 4 Range 价格: A$40 - A$45 million Summary 物业介绍 Type: Luxury Home Address 地址: 5/15 Sutherland Crs City 城市: Sydney, Darling Point Building Sqm: 635 Bed 卧室: 3 Bath 卫浴: 3 Parking: 2 Range 价格: A$7.5 - A$8 million SYDNEY SYDNEY SCOTT O.TALBOT 房 地 产 相 关 投 资 服务 UCH K CONSULTING LIM ITED UCHK provides overseas real estate investors opportunities, information and logistics. WWW.UCHKCONSULTING.COM info@uchkconsulting.com
  6. 6. 10 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 11 FRUIT OR NUT INVESTMENT? After 25 years of meeting various types of entrepreneurial, intelligent investors, ranging from owners of car dealerships and factories, video producers, fund managers, and the like, it has become apparent to me that they all have a character trait in common. By Scott O. Talbot Accordingly, I believe there are two main types of investor when it comes to investment in real estate. My first example I like to call the Fruit Shop Investor. Bill, an old investor friend of mine, started out with a fruit shop in small time suburbia. Through hard work he managed to build his empire in to a large chain of distributors of produce, and now supplies a range of hotels and restaurants with his quality food items. would buy the freshest, ripest, most high quality foodstuffs, place it on the display shelf for all customers to see, and then he was obliged by the inherent nature of fresh food to sell it before it could rot before his eyes. So this mentality that had brought him great prosperity in the fresh produce industry was unknowingly applied to his behavior towards his property investment strategy. It took some convincing on my part before Bill would grasp that real estate would not rot on the shelves. The right property, bought at a good price, would not only retain its value but steadily increase in capital growth, unlike a three-day old banana on a 40 degree day. Three years after Bill’s initial acquisition and the child had finished at Melbourne University, I called to inform him of capital growth on the property in the region of AU$200,000. Naturally Bill was delighted with this good news. So much so that he immediately instructed me to sell the apartment and cash in on the windfall! This was a typical reaction from a Fruit Shop Investor. Said Bill:“That’s great. Get me the money. I want to buy more property/buy a sports car/go on holiday...”or whatever his whim was at that time. What he didn’t realise was: He was exiting the market place, therefore incurring some capital taxes on the profits, and more importantly, Forgoing any future capital growth on the property. By selling prematurely he was forfeiting a $100,000 in capital growth over the following 2-3 years. This explains the Fruit Shop Investor. They often make a healthy short-term gain on their investment, but they fail to reap the full financial benefits of holding on to and protecting their property assets. They operate through buying and selling, making the quick buck wherever they can, moving on. So while they make a decent profit as they go along, they own nothing because they constantly speculate and sell. He is undoubtedly an expert and master of his chosen trade, a fact undeniably stated by his success and wealth in his business environment. Bill is an example of this Fruit Shop Investor. I first advised Bill on property investment around 1998. Bill boasted of his past glories dabbling in the property and shares market. His method was to buy good property, make any needed improvements, and then resell it. With my advice Bill purchased a two-bedroom apartment in Carlton, initially to be used by his child while studying at Melbourne university. His property investment ethos was the same as his attitude towards buying and selling fresh produce. He there are two main types of investor when it comes to investment in real estate. This moves me on to the other kind of property investor. These I call Squirrel Investors. A squirrel carefully gathers as many nuts as it can and stashes them away. It hoards. Most Australians are encouraged to see their long term wealth creation in this way. The goal is to accumulate wealth rather than trade wealth. In contrast to Bill is another client from Singapore. Known to me as Lin, this friend’s father is an excellent example of a Squirrel Investor and the benefits of that investment mentality. Lin owns a prestigious property on Orchard Road in Singapore. His father originally bought the property 40 years ago, insisting that it would never be sold and so took legal measures to ensure it could not be sold by the family in the years to follow, even after his passing. The property price was relatively little back then. Today it is worth in excess of $30million. The rental income covers the mortgage repayments and the ability to extract the increase in capital growth of the property has made everyone in the family millionaires. All this from one single property. A great example of the rewards to a Squirrel Investor. The prudent owner could have sold in the 90’s and made a huge profit. Rather he held firm and steadfast to retain the wealth, and now has the ability to call up his bank and in no uncertain terms state the property valuation at $30million, the loan facility at $5million, the rental returns are positively geared and servicing the loan, and request upwards of 60% on the equity of the property. The Squirrel Investor has been doing this every 2 or 3 years for the last three decades, engineering a renewable income through the accumulation wealth strategy of buying and holding on to real estate assets. UCHK Consulting outlines a clear path for existing and potential property investors to also learn about how to be a clever“Squirrel Investor”, thus empowering them to achieve these phenomenal returns on their investment. 水果或坚果投资?在房地产投 资中, 有两种投资者 在我和各种优秀且经验丰富的创业投 资者打交道的25年中, 我发现包括 从汽车销售商,视频生产商再到基金 经理,他们之间都有一个共同的性格 特征—Scott O.Talbot 因此,我认为,当涉及到房地产投资 时,主要有两种类型的投资者。 我的第一个例子我喜欢称它为水果投 资商。Bill,是一个和我关系很好的投 资商,是从经营一家小型水果店开始 他的生意的。通过辛勤的劳动,他建 立了他的一条大型的农产品生产链。 而现在,他为一些酒店和餐厅提供优 质的产品。 他在商业市场的成就和所获得的财富 无疑证明了在他所选择的这一行业 中,他是一个资历丰富的专家。Bill就 是这个水果商店投资者的典型例子。 我最开始推荐Bill进行房地产投资是在 1998年左右,Bill对他过去在房地产 和股票市场的辉煌成绩沾沾自喜,他 的方法是购买一些好的物产并做一些 必要的改善再重新卖出。在我的建议 下,他在Carlton买了一间有两个卧 室的公寓。最初的目的是让他的儿子 在上墨尔本大学的时候居住。 他的投资宗旨和他购买以及售出新鲜 水果的态度是一样的。他会买进最新 鲜成熟的优质食品,放在展示架上让 客户看到。然后他不得不在这些食物 腐烂之前将它们卖出。这种心态给他 在新鲜农产品产业带来了大繁荣,但 是也被他在不知不觉中运用到了物产 投资决策中。我用了很长时间说服Bill 去认同房地产是不会腐烂在货架上 的。用合适的价格买到的好的房产, 不仅可以保留它的价值,还能保持稳 定的日益增长。不会是像那种保持了 40天但保质期只为3天的香蕉。 三年后,Bill的孩子已经完成了在墨尔 本大学的课程。我打电话通知了Bill, 在这段期间他最初购买的那间房已经 增长了200,000澳元。当然,Bill很高 兴。他让我马上卖掉这个公寓,收获 了一个意外之财。 这是一个水果投资商的典型反应。 Bill说:“拿到钱以后,我要买很多房 产,买跑车,去度假。”还有在这个 时候想做的任何事情。 但是他没有意识到,他退出了这个市 场,会要交一定的利润税。更重要的 是,他放弃了这个物产未来的资产增 长。 THE WEALTH CREATION STRATEGY IS VERY SIMPLE. IT IS BUYING PROPERTY AND RETAINING IT BY NEVER SELLING, ONLY IN EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES, THUS HOLDING ON TO THE VERY MECHANISM THAT IS GENERATING THE WEALTH, NAMELY, THE PROPERTY. 因为卖的过早,在接下来两到三年 的时间里,他会在资产增长上损失 100,000澳元。 这就是水果投资商。他们经常做的是 短期获利投资,但他们无法拥有整个 的财政利益。他们的经营是通过买和 卖,用他们可以的速度使资本迅速回 收,所以他们在获得了利益之后便迅 速撤出。正式因为他们这样不断的投 机和出售,使他们到最后什么都没有 了。 这让我想到了另外一种投资商,通常 被我们称为松鼠投资商。松鼠们仔细 收集了尽可能多的坚果然后存储起 来,最后离开。他们喜欢囤积。大多 数的澳洲人喜欢用这种方式来累积财 富。他们的目标是积累财富,而不是 通过贸易来获得财富。 与Bill相对比的是另一个来自新加坡的 客户,叫Lin,他的父亲是一个获得利 益的松鼠投资商的典型例子。 Lin在新加坡的乌节路上有一处久负盛 名的房产,他的父亲是在40年之前买 下这处房产。并且坚持不可以将它卖 出。甚至在他死后,用了一系列法律 手段来确保这间房产在接下来的几年 里不会被其他的家庭成员卖出。 之后的房价相对有较小的回升。现 在,它的价值超过了3000万美元。该 房产的租金收入以及该物业的资本增 长能力使这个家庭中的每个人员都能 成为百万富翁。所有的这些财富都来 自于这处房产。这是一个松鼠投资商 获得利益的很好的例子。房产的拥有 者本可以在九十年代就售出,并且获 得很大的利润。而他却坚持保留这份 财产,现在他不得不召集他的银行, 而且没有明确的财产表明这处房产价 值3000万美元,贷款500万美元,用 租金回报来偿还贷款,和百分之六十 以上的资产回报率。 创造财富的手段是非常简单的。就是 买下一处房产并保留这份财产不被出 售,只有在特殊的情况下,这份财产 才会非常机制化的变成财富。 松鼠投资者他们所做的是在过去的两 三年里,用工程再生的收入购买和持 有房地产资产的策略来积累财富。 陶智咨询公司的顾问为这些现有的潜 在房产投资者展示了一条清晰的道路 来引导他们如何做一个聪明的松鼠投 资者,从而使他们获得惊人的回报。
  7. 7. Summary 物业介绍 Type: Luxury Home Address 地址: 8 Wharf Road City 城市: Sydney, Point Piper Land Sqm: 1591 Bed 卧室: 5 Bath 卫浴: 5.5 Parking: 3 Range 价格: A$19 - A$20 million Summary 物业介绍 Type: Luxury Home Address 地址: 3/38 Wolseley Rd City 城市: Sydney, Point Piper Land Sqm: 260 Bed 卧室: 3 Bath 卫浴: 3.5 Parking: 2 Range 价格: A$7 - A$7.5million SYDNEY SYDNEY SCOTT O.TALBOT 房 地 产 相 关 投 资 服务 UCH K CONSULTING LIM ITED UCHK provides overseas real estate investors opportunities, information and logistics. WWW.UCHKCONSULTING.COM info@uchkconsulting.com
  8. 8. UCHK GLOBAL SEMINARS CHINA - MALAYSIA INDONESIA - SINGAPORE 14 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 15 A PATH TO PROPERTY WEALTH the path to wealth is clearly Knowledge and correct advice 投资前景分析:如果一般人买不 起它(或租用),你怎么可能会 对一项投资抱有乐观的前景呢? 拥有财富并不是看你有多少金钱 或多少房产,真正的财富是自由 的选择生活方式和与他人分享你 的知识。 免费的财富创造之源 清晰的知识和正确的建议 是通往财富的光明大道 许多投资者已经拥有正确的方 向进行海外房产投资,更聪明 的投资者会使用专业团队的服 务来为他们的投资保驾护航。 好比投资,不同类型的人已经 开始探索方向,除了拥有愉快 的体验之外别无所有。 陶智研讨会之所以受欢迎是因 为其结构化的课程设置和标准 的活动格式。自然地,房地产 投资是创造财富最关键的工 具,然而这仅仅是我们公开分 享信息中的其中之一。实际 上,通过对比和比较其他世界 市场来了解一个国家的经济与 选择视角,色彩方案以及公寓 面积的大小一样重要。每个研 讨会由两个小时的演讲组成。 并对来自高层的人口市场预测 给出了详细解释,以确保为潜 在的投资者提供准确的知识信 息。 理解全球化市场和生活费用率 比较是研讨会上最重要的课题 之一。其中用来分析在任何国 家的任何商品投资前景最关键 的点是,“如果一般人买不起 它(或租用),你怎么可能会 对一项投资抱有乐观的前景 呢?” UCHK GLOBAL Seminars By SCOTT O TALBOT While many investors will journey out in to the ocean of overseas property investment with their own maps and GPS gadgets, the more intelligent investor hires a commodore ship captain to navigate the waters and ensure that they arrive at their destination safely, having experienced a pleasant journey. Likening this to investment, their are various types of people that have sailed off by themselves and have had anything but a pleasant experience. UCHK seminars are incredibly popular because of the structured curriculum and format of the event. Naturally, property investment is the key focus as it is the vehicle to wealth creation, however it is only one of the elements of knowledge that we share openly. In reality, understanding a country’s economy by contrast and comparison to other world markets is as important as picking the views, colour schemes and size of the apartment. Each seminar consists of a two hour presentation. Demographical market projections carefully sourced from the highest levels are presented and explained in detail to ensure prospective investors are furnished with precise knowledge. Understanding global markets and comparing living cost ratios is one of the important subjects at the seminars. One of the most critical points to analyzing the investment prospects of any commodity in any country is,“If the general population cannot afford to buy it (rent it), what prospect do you have for a good investment?” Presenting all the facts in an impartial way has won UCHK the respect and a formidable following from international investors. At UCHK’s recent Beijing exhibition, newcomers and experienced investors listened intently about the potential opportunities that Australia is presenting. The warning signs were laid out regarding certain market places that investors should avoid like shark infested seas. It has been my privilege to have a direct communication with business leaders of the world, financial institutions and expert forecasters. Filtering through the information has often leant an insight of what is going to happen before it happened. Every single rate drop has already been discussed and predicted well before it was announced. The recent fall in the Australian dollar through to capital growth spikes and opportunities in the market. This wealth of knowledge is invaluable for all investors. Sometimes the highest price you pay is for not seeking advice from experts, which can land you in hot water. A close friend and mentor to me has an ethos which I endorse and also strive to abide by;‘Being wealthy is not about how much money you have or how many homes you own, it’s the freedom to have choices in life and share your knowledge with others’. For news of seminars in your city visit www.property.org.au A FREE SOURCE TO WEALTH CREATION AUSTRALIAIMMIGRATION & PROPERTY INVESTMENT SEMINARS UCHK Seminars are free and informative, providing valuable information to assist property investors make the correct decisions. REGISTER NOW 客观地陈述事实是陶智咨询公司 的做事准则,也为陶智公司赢 得了许多海外投资者的尊重和 推崇。 在陶智咨询公司最近的北京展览 会上,新来的和有经验的投资者 仔细聆听了澳大利亚存在的潜在 机会。同时也就相关市场存在的 风险警告投资者应规避风险,就 像避免去鲨鱼出没的海域。 我有幸可以与商业精英,金融机 构和专家预测学者直接对话。靠 经常过滤信息而得来的洞察力, 我们团队可以经常在事件发生前 预测到接下来要发生的事。在每 次下降率消息发布之前,我们都 已经讨论和预测到了。比如近期 澳元的下滑到到资本增长的峰值 和市场带来的机会。具备丰富的 知识对投资者而言非常重要。有 时你之所以会支付高昂的价格是 因为没有寻求专家的建议,这可 能会导致你处于水深火热之中。 一位我的好友也是导师曾经对我 说过这样一句话,我很赞同并且 推崇:“拥有财富并不是看您有 多少金钱或多少房产,真正的财 富是自由的选择生活方式和与他 人分享您的知识。” 想查询您所在城市研讨会的消息 请访问 www.property.org.au ANALYZING THE INVESTMENT PROSPECTS: IF THE GENERAL POPULATION CANNOT AFFORD TO BUY IT (OR RENT IT), WHAT PROSPECT DO YOU HAVE FOR A GOOD INVESTMENT? BEING WEALTHY IS NOT ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE OR HOW MANY HOMES YOU OWN, IT’S THE FREEDOM TO HAVE CHOICES IN LIFE TO SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH OTHERS
  9. 9. Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 17 Summary 物业介绍 Type: Luxury Home Address 地址: 42 Wolseley Rd City 城市: Sydney, Point Piper Building Sqm: 807 Bed 卧室: 5 Bath 卫浴: 8.5 Parking: 4 Range 价格: A$14.5 - A$15 million SYDNEY A GAME OF THIRDS ...Continued from page 2 HOWEVER, THEY WILL SACRIFICE ANY ATTEMPT TO MAKE SAVINGS THIS IS A BAD STATE OF AFFAIRS. 2012 2011 City Country 1 2 TOKYO JAPAN 2 1 LUANDA ANGOLA 3 6 OSAKA JAPAN 4 4 MOSCOW RUSSIA 5 5 GENEVA SWITZERLAND 6 7 ZURICH SWITZERLAND 6 8 SINGAPORE SINGAPORE 8 3 N’DJAMENA CHAD 9 9 HONGKONG HONGKONG 10 11 NAGOYA JAPAN 11 14 SYDNEY AUSTRALIA 12 10 SÃOPAULO BRAZIL 13 12 RIODEJANEIRO BRAZIL 14 16 BERN SWITZERLAND 15 21 MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA 16 21 SHANGHAI CHINA 17 20 BEIJING CHINA 18 15 OSLO NORWAY 19 30 PERTH AUSTRALIA 20 12 LIBREVILLE GABON 21 17 COPENHAGEN DENMARK 22 19 SEOUL SOUTHKOREA 23 34 CANBERRA AUSTRALIA 24 31 BRISBANE AUSTRALIA 25 18 LONDON UNITEDKINGDOM CITY RANKINGS Top 25 cities: Cost of living ranking Mercer including rental accommodation costs This is the price paid for excessive capital growth that is not in line with sustainable growth of incomes and GDP. Another good illustration is Beijing. Beijing has an un-natural, disproportionate level of affordability in the residential market, wherein the average income is 3,000RMB per month. Although possible to find accommodation for a third of that, 1,000RMB, the standard of quality is low. At that price you can only expect to get a room in a shared and overcrowded apartment and certainly in an older building. Now, the Chinese are experts at wisely saving away the pennies, a quality which is greatly admirable, but it must be difficult for many on the average income wage bracket to do so, such is the high living costs. So if you understand this principle of thirds, and if 33 percent is available towards rent by the majority of the demographics in which your property sits, then for the landlord it will ensure a fair rental return on the property. If a person earns $50,000, then $333 a week would be their comfortable rental allowance. If you expect significantly more than this as a landlord then you are entering difficult waters of affordability for your customers. In Melbourne, the range of roughly $333 per week is a per bedroom scale, so a two bedroom ought to be around the $700 mark. If the property is renting higher then it is out of the price range of the majority. Take in to account whilst we have the 33 factor, like the Goldilocks story of not too hot, not too cold, there is some flexibility to increase the accommodation cost to 40 or 50 percent. This should be the exception, though, and not the rule. While the Singapore investors have had remarkable capital growth and filled their pockets with cash, rent has been relatively low and unstable. The long-term damage to the property market will be that once capital growth has ceased and is in decline, investors will have decades of low rental returns. Here are the keys to your new investment home. Our advice is to remember that less is more, and the nearer the property will rent at 33 percent of income, while still providing you excellent investment returns, the longer and more fruitful will those returns be. Safe and prosperous investing! 一个三分之一的游戏…(上接第2页) 即使这样,大多数新加坡人不得不牺牲自己的储蓄计划来填补住宿方面的费用膨胀。 过高的资产增长所需的代价与收入 和GDP的可持续增长并不一致 另外一个例子是北京。北京的平均月收入是3,000元,但是现有的住宅市场和负担能力已经完全不成比例。尽管有可能 花费月收入的三分之一,1,000元用于住宿,但是质量标准却不尽如人意。这样的价位只能让您在旧公寓拥挤的合租房 里租到一个房间。现在,中国人想又省钱又有好的房子,然而这对于处在平均工资水平的人来说很难达到,这样就是高 生活成本。 如果您了解三分之一的原理,并将33%的薪水用于租住人口密集的地区,那么对于房东来说将会确保有一个正常的租金 回收。如果挣得$50,000,即一周将会有$333的住房补贴。又如果您的期望比这个还要高,作为房东就很难为租住者负 担水费。在墨尔本,每间卧室的租住价格范围大约在333澳元左右,这也就是说两间卧室需要将近700澳元。如果租金更 高,那就会超过大多数租房价格的范围。 考虑到我们有33种因素,像Goldilocks这样的故事,产生了增加住宿花费到40%或50%的弹性浮动。这应该是一个例 外,但并不是规则。 而新加坡投资者有显著的资产增长,满口袋都是钱,租金相对的降低并且不稳定。长期的财产损 失,一旦资产增长停止或者衰退,投资者将会有几十年的低租金回报。 这是您新投资的房产的关键。我们的建议是积少 成多,将房产以收入的33%出租,不仅可以提供可观的投资回报,时间越长成效会越丰富。 平安的和繁荣的投资 城市排名 最顶尖的25座城市:在生活方面的花费排 名及住宿费用 SCOTT O.TALBOT 房 地 产 相 关 投 资 服务 UCH K CONSULTING LIM ITED UCHK provides overseas real estate investors opportunities, information and logistics. WWW.UCHKCONSULTING.COM info@uchkconsulting.com
  10. 10. 18 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com 在所有发达经济体中,澳大利亚已经 连续第三年被公认为最快乐的国家。 也许我们对幸福的定义有着自己的解 释。就我个人而言, ‘幸福是什么’ ,在我脑海里直接跳出来的想法是看 我最喜欢的足球队赢得冠军以及和我 的家人在公园漫步。几乎可以肯定的 是,每个人都有对快乐生活的不同定 义。 然而,当用它来衡量一个国家的幸福 指数时,经济合作与发展组织通过采 取略微更实际的方法来关注每个人在 社会的影响。测量调查的标准比如收 入水平,健康,安全,住房。有超过 30多个国家在最新的一次更好生活 调查中被评估。并不是所有的因素会 让你联想到为什么澳大利亚是这样一 个理想的地方,比如新鲜,干净的空 气,全年的日照和5万公里的美丽海 滩。 是什么让澳大利亚如此特别呢?恩, 这是一个相当年轻的国家,但它已经 抓住了一个构建特别内容的机会。它 拥有所有正确的成分。强大的法律和 政府。丰富的自然资源和大量的土 地。叹为观止的自然美景和野生动 物。发源于土著居民的过去本土文化 和来自欧洲移民的现有外来文化的双 重结合。最好的是,澳大利亚政府就 移民政策继续申明,澳大利亚欢迎通 过成功完成学业,投资和工作方式移 民的申请者为澳大利亚的经济增长贡 献自己的力量。 根据更好生活调查的结果显示,澳大 利亚是一个快乐的国度。但是国家本 身是一个任意的术语 – 是人创造了国 家。这意味着澳大利亚人是快乐的。 世界上最幸福的发达国家: 经合组织 根据他们的发现表示:“根据事实显 示澳大利亚在更好的生活指数方面的 许多主题上都名列前茅,而且澳大利 亚在执行人类健康的问题上表现得非 常出色。 Summary 物业介绍 Type: Luxury Home Address 地址: 112 Wolseley Rd City 城市: Sydney, Point Piper Land Sqm: 783 Bed 卧室: 5 Bath 卫浴: 7 Parking: 4 Range 价格: A$40 - A$45 million SYDNEY And not all of the factors that you would often associate with why Australia is such a desirable place, things like fresh, clean air, year-round sunshine and 50,000km of beautiful beaches were even a part of the formula. What makes Australia so special? Well, it’s a relatively young nation, but one that has seized an opportunity to build something special. It has all the right ingredients. Strong laws and government. An abundance of natural resources and vast amounts of land. Stunning natural beauty and wildlife. A combination of cultures from past and present coming from the Aboriginal people and the Europeans who came to settle. For the third consecutive year Australia has been weighed and measured amongst all the other developed economies and has been acknowledged as the happiest nation. Perhaps we all have our own interpretations of what happy means. Personally, watching my favorite football team win a cup or having a walk in the park with my family are two immediate thoughts in response to the question‘what is happy?’It’s almost certain that every individual has a different take on what makes them feel good about life. However, when it comes to measuring the happiness of a nation, the Organisation for Economic Co- operation and Development take a slightly more tangible approach by focusing on aspects that effect every person in society. Measurements for the survey include criteria such as income levels, health, safety and housing. More than 30 countries were evaluated in the last Better Life study. Australia again comes out on top in the latest index which ranks nations and their level of living and overall societal wellbeing. Australia a happy nation THE OECD SAID REGARDING THEIR FINDINGS:“AUSTRALIA PERFORMS EXCEPTIONALLY WELL IN MEASURES OF WELLBEING, AS SHOWN BY THE FACT THAT IT RANKS AMONG THE TOP COUNTRIES IN A LARGE NUMBER OF TOPICS IN THE BETTER LIFE INDEX”. The World’s Happiest Developed Countries: 1. Australia 2. Sweden 3. Canada 4. Norway 5. Switzerland 6. United States 7. Denmark 8. The Netherlands 9. Iceland 10. United Kingdom Best of all, the Australian government have continued to declare an immigration policy where those wishing to add to its growth through successful studies, investment or work are actively welcomed and sought after. Australia is a happy nation, as shown by the Better Life survey. But a nation in and of itself is an arbitrary term - it is the people who make the country. And that means that Australians, the people, are happy. 在最新的国家,居民生活水平和整体社会福利的指数排名中,澳大利亚再次胜出。 SCOTT O.TALBOT 房 地 产 相 关 投 资 服 务 UCH K CONSULTING LIM ITED UCHK provides overseas real estate investors opportunities, information and logistics. WWW.UCHKCONSULTING.COM info@uchkconsulting.com
  11. 11. 20 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 21 Bearing that in mind, let’s take a look at the starting process for overseas buyers in to the Australian real estate marketplace. Naturally an investor will first review the various projects that we have personally hand- selected, all chosen for their top-tier rating on investment return. After, once they have made a decision on which properties to purchase we then get started with the first stage of the buying process. The traditional method for overseas investors in to Australian property has been to make a 10% deposit of the value of the property to a solicitors trust account where it will be held securely under government protection. This signals their intention to procure and secures the property lot under their name, pending completion. This has been the method of choice for as long as I can remember and certainly there is nothing wrong with doing it this way. Our newest advice to clients, however, enables them to retain the most control and security over their investment. It’s quite simple. Our clients open an account with an Australian bank in their own name, deposit the money for a fixed-term with good interest returns, and wait for the completion date of their property project. The advantages are twofold: 1) the process has been streamlined and the funds are in their own account, giving great peace of mind and personal security, also 2) the client makes a healthy increase on the capital as it acquires interest, thus ensuring the funds are working for them at the same time as acting as a deposit. When it comes to investment, we all want to retain as much control as we can. It’s human nature to look after that for which we have worked hard for. And this way fulfills the financial criteria of a deposit while still being under the clients own care. With Australian banks located throughout every major city in Asia it is now easy for every investor to use this much easier and more financially beneficial way of holding their own deposit. Every time I’m on my travels I see another branch of one of the big four Aussie banks opening up. Not surprising really considering their total market value is equal to that of the UK’s biggest banks plus BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs all combined. The Australian banking sector remains one of the most stable and robust banking environments in the world despite the global financial crisis causing many banking systems and economies around the world to fail. And with this latest tip to my investors, on the dangerous and stormy seas of global property investment, yet again Australia represents a safe and welcoming port. NODEPOSIT? BUYING A PROPERTY WITH NO DEPOSIT? IMPOSSIBLE! Times are changing and those in the know can save themselves time and money by knowing how to invest in property the smart way. LVR 80% AUSTRALIA LOAN 4-5% OFF SHORE LOANS 1.2-1.8% BySCOTTOTALBOT My job is to provide our clients with the best possible path for property investment in Australia. That means constantly looking for ways to save time, money and energy, all the while trying to maximise the returns on investment for the client. There are always new and innovative ways to do this and the trick is to stay ahead of the curve. Thankfully here at UCHK we’ve been very successful at doing this. Today I’m going to share one simple change in the investment process that is a small difference but is making a big improvement to results. Following the recent interest cuts by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to a 50 year low of 2.75%, at UCHK we have been offering our clients a newer and better way to make their initial property investment deposit. The banking system in Australia remains robust, strong and steady, evidenced by the governments ability to reduce the interest rate by a quarter point. 零存款买房?不可能! 时代在变化,通过了解 如何正确地投资房产可 以节省自己的时间和金 钱。 我的工作是为我们的客户提供 在澳大利亚进行房地产投资的 最好最可能途径。这意味着不 断寻找方法来节省时间,金钱 和精力,同时试图为客户获得 投资回报的最大化。总是有创 新改革的方法来做到这一点, 唯一的办法就是保持行业的领 先。对此陶智咨询公司很成功 地做到了这点。今天我要分享 下在投资过程中的一个简单变 化, 一个很小的差别,往往 却会给结果带来巨大变化。 澳大利亚储备银行(澳储银行)最近降低了利率,降到了50年以来的最低点 2.75%,在陶智咨询公司,我们一直为客户提供更新,更好的方式来进行初始 产权的投资存款。 请记住,首先让我们看看海外买家进入澳大利亚房地产市场的开始过程。自然 地,一个投资者将首先回顾由专业人士精心挑选出来的各种项目,所做出的选 择都是按他们的顶级评级投资回报来确定的。之后,一旦他们做出购买哪处房 产的决定,我们就可以开始进行购买过程的第一阶段。海外投资者在澳大利亚 投资房产的传统做法是将房产价值的10%存款存到一个律师信托账户,它将处 于政府的安全保护之下。这表明他们打算购置并保证这些财产都在他们的名 下,并等待所有手续的完成。这是我所记得的关于此种选择的做法,并且这种 做法没有任何问题。 我们对客户的最新建议是使他们能够保留对他们投资的控制权并保证其资产的 安全性。这相当简单。 我们的客户可以以他们自己的名字在一家澳大利亚银行 开户,把钱存为定期,并且会得到定期的良好利息回报,同时等待他们投资的 地产项目竣工。这样做的好处是双重的:1)过程被简化,基金是在客户自己 的银行账户里,会满足客户的心理安全感,同时2)客户因为资本的增长而获 得利益,从而确保这些基金同时作为存款为客户带来利益。 当谈到投资,我们都想尽可能的保留最多的控制权。想看好自己辛苦得来的劳 动成果是人的本性。这种方式也满足了金融标准对存款的要求,就是存款还是 处于客户自己的控制之中。 目前澳大利亚的银行遍布亚洲的每个主要城市,这为每个投资者的存款需求提 供了快捷有效的金融服务。每次旅行中我都可以看到四大澳洲银行之一的分支 的设立。这是因为他们考虑到总市场价值与英国最大的银行,法国巴黎银行, 德意志银行和高盛的价值总和是相等的。 尽管全球金融危机导致许多银行系统和世界各地的经济失败,但澳大利亚银行 业却保持了世界上最稳定和健壮的银行环境。这一信息提示了我的投资者们, 在危险和狂暴的全球房地产投资大潮中,澳大利亚却为投资者们提供了安全的 港口。 LVR 80% 澳大利亚贷款 4-5% 海外贷款 1.2-1.8%
  12. 12. As part of the UCHK team and to assist Asian property investors, Rigby Cooke Lawyers offers clients located in Asia a broad rang legal services for all property and conveyancing requirements. Through our specialised ‘Asia Desk’, Rigby Cooke offers expert assistance with property purchases as well as the associated tax, wills and immigration requirements . With skilled staff who can correspond in Mandarin and Cantonese, as well as various Chinese dialects including Hainan, Hokkien and Teochew, Malay and English, the Rigby Cooke ‘Asia Desk’is assisting many clients with all their property purchasing requirements providing expert guidance throughout the entire process. In particular we specialise in offering oral and written advice in Chinese, Malay and English. Headed by Sam Sen, our‘Asia Desk’is supported by the wider Rigby Cooke team, including the property and tax practices. In addition to our conveyancing services we are also able to assist in translating and negotiating commercial contracts. Property Investment in Australia Rigby Cooke Lawyers is focused on providing you with superior service to ensure that your purchase process is a smooth and straightforward process. From the moment that you purchase your property, Rigby Cooke will assign you a dedicated Asia Desk Manager, who will work with you throughout the entire process and guide and support you from your initial signing of the contract, through to your settlement and possession of your property. Through A specialised Asia Desk, Rigby Cooke offers a broad ranging legal services for all property and conveyancing requirements. AUSTRALIA’S CLOSE PROXIMITY TO ASIA AND ITS STABLE POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT MAKES IT AN ATTRACTIVE AND SECURE PLACE TO INVEST FOR ASIAN CLIENTS. AS A GROWING ECONOMY, AUSTRALIA’S CITIES ARE HOME TO A VARIETY OF COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL AND INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENTS, OFFERING A CHOICE OF INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES. TO EVALUATE OPPORTUNITIES CONFIDENTLY AND NAVIGATE THROUGH THE LEGAL LANDSCAPE, OVERSEAS INVESTORS NEED TO PARTNER WITH THE RIGHT ORGANISATION. 我们经验丰富的员工提供普通话和广 东话,以及各种汉语方言包括海南, 福建话和潮汕话,马来语和英语多种 语言服务,Rigby Cooke的‘亚洲书 桌‘项目为许多客户在整个购置房产 的过程中,提供了专业的指导。 尤其指出的是,我们提供专业的口头 和书面建议,中文,马来语和英语三 种版本。 以Sam Sen为首的‘亚洲书桌‘项目 得到了Rigby Cooke团队的广泛支 持,其中还包括了房地产和税收的实 践活动。 除了我们所开设的土地服务,我们还 能协助翻译和谈判商业合同。 澳大利亚的房地产投资 Rigby Cooke的律师团队们专注于为 客户提供优质服务,以确保客户购置 房产过程的简单化。 从您购置房产开始起,Rigby Cooke 会为您指派一位专业的亚洲书桌经 理,从您最初签署合同开始到结算付 款以及最后拥有房产,整个过程他都 将和您一起工作,指导和支持您。 通过专门的亚洲书桌项目,Rigby Cooke为所有有关财产和土地需求的 事务提供一系列广泛的法律服务。 ASIA DESK Rigby Cooke Lawyers THE IMPRESSIVE THING ABOUT AUSTRALIA’S MIGRATION LAWS ARE THAT EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE COMPLEX, THE RULES ARE STATED IN LAW. By DARREN MARX EXCHANGE OF THE CONTRACT WITH THE SELLER ASSISTING WITH QUESTIONS REGARDING A PURCHASE ENSURING THE DEPOSIT IN PLACED IN TRUST ACCOUNT PREPARING TITLE TRANSFER DOCUMENTS COMPLETING SETTLEMENT TO ENSURE YOU BECOME THE REGISTERED OWNER. 关于澳大利亚的移民法律最令人印象深刻的 是,即使他们是复杂的,但所有规定都已经在 法律中表明。 与卖方交换合同 协助解答关于采购的问题 确保按照法律的要求将存款放置在卖方的信托账户 准备转让文件标题 完成结算付款,以确保您成为注册业主 亚洲书桌RIGBY COOk的律师 团队 作为陶智咨询公司的团队并为 亚洲的房地产投资者提供专业 帮助,Rigby Cooke 的律师团队 们为位于亚洲的客户提供一系 列关于所有财产和产权交易要 求的法律服务。通过我们专业 化的“亚洲书桌“项目, Rigby Cooke 提供与购房以及相关的税 务,遗嘱和移民要求方面的专 业协助。 凭着靠近亚洲的地理位置以及其稳定的政治和 经济环境,澳大利亚成为一个吸引亚洲客户投 资的极具吸引力和安全 性的国家。随着经济的 增长,澳大利亚的城市已经是各种 商业,住宅和工业发展的聚集地, 并提供各种商业机会。为了正确评 价出现的商业机会和浏览法律环境, 海外投资者需要和正确的机构 Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 23 SYDNEY Summary 物业介绍 Type: Luxury Home Address 地址: 58 The Crescent City 城市: Sydney, Vaucluse Land Sqm: 538 Bed 卧室: 5 Bath 卫浴: 5 Parking: 4 Range 价格: A$6 - A$7 million SCOTT O.TALBOT 房 地 产 相 关 投 资 服务 UCH K CONSULTING LIM ITED UCHK provides overseas real estate investors opportunities, information and logistics. WWW.UCHKCONSULTING.COM info@uchkconsulting.com
  13. 13. The announcement of direct currency trading of the Renminbi between China and Australia was one of several coops of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s visit to China in early April. Direct conversion between the yuan and Australian dollar commenced on April 10. Westpac and ANZ are the first two Australian banks to be granted permission by the People’s Bank of China to start trading of the yuan. Prime Minister Gillard said direct trading between the two countries was an important step forward in advancing the economic relationship between China and Australia. “The development of direct trading between the AUD/CNY will over time help lower currency conversion costs, facilitate the use of CNY and AUD in bilateral trade and investment, and promote financial cooperation between our two countries,”Ms Gillard said. “As China continues to move its economy towards greater financial openness, Australia stands ready as a key trading partner to work with China and to bring our financial markets closer together,”Ms Gillard said. Mike Smith, ANZ Chief Executive Officer said direct trading between the Australian dollar and the Renminbi was a significant development in relations between the two countries and was an important boost for exporters and importers in both Australia and New Zealand. “Given China is Australia’s largest trading partner, our largest export market, our largest source of fee- paying students and tourists this agreement is timely and with our new licence we look forward to offering direct settlement to our customers in both markets,”Mr Smith said. Gail Kelly, Westpac Group’s Chief Executive Officer, said Westpac had long supported the development of direct trading between the Chinese yuan and the Australian dollar. “This announcement is an important step. It helps make trade with China more efficient and contributes to Australia’s opportunities in the Asian Century,”Ms Kelly said. Australian becomes the third country after the United States and Japan to have its currency directly converted to the RMB. In April, Australia and China announced direct currency trading between the Renminbi and the Australian dollar. auStralia WelcoMeS direct currency tradinG oF the rMb SHE SAID DEVELOPING REGIONAL MARKETS TO THE BENEFIT OF AUSTRALIAN BUSINESSES WAS THE AIM OF THE AUSTRALIA IN THE ASIAN CENTURY WHITE PAPER. Originally published by Australia China Connections MELBOURNE Summary 物业介绍 Type: Luxury Address 地址: 285 City Road City 城市: Southbank Sqm: 60 - 357 Bed 卧室: 2 - 3+ Bath 卫浴: 2 - 3+ Parking: 0 - 4 Range 价格: A$550,000-$3.6 mil 欢迎人民币直接兑换 她说发展中地区市场对澳大利亚商业 的利益关系是澳大利亚签订亚洲世纪 白皮书的目的。 今年4月,澳大利亚和中国宣布人民币 和澳币之间的直接货币交易。 人民币和澳币之间的直接货币兑换的 宣布是澳大利亚总理(前总理)吉拉德 在今年4月初访华的最重要事务之一。 人民币和澳币之间的直接兑换从今年4 月10号开始。 西太平洋银行和澳新银行是第一批由 中国人民银行批准的两家可以兑换人 民币的澳大利亚银行。 前总理吉拉德说两国之间的直接货币 交易对推进中国和澳大利亚之间的经 济关系迈出了重要的一步。 “澳币和人民币之间的直接兑换的发 展会随着时间的推移降低成本,促进 人民币和澳币在双边贸易和投资商的 货币转换使用,并且促进我们两国之 间的金融合作,”吉拉德说。 “随着中国继续推动它的经济转向更 大的金融开放, 澳大利亚准备作为一 个关键贸易伙伴, 与中国合作,加强 我们金融市场之间的紧密联系,”吉拉 德说。 Mike Smith, 澳新银行首席执行官说澳 币和人民币的直接兑换是两国关系的 重要发展,并推动了澳大利亚和新西 兰进口商和出口商的发展。 “鉴于中国是澳大利亚最大的贸易伙 伴,我们最大的出口市场,我们最大 的私费留学生和游客来源,我们期待 在这两个市场为我们的客户提供直接 结算服务,”Smith先生说。 “这一消息的发布是很重要的一步。 它有助于使与中国的贸易更有效并且 为澳大利亚在亚洲的商业发展奠定了 坚实的基础,”Kelly女士说。 澳大利亚成为自美国和日本之后的第 三个将其货币直接兑换成人民币的国 家。 24 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com SCOTT O.TALBOT 房 地 产 相 关 投 资 服 务 UCH K CONSULTING LIM ITED UCHK provides overseas real estate investors opportunities, information and logistics. WWW.UCHKCONSULTING.COM info@uchkconsulting.com
  14. 14. 26 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 27 In three months construction will begin on Icon. Sat on the corner of Albert Park and Lake, venue for the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix, its location is perfect. It’s a beautiful park with a vast lake positioned in the middle. I have great memories of spending lazy days there with friends, playing football, enjoying a barbecue and in the summer months attending concerts and other cultural events. The dining culture around the area is phenomenal. Fitzroy Street which connects Icon’s front door with the beach ten minutes away, is awash with international cuisine for every type of pallet. French brasseries, Indian curry-houses, American style diners. I would live there just for the food. After you’ve enjoyed a sumptuous meal on Fitzroy Street you can wander behind on to Acland Street and pick up a pastry. With more choice than you’re ever going to need the bakeries and patisseries will have you salivating just gazing at them. After enjoying out-of-this- world food you’re but a two minute stroll to the renowned St Kilda beach. Melbourne’s answer to Bondi, it’s clean and immaculately kept. When I’m down there I like to get involved in games of beach volleyball. They’re always going on and locals wont take no for an answer until you’ve played a few games with them. As for the development itself, well, the architect and designers graphics look spectacular and the finished structure will have people stopping and staring. The avant-garde building is super contemporary. The structure has been designed by local artists and architects in collaboration. The ultra contemporary facade has 40 separate colours creating a stunning visual stimulus. Not yet released to any investors, UCHK have preferential access. TAKING IT BACK TO THE OLD SCHOOL By SCOTT O TALBOT Every once in a while a new property development arises that offers attraction to everyone while ticking every investor box. With a recent project announced in Melbourne, the Icon project is the hottest ticket in town, and it’s still only exclusive to UCHK clients. Here we look at it further. I think we all look back with great fondness on memories from our slightly younger days. With the announcement of a new project, Icon, beginning later this year in the uber trendy part of Melbourne, St Kilda, I’ve allowed myself to indulge in some light reminiscence. 这里有漂亮的公园,在公园的中央有 一个湖。在我的印象中,我记得和朋 友们曾在这里漫步,踢足球,享受烧 烤和在夏季参加音乐会和其他文化活 动。 该地区的餐饮文化很有名。Fitzroy大 街连接Icon的前门到海滩只有10分 钟的车程,一路上各类国际美食琳琅 满目。法国西餐,印度咖喱,美国风 格的食物,应有尽有。我是因为美味 的食物而选择住在那里。在您享受了 Fitzroy大街上的美食后,您还可以去 Acland大街上走一走,路边各式各样 的面包店能让您大快朵颐。 在享受世外桃源般的美食后,只有两分 钟的路程就可以到达著名的St Kilda沙 滩。和悉尼的Bondi沙滩一样干净。 我喜欢在那里打沙滩排球。热情的当 地人会让你爱上这项运动。 关于发展本身,建筑师完成的结构布 局和设计师的图形会让人们停下来凝 视。前卫的建筑是超级当代的。结构 设计是由当地艺术家和建筑师合作完 成的。它的超现代外观由40个独立的 颜色构成,来制造惊人的视觉刺激。 到目前为止,这个项目还没有任何投 资者,只有陶智咨询公司的客户才拥 有优先选择权。 重温校园时光 每隔一段时间会出现一个新的房地产 开发项目,吸引大家进行投资。最近 在墨尔本发布的Icon是目前城中最热 门的项目,并且只有陶智咨询公司的 客户才享有该项目的门票。现在我们 进一步的来了解这个项目。 我想我们都很高兴回顾我们年轻时的 回忆。 随着Icon项目消息的发布,此项目会 在今年晚些时候在墨尔本启动,这也 让我自己陷入了一些对往事的回忆。 三个月的施工即将开始。坐落于 Albert公园和湖的交界处,为期一年 一度的F1大奖赛就在这个位置完美的 场馆举办。
  15. 15. 28 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com MELBOURNE Summary 物业介绍 Type: Apartment Address 地址: 6 St Kilda Road City 城市: St. Kilda Sqm: 45 - 88 Bed 卧室: 2 Bath 卫浴: 2 Parking: 1 Range 价格: A$405,000-$680,000 ENTER to WIN QANTAS - return flightS 1ST PRIZE 2X RETURN BUSINESS CLASS TICKETS 2ND PRIZE 2X RETURN ECONOMY CLASS TICKETS FROM SHANGHAI OR SINGAPORE TO MELBOURNE, SYDNEY OR BRISBANE Prize Details: There are a total of two (2) winners for both Singapore and Shanghai who will receive either two economy (O class) or two business class (D class) return Qantas flights from Singapore to Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. QF6 / QF82 / QF36 / QF52 SIN–SYD or MEL or BNE or Shanghai to Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. QF130 / QF129 PVG–SYD or MEL or BNE. Promotion commences on the August 1st 2013; entries close at midnight December 23rd, 2013. The draw will take place at: UCHK Consulting Limited, Building 16, SanLiTun SOHO, ChaoYang District, Beijing 100027, P.R.C. The prize winners will be the first valid entry drawn at random and UCHK reserves the right for final decision of the draw. By providing your name, state and email address, you are opting into the UCHK and Qantas marketing database and will receive regular offers, promotions and useful hints and tips from UCHK and Qantas. You may opt–out of this marketing database by following the instructions contained in any of the promotional emails you receive from either Qantas or UCHK. Each and every promotional email you receive from Qantas or UCHK will have a secure link at the bottom which will remove you from our marketing database if you choose. Conditions of entry: Information on how to enter and prizes forms part of these conditions of entry: You must be over the age of 18 years to enter and employees of UCHK and its agencies associated with this promotion and their immediate families are not entitled to enter. 1. The flights are non-redeemable for cash, not transferable or refundable. 2. Are subject to availability, waitlists will not be entertained. 3. It is the winner’s responsibility to reach Singapore the departing airport. 4. All taxes or airline surcharges associated directly with Qantas tickets are the responsibility of the prize winner. 5. Codeshare flights cannot be used and are excluded from the prize. 6. All travel must be booked and ticketed within 12 months of December 23rd, 2013. Once flights have been booked and flight tickets are issued the winner is responsible for any costs associated with subsequent itinerary changes, cancellations, amendments or other charges. 7. Tickets issued are valid for travel only on Qantas QF130 / QF129 / QF6 / QF82 / QF36 / QF52 and are not eligible to accrue Frequent Flyer Points. ENTER THE DRAW FOR TWO CHANCES TO WIN RETURN FLIGHTS TO AUSTRALIA AT: 【如果你有兴趣赢取两张往返澳大利亚 的机票,请点击进入: WWW.PROPERTY.ORG.AU Entry into the competition can be made by entering your details at the above websites. To be in the running to win two economy or two business class flights flying Qantas please read the terms and conditions. 6% RETURN2 YEAR G’TEE 博得 QANTAS 航程 SCOTT O.TALBOT 房 地 产 相 关 投 资 服 务 UCH K CONSULTING LIM ITED UCHK provides overseas real estate investors opportunities, information and logistics. WWW.UCHKCONSULTING.COM info@uchkconsulting.com
  16. 16. SYDNEYSYDNEY SYDNEY Summary 物业介绍 Type: Investment Address 地址: 1 Ken Tubman Drive City 城市: Maitland, Sydney Sqm: 45-90 Bed 卧室: 1-2 Bath 卫浴: 1 Parking: 1 Range 价格: A$250,000-$360,000 - 6.7%+ fixed rental income - Predictable 4% annual increases - No Agent management fees - No Agent letting fees - 100% Tenancy - No Vacancies - Long term lease - Tenant responsible for repairs - Stable Assets - Blue Chip Location - Security of a trusted Australian brand From Woodberry in the East to Lochinvar in the West, Maitland is rich in mineral resources such as coal and metals and has a well established agricultural sector, particularly in dairy and horticulture. 25km west of Newcastle – and just 2 hours by road from Sydney – Maitland is part of the Hunter River region, offering easy access to a rich mix of experiences in the surrounding countryside, mountains and rivers. The city itself includes many original buildings that have survived intact, providing an attractive and historically significant streetscape. SYDNEY with balcony !"#$% &'(%)'*+ , -#* ."/0'* 12(3# 4#3#) 5')67*8 9 .#22'6# :2#' .7%') :2#' ;'2 5'8 !"#$% &"#'( ')$'* $+,(-.$ ,') /'0* !"#$% !"# $% !"#$ %&'( )($*'&#"' +$&''$ ,'"-./0("1&#2' ,#$3*'" 4'5&660 76/' 8#2#"9 4($* 1#"#"9 4(:36"; !"# $#%&''( )*+&,(#",-"., /0 ! "!#$ "!#$ %&'()*+* One Bedroom Apartment 2 storey 3(456"7 3'8&660 96/' 3($* ,#$5*'" :#2#"; 1#"#"; $() *+!! , $%&%' ! $() *+!! , $%&%' # 3(456"7 3'8&660 96/' 3($* ,#$5*'" :#2#"; 1#"#"; $() *+!! , $%&%' ! $() *+!! , $%&%' # One Bedroom Apartment 6.7% RETURN10 YEARLEASE 从东部的Woodberry到西部的Lochinvar, 有丰富的矿产 资源,如煤炭和金属,并拥有 完善的农业部门, 尤其是在奶制品和园艺 方面。 Newcastle西25公里,只需2小时由 sydney - Maitland的路程是Hunter River Region的一部分,方便参观者体验周围的大 自然风光。这座城市拥有很多完整的历史建筑 和具有吸引力及历史重要性的街景画。 - 可预测的4%的增长率 - 无代理管理费 - 无代理租金费 - 100%租用,没有空缺 - 长期租约 - 租户负责维修 - 稳定的资产-蓝筹位置 - 值得信赖的澳大利亚 品牌为您提供安全保证 SCOTT O.TALBOT 房 地 产 相 关 投 资 服 务 UCH K CONSULTING LIM ITED UCHK provides overseas real estate investors opportunities, information and logistics. WWW.UCHKCONSULTING.COM info@uchkconsulting.com
  17. 17. - 6.5%+ fixed rental income - Predictable 4% increases - No Agent management fees - No Agent letting fees - 100% Tenancy - No Vacancies - Long term lease - up to 10 years - Tenant responsible for repairs - Secure trusted Australian brand - Approved for Overseas Investors - Guaranteed 80% Finance* - Modern 1, 2, 3 Bedroom Designs - Priced from $350,000 - $600,000 - Luxury Appliances and Finishes - AAA Rated Investor Locations - UCHK Wealth Creation Service - UCHK Free Immigration & Visa - 固定租金收入为6.5%以上 - 可预测的4%增长率 - 无代理管理费 - 无代理租金费 - 100%租约——无空缺 - 长期租约,最长可达10年 - 物业维修由租户负责 - 值得信赖的澳大利亚品牌为你提供安全保证 - 获得海外投资者认可 - 可保证80%融资率* - 现代化设计1、2、3卧室住房 - 售价从$350,000到$ 600,000澳元 - 豪华家电与装修 - AAA级投资地段 - UCHK财富增值服务 - UCHK免费移民与签证服务 THE ULTIMATE INVESTMENT FOR OVERSEAS INVESTORS LOOKING FOR A WORRY FREE INVESTMENT. 终极投资良机 为海外人士寻获无忧投资 Summary 物业介绍 Type: Investment Address 地址: 39–43 Bramston Street City 城市: Gladstone Sqm: 81 Bed 卧室: 2-3+ Bath 卫浴: 2 Parking: 1 Range 价格: A$471,500 Twin Bedroom Apartment Twin key with balcony Three Bedroom Apartment 3 Twin key without balcony QUEENSLAND 7.2% RETURN10 YEARLEASE - 7.2%+ fixed rental income - Predictable 4% annual increases - No Agent management fees - No Agent letting fees - 100% Tenancy - No Vacancies - Long term lease - Tenant responsible for repairs - Stable Assets - Blue Chip Location - Security of a trusted Australian brand Quest Gladstone is ideally situated for business and leisure visitors and offers a range of apartment types from two to three bedroom. The barbecue area and swimming pool provide ample on-site relaxation opportunities and conference facilities provide a well-equipped and convenient place to do business. Quest Gladstone’s two and three bedroom apartments have full kitchens and the studios, kitchenette facilities (within the 2 and 3 bedroom twin key configurations). Each apartment is serviced by an ensuite bathroom and a separate bathroom, which also contains a bath and laundry facilities. Gladstone是适合商务及休闲旅游的理想地, 这里提供从两居室到三居室的公寓类型。烧烤 区和游泳池提供了充足的放松条件,并且发布 会现场提供了设备齐全且方便的场地。 Quest Gladstone的两居室和三居室公寓有厨 房及套房,小厨房设施(在两居室和三居室的 双重关键配置中)。每所公寓都设有成套的浴 室和单独的浴室,包括洗浴和洗衣设施。 - 固定租金收入为7.2%以上 - 可预测的4%的增长率 - 无代理管理费 - 无代理租金费 - 100%租约- 无空缺 - 长期租约 - 物业维修由租户负责 - 稳定的资产- 蓝筹位置 - 值得信赖的澳大利亚品牌 为您提供安全保证 SCOTT O.TALBOT 房 地 产 相 关 投 资 服务 UCH K CONSULTING LIM ITED UCHK provides overseas real estate investors opportunities, information and logistics. WWW.UCHKCONSULTING.COM info@uchkconsulting.com
  18. 18. MELBOURNE Summary 物业介绍 Type: Investment Address 地址: McPherson St, City 城市: Moonee Ponds Sqm: 45-90 Bed 卧室: 2-3 Bath 卫浴: 1-2 Parking: 1 Range 价格: A$399,000-$495,000 MELBOURNE Summary 物业介绍 Type: Luxury Apartments Address 地址: 138 Camberwell Road City 城市: Hawthorn East Sqm: 60-131 Bed 卧室: 1-2 Bath 卫浴: 1+ Parking: 1 Range 价格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win Bedroom Apartment Twin key with balcony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hree Bedroom Apartment 6.6% RETURN10 YEARLEASE - 6.6%+ fixed rental income - Predictable 4% annual increases - No Agent management fees - No Agent letting fees - 100% Tenancy - No Vacancies - Long term lease - Tenant responsible for repairs - Stable Assets - Blue Chip Location - Security of a trusted Australian brand Stylishly furnished and with separate living and dining areas, Quest Moonee Valley’s one, two and three bedroom apartments feature full kitchens and the studios, kitchenette facilities. Each apartment is serviced by an ensuite bathroom and a separate bathroom, which also contains a bath and laundry facilities. The kitchen, adjoining the meals and living areas, features dishwasher, electric cook-top, oven and built in cupboards. 时髦的家具和单独的起居室,餐厅,一居室, 两居室和三居室配备有厨房和套房以及各种厨 具设施。 每所公寓都设有成套的浴室和单独的浴室,包 括洗浴和洗衣设施。厨房毗邻餐厅,备有设施 如洗碗机,电磁炉,微波炉和碗橱。 - 无代理管理费 - 无代理租金费 - 100%租约 - 无空缺 - 长期租约 - 物业维修由租户负责 - 稳定的资产 - 蓝筹的位置 - 值得信赖的澳大利亚品 牌为您提供安全保证 SCOTT O.TALBOT 房 地 产 相 关 投 资 服务 UCH K CONSULTING LIM ITED UCHK provides overseas real estate investors opportunities, information and logistics. WWW.UCHKCONSULTING.COM info@uchkconsulting.com
  19. 19. 36 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 37 UCHK CONSULTING LTD PROVIDES HIGH NET WORTH, OVERSEAS PROPERTY INVESTORS APPROVED INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES, INFORMATION AND LOGISTICS. ABOUT UCHK With offices all over Asia UCHK are ideally located to respond to the needs of clients. UCHK believe in conducting business in traditional and valued methods. This means meeting with investors face to face, discussing the available options and presenting information in an impartial way. UCHK are experts in all aspects of international property investment, migration and student assistance with an international group of companies that provide the entire range of property services for overseas investors and homeowners. 陶智咨询有限公司为您提供授权的海外投资机会和信息, 并为您运筹帷幄,从而获得高额的价值。 关于陶智 陶智公司的办事处遍布亚洲,便利的地理优势可以给客户 提供全方位的帮助。陶智延用最传统并有价值的方法来进 行商业活动。这意味着要面对面和投资者商谈,谈论可用 的选择细节,将信息用正确的方式呈现出来。 通过和一系 列国际公司的合作,陶智公司为海外投资者和业主提供了 一系列房产建议,从而使陶智公司成为全球房产投资,移 民和留学方面的专家。 澳大利亚是适合那些希望在商业和 个人领域取得卓越成就的人,澳大利亚也适合那些希望花 更少的时间在办公室的人,他们想要更多的时间和所爱的 人在一起做他们喜欢的事。 JUST AS AUSTRALIA IS IDEAL FOR THOSE WISHING TO EXCEL IN BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY, SO TOO AUSTRALIA IS SUITED FOR THOSE WISHING TO SPEND LESS TIME AT THE OFFICE AND MORE TIME WITH LOVED ONES AND DOING THE THINGS THEY ENJOY. RETIREMENT Australia is the best place for those who seek to retire in a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. With the warm weather, easy way of life and sound financial climate to protect savings and investments, Australia provides everything for the perfect retirement. 退休 如果想在退休后有一个放松又舒适的生活方式,澳大利亚 会是一个最好的选择。这里不仅有温暖的气候,休闲的生 活方式,还拥有健全的财政保障制度来保护储蓄和投资, 这些使得澳大利亚可以提供一个完美的退休生活。澳大利 亚是个多元化的国家,例如在文化,人口,风土人情,地 形和历史。 AUSTRALIA IS A UNIQUE AND DIVERSE COUNTRY IN EVERY WAY - IN CULTURE, POPULATION, CLIMATE, GEOGRAPHY, AND HISTORY. AUSTRALIA Australia’s population officially reached 23 million people in May 2013. The most populous states are New South Wales and Victoria, with their respective capitals, Sydney and Melbourne, the largest cities in Australia. 澳大利亚 在2013年5月,澳大利亚的人口数目据官方统计已经达到 2300万,其中人口最密集的地区在新南威尔士州和维多利 亚州,而作为它们首府的悉尼和墨尔本也是澳大利亚相对 较大的城市。 AUSTRALIA IS A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR STUDYING AND LIVING. THE AIR IS CLEAN, WITH GRASS, TREES AND NATURAL LIFE EVERYWHERE. THE LIFESTYLE IS RICH AND VARIED. OVERSEAS STUDENTS Because of this abundant allure of Australia, many foreign students are choosing to do their degree, diploma or other course at one of the country’s many renowned educational institutions. Wherever a student comes from, when they arrive in Australia they are warmly welcomed and integrated to feel at home. The overseas students are befriended by the locals, many of whom themselves originally came from abroad. Close bonds are made and friendships are formed that last for life. 澳大利亚可以在学习和生活方面提供安全的环境。这里空 气清新,花草树木和自然生命旺盛,生活方式丰富多彩。 留学生 因为澳大利亚的极大诱惑力,许多外国留学生选择就读于 著名的教育机构来完成学位或者其他的课程。无论留学生 来自哪里,一旦他们进入澳大利亚,将会受到热情的迎 接,并且有一种宾至如归的感觉。留学生在澳大利亚也会 得到当地人的友好相助,许多澳大利亚人最初也是来自各 个国家。亲密的团结在一起使得友谊地久天长。 悉尼是通 往澳大利亚的门户,也是澳大利亚最受欢迎和人口最密集 的城市。现在悉尼拥有460万的人口。 SYDNEY IS THE GATEWAY TO AUSTRALIA AND THE MOST POPULAR AND POPULOUS CITY IN AUSTRALIA. IT HAS A POPULATION OF 4.6 MILLION. SYDNEY Sydney is situated on a harbour, called Port Jackson. Its location on the coast affords a warm and pleasant climate all year round. The harbour is probably the most iconic scene of Sydney, with the Royal Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge making it instantly recognisable. 悉尼 悉尼坐落于一个名叫“Port Jackson”的海港。因为位于 海岸线的独特地理位置,悉尼的气候是一年四季温暖宜人 的。Port Jackson也是悉尼象征性的景点,其中的悉尼歌 剧院和悉尼海港大桥也极具辨识度。 墨尔本以食物,葡 萄酒和绝佳的艺术盛事而闻名于世界。这座城市还提供奇 妙的购物和夜生活,著名的餐饮和让人流连忘返的节日庆 祝。 MELBOURNE IS A CITY OF WORLD-CLASS EVENTS, FOOD AND WINE, AND A FABULOUS ARTS SCENE. IT HAS FANTASTIC SHOPPING AND NIGHTLIFE, RENOWNED DINING AND A NON-STOP PROGRAM OF FESTIVALS.  MELBOURNE Melbourne is the world’s most livable city for the second year in a row. It has received this recognition four times in total. Melbourne is also renowned for world class sports, with Melbourne Park, the home of the Australian Tennis Open, the Australian F1 Grand Prix and many more thrilling events. 墨尔本 墨尔本连续第二年,也是第四次得到了世界上最适宜人口 居住的城市的美誉。此外,墨尔本还因为举办世界级的体 育赛事而闻名,澳大利亚网球公开赛,澳大利亚F1大奖赛 和许多令人振奋的体育赛事都是在墨尔本公园举办的。