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Far away from Eden ep. 0: In memoriam

  1. Far away from Eden 0: In memoriam (album-only) by TwilightOutside Prequel to my Apocalegacy (first time): In memory of a freak that grow to me... Family Name: Sim Lot Name: Grundlagen Teil 2 Categories: Dokumentationen,Komödie,Lebensgeschichten der Sims
  2. - Hello and welcome everyone to my first (apoca)legacy ever. I decided to join the wagon after my last self-made neighborhood, Edenville, exploded by overcrowding use of Custom Content. Now I try to restrict myself, which will hopefully increase game speed and stability... And now, without further ado I present my founder, Anais Eden - or better, her former self. These pictures are the last remnants of my old neighbourhood, showing Anais, a Sim I created randomly out of different Custom parts - well, I had a weird day at that time and thought, it would be funny to make her suffer and die a horrible death - good, that I'm just to nice to kill a Sim, aren't I? - "...Uhuh!" - Silence! -
  3. Okay, let's see - Anais was made out of a green dryad Skin made by LeMan at MTS2, Robot eyes by Bink13y at the exchange, her first clothing was from Morcello, MTS2 - don't know, why I gave her nun clothing (must have been a really, really weird day), the make-up... nope, don't know anymore, whoever it was, all credit to him/her. That's pretty all you've need to know about her, right? - "I'm more than just the sum of my parts!" - - More pictures? I really wanted to make this short and... - "Continue! Now!" - Fine, fine - sheesh, what a b... -
  4. Okay, some more: Anais became one of my most successful Sims, getting top of her career (Super Hero, what else...), high skills, lots of friends and money... God, I can't take it anymore, can we please, please stop this now? - "Continue!"" - Isn't it a bit weird to tell everyone your former life? - "CONTINUE!"
  5. Fine, but I've warned you... oh yes, and she founded something I'd call a "legacy of herself", which means a whole bunch of elixier-of-life addicted freaks like her (as I said, I am to nice kill sims... ) - unfortunately I can't remember all their CC any more... "*sniff*... my husband... my babies..." - O.K., it's really time to end this... I told you, this was bad idea! -
  6. - Well, as I said, my Comp crashed (by trying to use a faulty recolour... aargh!), my neighborhood vanished, files corrupted, Suicide... no, that not... so what to do? Luckily, Anais was saved through SimPE (all credit to Quaxi & Co.), and I decided to grant her a second life - aren't I nice? - "Saying that three times doesn't make it any more true." Oh, already back to your old self? I don't get it, I made her a nice Sim, but she's always mean to me... "It's fun to be mean to you." - One more word and I stop this her and now! -
  7. - O.K., that's it, I finish this now! - "You're such a big baby!" Whatever... See you (hopefully) next time, in the meantime, visit to see all the great legacies there! Have an ice day!