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Cyber Tekes Safety and Security programme 2013

  1. Cyber Security Solutions from Tekes Safety and Security Programme
  2. Total IT Asset Data Erasure User need  A secure, ethical, fast and convenient solution for the complete erasing of digital data Solution  100% data erasure for all IT assets  Cannot be recovered with any existing technology  Most comprehensive certification in the industry  PC, mobile, file, server, data center and virtual solutions  Reports generated for every erasure Benefits  Increased data security, improved regulatory compliance  Reduced costs through more efficient IT asset administration Users  Banking and finance and defense industries  Government organizations  IT Asset Disposal professionals Blancco has Certifications and Approvals from eg.: - Common Criteria (ISO 15408) - Communications-Electronics Security Group - BSI - Federal Office for Information Security - NATO - TÜV – SÜD - The Norwegian National Security Authority - The USA Department of Defense
  3. Flexible and Secure Authentication User need  Authentication to Internet services cries for radical improvement : it is cumbersome and unreliable Solution  An authentication solution that integrates with the current end-user devices and services Benefits  Provides usability, security and privacy for all users of Internet services  Solves the shortcomings of competing alternatives in usability, security, and deployment  Partners onboard have a unique chance to take advantage of the inexorable paradigm shift of authentication to Internet services Users  All end-users that use Internet services / Jani Pellikka,
  4. Fuzz-o-Matic: Testing-as-a-Service for Application Security and Robustness Need  Discovering dependencies on third-party libraries and applications  Ensuring that used applications do exactly what they’re supposed to do  Robustness test your applications and ensure their safety Approach  Fuzz-o-Matic is a scalable testing-as-a-service offering  Scans the existing open source binaries, and then fuzz-tests all potential interfaces  Supports Windows, Linux, Android and iOS applications Benefits  Reliable and repeatable test results, find the existing vulnerabilities in the Open Source libraries  Quality Assurance Competition  Some competitors have similar services for known vulnerabilities Users  Software and hardware companies, web service providers
  5. Secure Your Mass Memory Devices User need  Protect data on various mass memory devices as well as in could Solution  Protect a confidential document by encrypting it and removing small random parts of it to another location Benefits  Easy to use, high level of protection  Guarantee data integrity and allowing document tracking Users  Small and larger corporations, government agencies, etc. A simple but brilliant idea: Protect a confidential document by first encrypting it and then removing small random parts of it to another location.
  6. Insertion and Detection of Data in Portrait Images Need  Increase the security of card holder´s image by various digital means, based on visible and invisible markings (watermarking, guilloches, image hashing)  The security need arises from increased international crime such as terrorism, and human and drug trafficking. Technically the need for this type of solutions arises from two trends: growing ratio of ID and travel documents being equipped with micro-processor chips; and more widely spread reader infrastructure for document authentication at borders and by police Approach  Define and build a demonstrator system, including personalization machine, software solution, and a product that can be manufactured and personalized in an industrial manner Benefits  Higher security of ID products  Machine-readability of the security features Users  Governments issuing identity products
  7. Information Security Investments User need  Today, a widely recognized need for improving the success of security related investment proposals within the organizations; how to get more resources for information security (IS) investments from the company management Solution  A risk management tool for measuring the value of IS investments  Theoretical models, based on empirically testing, for explaining and predicting investment decisions Benefits  Understanding the weaknesses of the current IS investment decisions, and persuasion methods for gaining resources for IS investments from the management Competition  The existing research on information security investments is not empirically proved to work in practice Users  Information security managers and other employees involved in the IS decision making within the organizations
  8. Business-Oriented Identity and Access Management User need  To securely register users into e-services such as extranets and e-shops  Identity enrichment with attributes, entitlements and mandates are needed for e-services to be productive and smooth Solution  Business-oriented approach to identity and access management  The solution covers stakeholder services including identity registration and delegated management, together with extensive authentication and identity federation, identity enrichment, role management and e-mandates Benefits  Security along with efficiency and smoothness for customer eservices  Savings of 40€ per registration plus 20€ per transaction and session Users  Nordic and European companies
  9. Role-centric Identity Need  Organisations have a crucial need for identity control: Managing large complexities in a continuous changes Approach  A set of innovative and modular security components and processes to enhance role management within the infrastructure identity level and provide innovative role functionalities Benefits  Improved capacity to implement and deploy identity and security mechanisms and solutions  Stronger competitive position of European industry in the selected sectors Users  Healthcare and public safety organisations using networks for their business or administration
  10. Storage Broker for Multi-Cloud Environments User need  Predictable cloud storage for data, accessible at any place with any device  Minimized risks, compliance with laws and regulations  Comparability of cloud providers Solution     Multi-cloud storage broker Cloud vendor benchmarking, user defined Service Level Agreement Value-adding security services as impartial third party The methods apply practices used in clean production in the high-tech industries Benefits  Lesser data lock-in and cost of switching cloud providers  Saving through supported decisions and risk management Users  Any large user of cloud services
  11. Future Information Security Trends User need  Anticipate information security related risks and opportunities to appear within 5 – 10 years in Finland Solution  A report and a proposal for an on-going trend discovery process Benefits  The results will be public and available for all interested parties Users  All kinds of Finnish organizations
  12. Modern Network and Application Information Security Perception User need  Network managers require ability to prevent and detect information security incidents (malware, DoS attacks, etc.)  Current solutions provide limited functions, able to usually detect but not effectively prevent.  Complexity quickly and changing nature of network environment are problems Solution  More efficient methods are required for successful monitoring of networks and applications  Different statistical approaches were researched Benefits  Improved network security monitoring Users  Any network administrator with security requirements
  13. Information Security in Industrial Control Systems User need  Plants to gain proper control of security situation Solution     Security requirement base for plant ICS Concept and procedure for site ICS security mapping Site specific results of overall ICS security mapping Initial plan for ICS security improvement programs Benefits  Support the continuation of the core production & prevent information security incidents in automation intensive production Users  Industrial production sites, plants, headquarters Identifying the current major ICS (Industrial Control System) security & continuity gaps and bottlenecks of industrial sites.
  14. Safety-Critical Software in Machinery "Bug" control Need  Faults in a machine program can cause severe hazards especially when program size increases Fault forecasting Fault prevention Solution  Ideas for software development model and criteria for selecting methods according to the case criticality and developer needs Fault tolerance Fault removal Benefits  Well-defined and yet flexible development process means typically lower design costs  Safety under control means less accidents, better product confidence and peace of mind for designers Users  Machine builders, software developers Methods for defect or “bug” control can be divided into four different categories
  15. Information Security Testing User Need  Adequate information security level under continuously evolving threatscape Solution  Novel security testing and network monitoring solutions → these include fuzz- and model based testing tools, as well as test case selection and anomaly detection methods Benefits  Integrity, confidentiality and availability of information, services and data is maintained at acceptable level Users  Software and embedded system vendors and operators in different fields  Any party striving to improve information security level of their products or infrastructure
  16. Know Which Websites To Trust User need  Make informed decisions whether to visit a website or not, especially when visiting unknown sites  Decisions are made based on website reputation and user reviews made by millions of users worldwide Solution  A crowdsourced service which enables every user to rate and review a website based on their own experiences These ratings and reviews help other users to make informed decisions whether to trust a site or not  WOT has developed an innovative algorithm that makes the system reliable and difficult to manipulate Benefits  Free and easy to use service which provides traffic-light style icons (indicating website reputation) next to search results, social networking sites, online emails and other popular sites Competition  WOT is a unique concept with no direct competitors worldwide. WOT currently co-operates with major internet players such as Facebook and Users  All interested Internet users, currently over 80 million downloads and over 42 million rated websites The WOT add-on shows you which websites you can trust based on millions of users' experiences. The WOT safe surfing browser tool is easy-touse, fast and completely free.