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Miranda Saarentaus, ESA Business Applications program

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Miranda Saarentaus, ESA Business Applications program

  1. 1. 3.3.2020 ESA Business Applications - Space Solutions Miranda Saarentaus – ESA Business Applications Finland/Geowise
  2. 2. Downstream Generating customer value on earth Satellite Communication Earth Observation Positioning and Navigation Space Weather DOWNSTREAM
  3. 3. Satellite Communication DOWNSTREAM
  4. 4. POINTR Using satellite communication for mission critical AR/VR maintenance applications in remote location DOWNSTREAM
  5. 5. Positioning and navigation DOWNSTREAM Standalone GPS 5-10 m Basic dGPS 0.8 – 3 m High Quality dGPS 20 – 80 cm RTK 1 – 2 cm
  6. 6. Tactical Ice Navigation Tool Ship-routing in varying ice conditions DOWNSTREAM
  7. 7. Digital twin of port operations with ship to port interfaces for autonomous operations DOWNSTREAM
  8. 8. Earth Observation ACRIMSAT ALOS Aqua Aura CALIPSO CartoSAT CBERS CloudSAT Corona DMC Dove EO-1 GeoEye GOCE GOES GRACE IceSAT ICEYE IKONOS JASON KOMPSAT Landsat Megha-Tropique METEOSAT MMS NOAA Orbview-2 Planet Pleiades POES PROBA QuickSCAT RADARSAT RapidEye ResourceSAT SciSAT Sentinel SkySat SMAP SMOS SPOT SRTM Suomi TanDEM-X Terra TIROS TRMM Worldview DOWNSTREAM
  9. 9. Spatial resolution Spectral resolutionTemporal resolution Earth Observation DOWNSTREAM
  10. 10. Earth Observation Passive imagery Panchromatic Multi-spectral Pan-sharpened Hyper-spectral Microwave Radiometry Active imagery Synthetic Aperture Radar Lidar Radar Altimetry GNSS-R Radar Scatterometry Atmospheric Chemistry Gravity field measurements 3D Models DOWNSTREAM Revisit time Ground resolution 0.3 m 50 km weekly hourly
  11. 11. Improving harvesting and forest planning through deep AI technology and big data analysis DOWNSTREAM
  12. 12. ICT4Forest Dynamic forest inventory DOWNSTREAM
  13. 13. Valuation models for decisions concerning new real estates A-Insinöörit Oy DOWNSTREAM
  14. 14. OUR POSITION € € € ESA BIC ESA Business Applications 25k € 100% + Tempo BF > 80k € 75%-80% 2M+ € 50%
  15. 15. ESA BASS OFFER Brand Credibility Zero-Equity Funding (€60k-€2M+) Tailored Project Management Support (technical & business) Access to Our Network & Partners (incl. Investors)
  16. 16. OPPORTUNITIES Any SECTOR Any TIME Typically ~ €200K Webinars, Bootcamps, Hackathons and more.. Max €60K 75% funding KICK-START CALL FOR PROPOSALS (AO-9305) EVENTS INVESTORS NETWORK Up to 100% funding Defined Thematic Areas & Response Time OPEN COMPETITION 50% funding (SMEs up to 75% upon authorisation)
  17. 17. Kick-Start (AO-xxx) Customer Demand Feasibility Study DN (AO-9305) Demonstration Project (AO-9305) Operational Service Validated Minimum Viable Service Validated Business Case for Minimum Viable Service Customer Driven Business Opportunity Feasibility Study KS (AO-xxx) ACTIVITY IMPLEMENTATION Required for any activity
  18. 18. https://business.esa.int/funding/invitation-to-tender/ports-future ● Addressing the evolution of the whole port ecosystem by ensuring people safety, environmental sustainability, long-term economic growth and water security amongst others ● Major user communities are the port operators, shipping lines operators, logistics operators, haulers, freight forwarders/third party logistics, cruise and ferry lines ● Space data including the use of imagery, radar technologies and weather data ● Integrate space with other technologies as machine learning and artificial intelligence ● The following scenarios have been identified as key focus areas: • Port automation • Connected ports • Port infrastructure improvement • Port safety and security • Unmanned solutions • Environmental impacts and energy efficiency • https://emits.sso.esa.int/emits/owa/emits_online.showao?actref=20.1AP.03&type=mail PORTS OF THE FUTURE
  19. 19. Ambassador Platform Finland ● Increase awareness about the potential added-value of space technologies ● Stimulate new ideas and services ● Motivate companies to submit viable proposals ● Be an ‘honest broker’ between ESA and Finnish stakeholders ● Advise and support companies in the ESA process steps Support free of charge More info: https://geowise.fi/esa-business- applications/ ESA BUSINESS APPLICATIONS SPACE SOLUTIONS (BASS)
  20. 20. Thank you! Questions? ESA Business Applications - Space Solutions website https://business.esa.int/