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TrustArc Webinar: Global Privacy Laws

  1. 1 © 2022 TrustArc Inc. Proprietary and Confidential Information. GDPR, PIPL, LGPD - What's the Difference Anyway?
  2. 2 Agenda ● The differences between the current global privacy laws ● The global privacy laws trends ● What your company needs to do to be compliant ● Q&A
  3. 3 Speakers Andy McMenamy Global Privacy Program Manager TrustArc K Royal Global Privacy Officer Outschool Emerald de Leeuw Global Head of Privacy Logitech
  4. 4 Poll ❏ Just starting ❏ On the right track and making progress ❏ Feel solid, but need tweaks ❏ Mature and just checking What is the status of your privacy program?
  5. 5 Poll ❏ GDPR (whether UK or EU) ❏ Latin America, namely LGPD ❏ PIPL ❏ PIPEDA ❏ US state laws What law(s) are you most worried about?
  6. 6 Poll ❏ Knowing the laws I need to know ❏ DPIAs/PIAs getting done right ❏ Keeping current on business processes ❏ Identifying and managing sensitive data ❏ Other What programmatic elements keep you up at night?
  7. 7 of people report that data privacy is a concern. view data privacy as a human right. 97% 87% 7 Source: 2020 KPMG survey
  8. 8 Increasingly, privacy is a purchase driver for consumers. Is my personal information being sold? Is it secure? Does this company protect my privacy?
  9. 9 Leaders are making privacy a business priority and privacy executives have a seat at the table. Percentage of CPOs reporting to CEOs Number of privacy officers worldwide 2021 2019 2018: 3,000 2022: 1,000,000 40% 23%
  10. 10 The regulatory landscape for privacy is changing — fast.
  11. 11 China’s new law raises the financial stakes even higher. China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) Personal fines of up to 1 million Yuan (~$155,000) The maximum penalty for the organization is up to 50 million Yuan (~$7.7 million) or 5% of annual revenue $155,000 $7.7m
  12. 12 Thank You! See for the 2022 Privacy Insight Series and past webinar recordings. If you would like to learn more about how TrustArc can support you with compliance, please reach out to for a free demo.