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Looker Troops Partner Story

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How looker improved pipeline hygiene using Troops

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Looker Troops Partner Story

  1. 1. REP SPOTLIGHT: NICK SAVES HOURS AND LOOKS LIKE A ROCKSTAR TO MANAGERS BY UPDATING HIS DEAL FORECASTS USING TROOPS Nick Pompeo, an Account Executive at Looker, quickly adopted Troops Close Date Workflow as an easy, automated way to update his deal forecasts and clean up overdue deals. As a result, he saves hours and gives his managers an accurate picture of his pipeline. Frustration with pipeline updates Like most reps, Nick Pompeo, an Account Executive at Looker, found updating his opportunities a burdensome and time-consuming task. There was often a batch process of updating his forecasts at the tail end of every quarter, leading to a spike in close date movements that made it difficult to make accurate predictions on whether or not deals would close at a stated time. Troops takes the headaches out of my day to day updates and workflow. “ PARTNER STORIES INDUSTRY Data Analysis LOCATION Santa Cruz TEAM SIZE 300 - 400 Get in touch: info@troops.ai | Visit: troops.ai Nick Pompeo, Account Executive TAKEAWAY Instant adoption of Troops meant frequent updates and precious hours saved Looker brought in Troops to help. For Nick and the rest of the Looker team, getting set up on Troops Close Date workflow was incredibly simple. Nick really appreciates the fact that Troops automatically prompts him to update upcoming and overdue close dates in Slack, without having to learn or log into another platform. The results for Nick have been updating his deals consistently throughout the quarter, saving him hours of valuable time. Nick hasn’t been the only one taking advantage of Troops. With over 40 reps using Troops to manage their own Opportunities, Looker has seen a marked improvement in forecasting accuracy and pipeline hygiene. To date, the team has updated over 1,000 deals using Troops with high levels of engagement.