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2016 resume update

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2016 resume update

  1. 1. Tristan Anderson 3755 8th ave S apt 320 St Cloud MN, 56301 elfmtg@yahoo.com Phone: 320-339-0060 OBJECTIVE: To obtain employment with a company seeking a hardworking, fast learning individual with the desire to learn new skills while applying previously learned skills and knowledge to benefit the growth and stability of the company EDUCATION: 2011 to current St. Cloud Technical Community College St. Cloud, MN currently attending, field of study:  Computer Programming and Website Design  Network Administration 2002 to 2006 Apollo High School St. Cloud, MN GPA: 3.0 EXPERIENCE: July 2014 to Current Broadband Solutions, St Cloud, MN Installation Technician  Install and configure phone and internet modems  Onsite and remote customer support for small to medium networks  Onsite installation and configuration of small home and business networks June 2011 to January 2014 Omega Computer Consulting and Repair, St Cloud, Mn Web Site Engineer/Repair Agent  Console and mobile device repair.  Customer service via email, phone and instant messenger.  Performing cash exchange and database logging.  Web design including Maintaining any websites currently serviced by the company  Attending business meetings and representing the business during public
  2. 2. functions and at networking events June 2004 to August 2013 McDonald’s, Saint Cloud, MN Crew Trainer/Manager in Training  Training all new employees in the proper company procedures for food preparation, opening and closing of the business, running the cash register and other appropriate business skills  I began working at McDonalds while still in high school, and have continued my employment there working at a variety of positions, from working the drive up windows to a Manager in Training position February 2013 to May 2013 Curtis Management Group, St Joseph, MN Web Site Engineer Intern  Management and creation of websites for current and future clients  Designing of applications, functions and database processes for mobile and browser based sites  Interacting with customers and coworkers in an agile development process to streamline development and expedite implementation of design features August 2011 to November 2012 Wal-Mart, Sauk Rapids, MN Produce/Sales Assistant  Handling of multiple shipments of product throughout the day  Maintaining a presentable display to customers, as well as special orders made by customers  Handling various returns of damaged goods or miss shipped/damaged shipments as well as assisting in several other departments as needed October 2008 to February 2011 The Other Guys, Saint Cloud, MN Partner/Owner  Seeking out new customers on a daily basis using a variety of media and contact solutions  Following federal and state cleaning guidelines  Working with local fire marshals and inspectors to provide appropriate cleaning and ANSUL maintenance services
  3. 3.  Managing payroll and employee records as well as tax preparations