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Black MBA Soiree

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The Black MBA Soiree is hosted by the Piedmont Triad Chapter of the National Black MBA Association as a social mixer and fundraiser for the Leaders of Tomorrow Program. Visit www.TriadMBA.org for more information.

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Black MBA Soiree

  2. 2. MissionThe National Black MBA Association leads inthe creation of educational opportunities andeconomic growth for African Americans.Providing innovative programs to stimulatetheir intellectual and economic growth.Building partnerships with key stakeholderswho help facilitate this growth .Increasing awareness and facilitating access tograduate management education programs andcareer opportunities in management fields.
  3. 3. 2013-2015 Executive BoardChisa D. Pennix-Brown PresidentMaria Hicks-Few VP of AdministrationWilliam Brown VP of OperationsCherisse Bethea SecretarySakinah Prtichard Business DevelopmentTalib Graves-Mann Community ChairJeunese Wright Corporate DevelopmentChatonda Covington Social ChairLouis Judge Advisor
  4. 4. Leaders of TomorrowJanuary – June 2013
  5. 5. Carolinas Conference April 12-14
  6. 6. NBMBAA Partner Benefits• Unique Marketing Opportunities to your Target Areas• Partnership Breakfasts, Lunch & Learns & Meetups• Career Fair Exhibitor Space• “High Profile Mixer” Networking• Recognition in Advertising• Access to Undergraduate & Graduate MBA students• Access to Professionals in your community
  7. 7. NBMBAA Membership• Full - includes professionals with a graduate degree in any particular field (MBA, MHA, MPA, MS, MA, JD, etc.).• Associate - includes professionals without a Membership Rates graduate degree but with extensive experience or Annual rates cover membership entrepreneurial success. for one full year from date of• Student - status includes students enrolled in any payment being received. graduate degree program. New/Renewing members need to submit evidence of matriculation Full & Associate: $125/year into a graduate degree program Student: $60/year• Lifetime - status is granted to any member who Lifetime: $1,000 makes the financial commitment to the full or associate lifetime status.
  8. 8. Business Spotlight Wende SandersPhenomenal Lifestyle
  9. 9. Business SpotlightWilliam “Bill” Brown Ideas for AV
  10. 10. connectEmail: TriadMBA@Gmail.comFacebook: TriadNBMBAAFacebook: TriadNBMBAALOTLinkedIn: Piedmont Triad NBMBAATwitter: Triad_NBMBAA CarolinasConf #Triad_NBMBAA #CarolinasConference