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Towards an AI Commons

AI for Good is starting to be demonstrated, in addressing impact problems like the UN Sustainable Development Goals. But how can we scale it? This talk describes how an AI Commons manifested as a blockchain public utility network -- Ocean Protocol -- can be a key part of the solution.

This talk was a keynote at DutchChain Odyssey conference, Den Bosch, Feb 4, 2019.

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Towards an AI Commons

  1. 1. Roadmap Alpha Aug ‘18, Mainnet Mar ‘19 Towards an AI Commons @oceanprotocol Trent McConaghy
  2. 2. Q: can AI help?
  3. 3. ✓ Predicting deforestation ✓ Tracking livestock to reduce conflict ✓ Micro insurance for crops AI + Satellite projects
  4. 4. ✓ Tailored smart city ✓ Give a voice to the voiceless AI + Smart Communities ✓ Epidemic modelling
  5. 5. 2017: AI FOR GOOD SUMMIT
  6. 6. Q: can AI help? A: Yes! #AIforGood
  7. 7. Q: can AI help? A: Yes! #AIforGood But…
  8. 8. Problem owners Problem solvers GAP
  9. 9. Problem owners Problem solvers GAP
  10. 10. Scaling #AIforGood
  11. 11. Problem owners Problem solvers Data owners Storage & compute GAP
  12. 12. Connective tissue: public utility network Problem owners Problem solvers Data owners Storage & compute
  13. 13. Blockchains are public utility networks
  14. 14. Blockchain public utility network for the AI Commons Problem owners Problem solvers Data owners Storage & compute
  15. 15. Service provider frontends For data commons, Storage & compute markets Public utility network incentivizing data: • Block rewards for data • Privacy-preserving AI modeling Problem owners Problem solvers Data owners Notebooks, data, storage, compute AI Commons Frontend Specify Problems Storage & compute Data science tools Data, storage, compute Network rewards Jupyter notebooks
  16. 16. Catalyze the commons and profit-making, via a substrate for a thousand marketplaces to bloom. Data marketplace DM DM DM DM DM DM DM DM DM DM DM DM DM DM DM DM DM DM DM Have AI (Want data) Have data Have AI (Want data) Have AI (Want data) Have data Have data Have AI (Want data) Have data Have data Have AI (Want data)
  17. 17. Block rewards to incentivize data supply Add to data commons, make $
  18. 18. Public utility network Preserve privacy: bring AI compute to the data f(x) private data modeling algorithm privately train model private model model predictions Data stays behind firewall
  19. 19. Framings
  20. 20. “AI Compute Pipeline” f(x) data provider algorithm compute provider storage provider analytics further processing curation
  21. 21. “Inter-Service Network” Algorithm Tribe Storage Tribe analytics further processing curation Compute Tribe Data Tribe curation curation curation
  22. 22. “Network of Networks, for AI Stack” Crypto perspective: Ocean is L2 on L1 AI perspective: Ocean is L1
  23. 23. “SABRE for data” SABRE is metadata/substrate for airline tickets. Ocean, for data itself. Consume data: Data scientists, Biz analysts Supply data: Biz’s, NGOs, Governments Data market DM AC DM AI common s DM DM AC Public utility network Consume tickets: Consumer travelers, biz ppl Supply tickets: Airlines Expedia Kayak 3rd party reseller Easyjet website Travel agent Hip munk BA website Travel agent SABRE
  24. 24. User Experience
  25. 25. Keep Data Science Tooling, Add Crypto *
  26. 26. Every dataset is an asset. Every Jupyter notebook is an asset (!)
  27. 27. New powers for data scientists •Way more data. Data commons. Enterprise data without data escapes via on-premise compute. •Provenance in data & AI training. Goodbye data honeypots. •More $. For generating data. For cleaning, labeling, feature engineering data. For algs. For curation.
  28. 28. Applications
  29. 29. Use case: water quality Satellite data in the commons to verify impact of forest restoration on water
  30. 30. Better predict Parkinson’s by connecting data across hospitals & borders; promoting & promoting research collaboration (ConnectedLife)
  31. 31. Grow Asia (WEF Spinoff): Help small farmers allocate their fertilizer better, to increase yields
  32. 32. Govt of Singapore Data Authorities (IMDA): Give policymakers optionality to get benefits of AI, while addressing privacy
  33. 33. AI Commons: 40+ UN Agencies, AI XPRIZE Using Ocean in #AIforGood
  34. 34. User Experience II
  35. 35. Conclusion
  36. 36. Q: how to scale #AIforGood? A: Blockchain public utility network for the AI commons Trent McConaghy @trentmc0