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Social Media Influencers Predictions 2009 By Trendsspotting

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Trendsspotting presents you 2009 social media influencers predictions

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  • That was interesting stuff.

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  • Sorry Jason, Google didn't buy Twitter (slide 9) and that looks less likely each day. Looks like we both were wrong on that one!

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Social Media Influencers Predictions 2009 By Trendsspotting

  1. 1. Influencers On Social Media 2009 Predictions
  2. 2. The movement is rooted in a desire to have quality, not quantity, as S people cocoon in the face of the economic crisis. O C Charlene Li I The Altimeter by Charlene Li A http://blog.altimetergroup.com L M Social Exclusivity E trumps Facebook's Shopping Obama- D accessibility SocialRank maniacs will algorithms I spawn a new emerge to drive the age of A open social Web activism. Everyone 2 becomes a 0 marketer 0 9 Source: beingpeterkim.com
  3. 3. Is this really doing anything new? S RWW on social media tools O C I A www.readwriteweb.com L M E D I A 2 0 0 9
  4. 4. S Organizations Grapple With The Human Web O C David Armano I Logic + Emotion A http://darmano.typepad.com L M E D I A 2 0 0 9 Source: beingpeterkim.com
  5. 5. Social Media Indigestion | Personalized Service | S Back To Fundamentals O C Pete Blackshaw I ConsumerGeneratedMedia.Com A http://notetaker.typepad.com L M E D I A 2 0 0 9 Source: beingpeterkim.com
  6. 6. S 5 Things Marketers Did In 2008 That Will Be Obsolete In 2009 O C Rohit Bhargava I Influential Marketing Blog A www.influentialmarketingblog.com L Empowering company's' M spokespeople E Social media efforts to be lead D by the most passionate person I Implement listening programs A to get actionable knowledge Target relevant bloggers: offer value relationships. 2 0 Measure customer service metrics: satisfaction & social 0 9 Source: beingpeterkim.com
  7. 7. Doors are going to close all over the social web. S The money didn‘t come the way people thought it would O C Chris Brogan I chrisbrogan.Com A www.chrisbrogan.com L M Consolidation E & D Identity Shuttering I Aggregation & Segmentation A Velvet 2 Rope 0 SNS 0 9 Source: beingpeterkim.com
  8. 8. The tipping point has not only not been reached, but could S still tilt away from Social media O C Todd Defren I PR-Squared A www.pr-squared.com L The Great HOW ? M Transparency Debates E Continues D Multi Channel Integration I A Simplified Measurement B2B Goes Social Media 2 0 Reaching The ‘Spectators’/Unreached 0 9 Source: beingpeterkim.com
  9. 9. S There's a lot of fixing that needs to be done. O C Jason Falls I Social Media Explorer A www.socialmediaexplorer.com L Blogger outreach from PR will get Google will buy Twitter better, but not much M E o D l I g o g A e 2 0 0 9 Source: beingpeterkim.com
  10. 10. Dwindling budgets suddenly make low-cost social S media look like the pretty girl at the ball O C Ann Handley I Ann Handley.com A www.annhandley.com L • Companies increasingly crafting content M • Green is less . E • Sputtering economy entices companies into D social media space. I A • Blogging isn’t dead . • Mobile marketing takes off . 2 0 • Arianna Huffington becomes the White House embedded blogger . 0 9 Source: beingpeterkim.com
  11. 11. We're going to develop a set of better metrics to help S guide, direct and validate quot;commitmentquot; O C Joseph Jaffe I Jaffe Juice A www.jaffejuice.com L Better Metrics M Community : Killer E Rise of MoSoSo D App I A 2 “Live “ : As it Social Search 0 happens Content 0 9 Source: beingpeterkim.com
  12. 12. S eCommerce Goes Social O C Jeremiah Owyang I Web Strategy by Jeremiah A www.web-strategist.com L M E D I A 2 0 0 9 Source: beingpeterkim.com
  13. 13. Twitter - continue to achieve legitimacy | Online video will come into S its own | Customers insist on custoMEr service O C Scott Monty I The Social Media Marketing Blog A www.scottmonty.com L M E D I A 2 0 0 9 Source: beingpeterkim.com
  14. 14. Customer Satisfaction Uprising| Companies Will See The Light| S Love Beats Money O C Andy Sernovitz I Damn! I Wish I’d Thought Of That! A www.damniwish.com L M E D I A 2 0 0 9 Source: beingpeterkim.com
  15. 15. Suddenly, being Facebook friends with your mom will seem S less ridiculous than following 4,000 strangers on Twitter O C Greg Verdino I GregVerdino.com A www.gregverdino.com L Geo Debate on M Location whether PR or /GPS , Marketing ‘owns’ E mosco social media D will be over I A Ad agency will be Social 2 disintermediated Graph 0 Shrinkage 0 9 Source: beingpeterkim.com
  16. 16. S RWW Feedback O C I A www.readwriteweb.com L Social ..the ease with which people are able to see feedback .. with confirmed shopping identities, really could be a game changer. M Even the biggest cynics often have a dramatic turn around .. the E twitter intimacy that develops is remarkable. D we're not optimistic.. all the gradations between success and failure are I Measuring SN going to be very hard to quantify. A Quality vs We expect a middle ground between sale slow-down and an Quantity evolutionary adjustment to vastly increased data input. 2 Making most Getting into the social media space and doing it wrong is something that 0 of limited a lot of companies fear getting blown apart for. We expect that to budgets change slowly 0 9
  17. 17. Social Networks Will Flourish S As A Result Of The Economic Crisis O C Dr. Taly Weiss I Trendsspotting.com A www.TrendsSpotting.com L M New users and more frequent visits to work related E networks as LinkedIn or Facebook D I SN will provide social support to victims of the crisis A Dedicated niche SN will evolve: sharing information and implications of the economic situation. 2 0 0 9
  18. 18. Ranking The Influencers (the engagers) as a measurable tool for new S media O C Dr. Taly Weiss I Trendsspotting.com A www.Trendsspotting.com L M Influence will be defined by measurable variables E D Google will “pagerank” people I Influence will be defined by measurable variables A People will really become the media. Google will “pagerank” and “map” peoples influence 2 0 People will really become the media. 0 9
  19. 19. S Twitter Will Get Recognized For Its Social Search Assets O C Apurba Sen I Trendsspotting.com A www.trendsspotting.com L Search Popularity in Twitter has increased ~ 2x M E D I A twitter: most relevant and updated information source Twitter the ultimate human search 2 0 Google will buy twitter 0 9
  20. 20. Did You Know ?? 2008 Webster’s New World Dictionary’s word of the year is . vershare Find its meaning here...
  21. 21. Discover more Trends at : www.trendsspotting.com