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Transcend Launch Presentation

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The First Club For Social Impact Teenage Entrepreneurs

We exist to empower young people to become positive changemakers in their local communities.

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Transcend Launch Presentation

  1. 1. Welcome to Transcend Kick-off!
  2. 2. Thank you To Toong & Eddie 🙏🏼
  3. 3. Agenda for today 1. Welcome 2. Program Presentation 3. Keynote: How to become a change maker 4. Q&A 5. Team Building 6. Next Steps
  4. 4. Why we started Transcend?
  5. 5. Enterprise Teacher
  6. 6. Purpose, what does this club aim to achieve?
  7. 7. Contribute (give back)
  8. 8. Massive Transformative Purpose MTP
  9. 9. Massive Transformative Purpose MTP A world where every single person has access to the tools and guidance to make a positive impact in the world.
  10. 10. The Team
  11. 11. Sadia Afrin (Community Coordination) Entrepreneur Coaching Business Strategy Facilitation & Training Social Enterprise Development
  12. 12. Catalina Catana Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship Human and Environment-Centered Design Training & Facilitation Business Strategy Storytelling
  13. 13. Thy-Diep (Yip) Ta Entrepreneur Coach Business Consultant & Coach Writer of a leadership book Venture Capital (VC) and founders’ advisor
  14. 14. Do Thi Thuy Hang Writing Research Social Entrepreneurship Social Impact
  15. 15. Hana Nguyen Teacher & Trainer Learning Experience Design Social Impact Sustainability
  16. 16. Andres Parraguirre Entrepreneurship Development Leadership Enabling Sustainable Development Exponential Technologies Design Thinking Liberating Structures
  17. 17. Program Overview
  18. 18. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.“
  19. 19. You Your immediate community The world
  20. 20. How? 20 Weekly Sessions of 2 hours
  21. 21. How? Participatory & Experiential Learning Inspiration from guest speakers and support from partners Field Trips and cross collaboration with partners Working on real solutions that will be applied in the community
  22. 22. Why does Transcend exist?
  23. 23. Benefits Learning and practicing skills that will be relevant for your future (university and for your future job) Opportunity to solve real societal and environmental problems with guidance from experienced trainers Opportunity to continue working on your solution after the program and become a trainer for new students Inspiring guest speakers who are working on sustainable solutions
  24. 24. 3 Learning Pillars Self-Leadership Sustainable Leadership Interdependent Leadership ● Who am I and what is my place in this world? ● What makes me tick? ● What are my strengths and weaknesses? ● How can I become the best version of myself? ● How do I relate to others? ● What are the global problems and how do they manifest in my local context? ● Knowing my strengths, my passion and the problems in my community, what is the best way to execute a solution? ● How can entrepreneurial skills can be applied to solve complex, wicked problems?
  25. 25. Self Leadership Self Responsibility Finding and Connecting with your Purpose Reflecting on your Strengths and Goals Core Values and Belief System Leadership
  26. 26. Interdependent Leadership Community Responsibility Effective Communication Constructive Feedback Debating & Public Speaking Communication and Relationships in the age of Social Media
  27. 27. Sustainable Leadership Planet Responsibility Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Analysing a problem (systems thinking) Design Thinking for building impactful solutions Prototyping & Testing solutions with real users Pitching
  28. 28. Learning outcomes Critical Thinking Self-awareness Sustainability & Innovation Social Entrepreneurship
  29. 29. What happens after the program?
  30. 30. Bootcamp to accelerate the solutions Prospects Certificate for graduating the Transcend Social Entrepreneurship Programme Opportunity to train the next generation of changemakers Keep making a positive impact on society and environment
  31. 31. Welcome our keynote speaker
  32. 32. Questions?
  33. 33. Program Market Value 20 sessions 40 hours 4 months program + Conference + bootcamp 1000 USD at least
  34. 34. Program Cost to you Full Time and commitment Reasonable 0 USD Germany Partner
  35. 35. Program Market Value 20 sessions 40 hours 4 months program + Conference + bootcamp