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Session 2 Ikigai

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The First Club For Social Impact Teenage Entrepreneurs

We exist to empower young people to become positive changemakers in their local communities.

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Session 2 Ikigai

  1. 1. Session 2
  2. 2. Welcome & Check-In
  3. 3. What’s your reason for getting up in the morning?
  4. 4. Let us do an activity!
  5. 5. Think-Pair-Share
  6. 6. Things that I am happy about → Things I can give to the world
  7. 7. Things that I am sad about → Things the world needs
  8. 8. How to find your Ikigai? Answer these questions!
  9. 9. Why is it important to know your Ikigai?
  10. 10. Locus of Control The Principle of 'Locus of Control' was coined by Julian Rotter (1954). It considers the idea that people tend to either believe that control lives internally (within them) or externally (with others or the situation).
  11. 11. Locus of Control Internal: those with a high internal locus of control believe in their own ability to control themselves and influence their outside world. They see themselves as being in control of their future and acknowledge that the choices they make will lead to their success or failure. External: those with a high external locus of control believe that they personally have little or no control over events and what other people do. They may even believe that other people have control over them and that they can't do anything but obey.
  12. 12. A Letter to your Future Self!
  13. 13. Questions to consider when writing this letter: - What do you do? - What the world looks like now (be creative!) - What problem are you solving? - Who are your allies in this journey? - What advice would you give your younger self?