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The most common car maintenance mistakes you might be making

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Toyota of Orlando knows that upkeeping your vehicle can be difficult. Here are some tips and tricks for car maintenance.

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The most common car maintenance mistakes you might be making

  1. 1. The most common car maintenance mistakes you might be making To keep your Orlando Toyota vehicle in good shape, it’s important to have a general basis of car maintenance knowledge stored away. Our Orlando auto service center techs have the tools to take care of a multitude of vehicle issues. There are, however, some minor car maintenance mistakes you might be making on a day-to-day basis that our techs can take care of before they turn into something pricey. Don’t make these easy car maintenance mistakes Mistake #1: Not checking your tire pressure. Have you checked your tire pressure recently? Our Orlando auto service techs can check it for you when you get your tires rotated or aligned. You can, however, check your tire pressure on your own on a routine basis in between your regularly scheduled car maintenance appointments. Damage and weather changes to the tires can cause the pressure to drop and cause a potential blow out. Mistake #2: Not getting your oil changed on time. Oil changes are essential to making sure your Toyota of Orlando vehicle has a long and healthy lifespan. If you don’t get your oil changed, the dirty oil will eventually clog your oil filter. The dirty oil is also thicker and has abrasive qualities, so it can cause friction and wear on your engine. Ultimately, dirty oil will not lubricate and cause your engine to fail on you. Make sure to include oil changes in your regularly scheduled car maintenance checks.
  2. 2. Our Orlando Toyota car service techs are here to help you with your vehicle maintenance Mistake #3: Ignoring your brake noises. If you hear something grinding or squeaking, chances are you’re going to need new brake pads. Your Toyota of Orlando vehicle brakes have a built-in indicator that will make this sound when your brake pads are too thin and need replacing. If you choose to ignore this noise and continue to drive with worn out brake pads, you can actually damage your brake rotors. Mistake #4: Not changing your wiper blades. Changing your wiper blades every six months (especially in Central Florida where it rains a lot) is really important and should be included in your regular car maintenance checks. When your wiper blades wear out, they will not clean your windshield properly and leave streaks on the glass. This can obstruct your viewing while you drive, which can be very dangerous. When you notice your rubber breaking down, smearing, streaks, or hear squeaking noises when you use your blades, it’s time to get them switched out. Mistake #5: Not changing your in-cabin air filter. While this mistake might not seem like a huge deal, it’s actually really important to your safety and your Orlando Toyota vehicle’s car maintenance plan. This filter prevents dust, debris, toxins, and many other contaminants from making their way into the cabin. When this filter is clogged, it can’t prevent contaminants from getting in and it could also impact your vehicle’s air conditioner and heating system.
  3. 3. Not sure what you need checked and when to do it? Call us today at (407)298-0001 to book an appointment with one of our Orlando car service techs!