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Toyota of N Charlotte Tips: How to buy a used car

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Purchasing a used car in Charlotte can be stressful and confusing - but at Toyota of N Charlotte it doesn't have to be! We have complied a list of tips so even the pickiest driver can find what they are looking for.Always remember to stick to your budget and what you need rather than what you want. Used car shopping just got easier!

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Toyota of N Charlotte Tips: How to buy a used car

  1. 1. Toyota of N Charlotte Tips: How to buy a used carIf you’re a driver looking for a new ride on a budget, a used car in Charlotte might be theperfect fit! It’s OK to not buy a brand new car. At Toyota of N Charlotte our goal is to getour customers into a reliable car that’s priced within their budget. We have such a largeassortment of used cars in Charlotte! The hardest step is going to be deciding on one modelto drive home. Here’s a list of tips to get you prepared for shopping!  Think about what you need.Everyone needs something different from their car. Maybe your daily commute is very farand you need a car that can take the miles. Perhaps you’re expecting to have children soonand you need a vehicle that can be versatile. Once you’ve decided what you need, you canstart looking at different models.  Choose a model.This part can be difficult! You may really want a used sports car but you may need aminivan. It’s time to be practical when you’re looking to buy a car – it’s an investment! Theused Toyota Sienna is perfect for families. The used Toyota Camry can be sporty but canalso typically fit in the tightest of budgets. When you come and see us, have what modelyou need in mind!
  2. 2.  Pick a price range.This is also crucial to find the perfect used car in Charlotte. Many times customers don’tknow what they can afford. Don’t let that be you! Come up with a price range that we canwork with. If you need something that’s under $10,000 we can help! We have an inventoryof cheap used cars under $10,000. Once you find your price range, it’s time to go shopping!  Go for a test drive.Once you have the model and the price range figured out, a visit to Toyota of N Charlotte isyour next step! You can let our sales specialists know exactly what you’re looking for. Theywill show you what we have available on our lot, and then you’ll take a few out for a testdrives. You might be surprised to find the used car you had in mind may not be what youwind up with. Each car drives differently and you won’t know until you’re in it!  Ask about warranties.If you’re worried about the miles you’re putting on your car, be sure to ask aboutwarranties. Our Toyota Certified Used Car program might be something you should lookinto. These cars come with CarFax reports and have been certified by Toyota. You can alsotalk to us about extending a warranty! We want you to leave with exactly what you need!Are you ready to visit us? Start thinking about what you need in your next car then feel freeto give us a call! Our Internet Sales Team can be reached at (888) 883-3797. They will behappy to search our inventory to help you find your next ride or just come in! We arelocated off of I-77 in Huntersville – we will be happy to see you!