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Lauren Bath, Gold Coast QLD: The World's Biggest Social Media Team

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Lauren Bath, Gold Coast QLD: Carly Donohue, Perth WA: “A lot of wonderful things have happened to “My aim generally on a weekly basis is to get me since I started sharing photos but my into the weeks fan photos posted by Australia. most exciting was the feature that Tourism It is one of the best ways to market attention Australia did on my shots. It was my first big to a photo of mine. Alone it would be photographic break.” impossible for myself to engage all those in the world that like Australia photography to see my photos.” Jen Rayner, Hobart TAS: “I love Australia and I love photographing it.   Tourism Australias Facebook profile provides the Richard Hirst, Sydney NSW: perfect platform for me to share my perspective “I have been inundated with emails from of Australia, with the rest of the world… I know people around the world telling me how how important tourism is to Tasmania and much they love my work and Australia. It is being involved in promoting my island gave me especially satisfying when I receive emails a great sense of pride.” from friends of mine who live overseas and who have seen my photos posted by Tourism Australia.” Brad Chilby, Illawarra NSW: “I get hundreds of emails and enquiries through my Facebook fan page asking about visiting the Andy Hutchinson, South Coast NSW: Illawarra, places to see and things to do and I “Best thing thats happened since I started sharing my photos is that Ive started making aWhy photographers share their photos... really enjoy sharing my local knowledge with them. The more photos I share with Tourism living out of selling them. I didnt think my Australia the more my fan base grows and so photos were very good and had never does the interest in the region. Tourism considered selling prints before, but thanks in Australia once shared one of my photos of Sea part to traffic sent my way via the Australia Cliff Bridge at Coalcliff in N.S.W and my fan page and so many positive responses, I thought numbers jumped by almost 400 fans in one day. Id give it a go. Ive since sold prints and It would normally take around 3 months to gain calendars all over the world  - if someone had that many fans.” told me that would be the case this time last year Id have thought they were mad.”

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