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“Social is a massive platform The World's Biggest Social Media Team

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“Social is a massive platform Here is where the World’s Biggest Social Media Team haswhere people can tell stories. a crucial role to play: they field questions and interact with people who are starting to consider visitingUltimately, we want our Australia.4 million plus Facebook fans, This kind of evangelism, facilitated through Tourismthe 23 million people who Australia’s profiles, packs a far greater punch than welive here and the 6 million could ever create on our own.who visited last year to It’s the same story when a trip reaches the planningbecome ambassadors for the stages: when places to stay or eat out are recommendedcountry. Everything we do in in a peer-to-peer fashion, it’s out of a genuine desire tosocial is to make this share and help others enjoy their holiday in Australia.happen.” - Nick Baker The core social media team aims to win consumer trust by taking a back-seat approach, facilitating natural conversation and spontaneous recommendation between users. Here’s how we do it... powered by fans

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