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SearchStars 2018: Mattias Bergehed - Leovegas

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"Acquisition & Off Page Strategies"
Presentation from SearchStars - Swedens largest search marketing conference.

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SearchStars 2018: Mattias Bergehed - Leovegas

  1. 1. Acquisition & Off Page Strategies
 “Fuelling M&A With Search Intelligence” Mattias Bergehed - Head Of SEO @ Search Stars Malmö 2018
  2. 2. Agenda Why This Topic Review Of Process Key Metrics & KPIs Key Findings & Synergies Results of UK Acquisition & Organic Performance
  3. 3. Introduction 30 years old from Sweden Managing the SEO for LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group 9 years experience in IGaming
  4. 4. NEVER AN 
  5. 5. Don’t Forget Single page JS Application Didn’t attribute Organic Customers No Data in GA or GSC How To Prioritise Over 15 000 Landing Pages?
  6. 6. Review Of Process Google Search Console Investigate Manually BI & Data Department Broad + Long-tails Segmentation Sustainable keywords? Google Desktop Google Mobile Top 100 results Serp Result (top 30) Trends forecast DA (Referrals) Technical SEO
  7. 7. Technical SEODomain Authority Future OpportunitySearch Volume Organic Score Value Key Metrics - Markets & Properties
  8. 8. Market Landscape UK Casino Overview of keyword results after segmentation and grouping
  9. 9. Key Terms “Slots” Products that offers a great LTV and are easy to scale regardless of market
  10. 10. Sustainable keywords
  11. 11. Search Volume
  12. 12. Search Volume
  13. 13. Better understanding of market landscape (volume, competitors, future growth) Analysing On Page areas such as, content creation & technical performance Better understanding of backlink portfolios and referral performance Synergies with other departments (acquisition + tech department)
  14. 14. DA Overview
  15. 15. Search terms related to casino games has seen a growth of over 200% last years Same terms has an expected growth of over 250% in 2019 The “Big Boys” seems to be focusing on Sportsbook and are lacking On Page Rocket X has several properties performing well, but are lacking DA Acquiring their properties will increase our SoV to over 18% for casino games in UK
  16. 16. Rocket X + Leo, 11th Jan 2018 LeoVegas acquires the assets of RocketX, including top brands such as 21.co.uk, Slotsboss, BetUK and UK Casino for a total purchase price of 65 million GBP (EUR 73,5million)
  17. 17. Performance /games/ Making the right prioritisation based on data,  means that the most valuable /games/ has got our love and attention Trends and rankings are going on the right directions
  18. 18. Svanströms ELAre Still Kicking Ass!
  19. 19. Thank You! Mattias Bergehed mattias.bergehed@leovegas.com