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  1. 1. GUN CONTROL SMART GUN ALTERNATION An Innovative way to use the existing cell phone technology to operate the smart gun features
  2. 2. Anything for HUMANITY • For the interest of Public Safety and Humanity in General, Transtronics is on the process of developing more processes to maintain the public safety and able to improve quality of life • In this instance, Transtronics will introduce a new concept for gun control in the matter that this process will enhance and enrich the existing gun control process at the present time
  3. 3. SMART GUN CONCEPT • Smart Gun has been introduced to the public as the kind of gun that can only operate by the gun owner • This kind of gun to be used only when the gun owner presents a certain Identity way to identify himself, and only the gun can recognize it before the gun can be operated • There are 2 ways on the Smart gun Identification: BIOMETRIC and BLUE TOOTH SIGNAL
  4. 4. BIOMETRIC APPROACH • This kind of Smart Gun will recognize the Gun Owner Identification by recognizing the GUN OWNER FINGER PRINT • And therefore, the gun owner must press his finger at a space by the side of the gun that resisted as his finger print • And the gun will be operated after the finger print recognized • This Biometric will prevent any one who steal the gun to use the gun in the illegal way
  5. 5. Blue Tooth approach • Another way for Gun Control process is the system that would use the BLUE TOOTH signal to connect with the gun for operation • In this process, the gun owner must wear some kind of devices that send the blue tooth signal to the gun: Watch, Ring… • As soon as the proper Blue Tooth signal sent out and match with the gun requirement… The gun can be operated…
  6. 6. Problems with Biometric system • Yes, indeed, the Biometric is a very good way to identify the gun owner • But if the process of placing the finger is not proper… the gun does not work • There are also few elements in the process of Biometric like the time of the day to use the gun, the level of heat and the situation around • Generally the Biometric works at 95% of its proficiency
  7. 7. Problems with Blue tooth System • In order to use the Blue tooth system in the smart gun, the gun owner must wear some kind of devices : Watch or ring • In the case of emergency without the devices… the guns do not work • And therefore this process to be used; only for hunting and recreation • It is not to be used for emergency and self defense • In addition, this process seems very unattractive for the gun owner
  8. 8. Transtronics and Smart Gun Process • In light of the reality that Smart gun is an effective to be used by the gun owner and it has the merit to develop further • However, this process has not been able to take off due to the lack of consumer interest and other unknown reason • Transtronics proudly to introduce the concept of Smart Gun / Cell Phone combination that has never been exposed and explored before
  9. 9. TransTronics Smart Gun • Transtronics smart gun will be operated by the gun owner cell phone • The gun owner cell phone has its own electronic signature that is the cell phone own number • The cell phone, by its unique electronic structural development… when it is on… send the electronic signal constantly • Those are the basic elements to operate the smart gun
  10. 10. Cell phone usage in 21st century • 95% of the world population has the access of cell phone usage • The wireless phone is much easier and much cheaper to develop for the consumer usage in every corners of the world • Each cell phone has its own number that is an absolute electronic identification and there is NO duplicate phone number • And therefore the cell phone is a perfect way to incorporate in the smart gun process
  11. 11. How it works • The smart gun will be programmed to recognize the cell phone number as the gun owner identification • If the gun owner wants to activate the smart gun, he can do so by having the processing of his cell phone on him • The cell phone then send its regular signal • The gun will receive the signal… recognizes it and operate the gun
  12. 12. Transtronics process • In our process, the smart gun will not ever be operated UNLESS and UNTIL the gun receives the electronic signal from a cell phone • And the cell phone signal must match with the gun owner • The smart gun must recognize the signal • Before the gun can be operated
  13. 13. John Story • John has Transtronics smart gun • He also has a cell phone of which the number is 1-234-567-8900 • When John wants to use the gun he just uses the gun • Because John has always carried his cell phone anyway • In this instance, John does not have to do anything extra… but only him can operate his smart gun because he is the only one has the electronic code of 1-234-567-8900
  14. 14. Transtronics smart gun technology • The notion of using cell phone signal as the electronic signal to identify someone or something is simple • Applying this concept to the smart gun process is even more simple in a sense that cell phone is suppose to be with a person at all time • And only that person with the cell phone will carry its cell phone number • And the cell phone by itself send the signal regardless of …
  15. 15. In cases • In Transtronics system, the smart gun will recognize the cell phone number signal • Bases on the programming, a smart gun would recognize two cell phone numbers • In this case, the smart gun will recognize the number 1-234-567-8900 for the husband and 1-234-567-8901 for the wife
  16. 16. John story again • John has 2 cell phone numbers: One for personal and one for Business • He also own 5 guns • So John can assign different gun to different cell phone numbers • In this instance, Transtronics system offers the flexibility to give the gun owner more power in his gun usage
  17. 17. Transtronics proposal • In light of the new development that Transtronics has just developed to use the cell phone as the main element to operate the smart gun • Transtronics would like to propose the following • All new smart gun will be installed the cell phone technology • For the old smart gun, Transtronics will develop the technology that can convert from Biometric or blue tooth to cell phone technology
  18. 18. For the new smart guns • Transtronics will work with different smart gun companies to introduce the concept and join with them in developing a system that produce the smart gun that is State of Arts • We will work with cell phone companies to deliver the products • In this process, we must rely on the government support because our process has public safety and public interest elements
  19. 19. For the old blue tooth smart gun • For the old smart guns that apply the blue tooth system… Transtronics has developed a system that would convert from the blue tooth to the cell phone system for smart gun usage • Applying the formation A=B; B=C and therefor A=C • A is the old blue tooth system • B is our conversion process • C is the Cell phone system
  20. 20. How it work? • If one has the old Blue Tooth Smart Gun, one must install Transtronics Conversion system in the smart gun • We will assist the gun owner to program the system • And instead of wearing a watch on the wrist or the ring on the finger • The gun owner just simply carriers the cell phone • And the smart gun to be operated smoothly
  21. 21. For the old Biometric smart gun • Our technical team has developed an electronic magnetic strip that can stick in the bottom of the gun • This process will convert from Biometric system to the cell phone system for the smart gun usage • This process does not need any installation at all… just stick the strip in any part of the gun
  22. 22. How the process works • After the strip has been stick to the gun • Instead of placing the finger in the square space in the gun • The gun owner must pass the cell phone over the space • By doing so, the gun will recognize the cell phone code number • Instead of the finger print signature • In this process Cell phone number = Finger print signature
  23. 23. Let’s Recap • The smart gun concept to be used as the means that only the gun owner can operate the gun • It is a good concept… with a few problems • In the notion of BUILDING A BETTER MOUSE TRAP… Transtronics has suggested and developed an electronic delivery system in which the cell phone will replace the Biometric and blue tooth in the smart gun usage
  24. 24. RECAPING • In light of the reality of public shooting… Transtronics has developed a system that will contact the gun owner when the gun being stolen; on his cell phone and he has different options to deal with the satiation including the option of disabling the gun from his cell phone • We suggest that all gun should be signed up by two names: One is the primary gun owner and the other will be the SAFEGUARD in gun usage • We suggest that the cell phone will replace the Biometric and Bluetooth one
  25. 25. Challenges • We foresee the challenges a head that this system might face some resistance from pro gun groups like the NRA • From the practical standpoint, our process not at all limit the gun owner rights, but control the gun from being misuse • On the contrary, our process extents the gun owner rights and power that in this process the gun will not operated UNLESS and UNTIL the gun owner being noticed… and approves to be so
  26. 26. Thanks • Thank you for the opportunity to share this process to serve the world and humanity • We hope that our project will make significant in the people lives • It will make the world safer • It will enhance and enrich quality of life
  27. 27. Contributors • John Ogden : General Counsel • William Urbane Jackson : Overall concept Development • John Benson: Research and Special Project • Julie Detor: Special Project • James Moore and Alan Glaser : Legal Counselor • Many others as well
  28. 28. Contact • Tony T. Tran : 585-342-3468 Email : Tonytran.phr@gmail.com • John E Benson : 585-943-8118 Email: EVABenson@Frontiernet.net • Alan L. Glaser : 585-232-4080 Email Aglaser@rochesterrr.com