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Diary management

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Diary Mangement Services

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Diary management

  1. 1. Kendlebell book all my appointments so I can put my time to better use, looking after my patients diary management
  2. 2. diary management Prior to Kendlebell I could only take telephone calls at the beginning or end of surgery, meaning clients had to leave a message on the answer phone.  The Kendlebell week’s trial has proved that more people make calls to Practice than actually leave messages.  Feedback from clients is that your staff are responsive, took ownership of the call and are efficient and professional.  Some were taken aback when they got a ‘human response’ and didn’t have to leave a message. Many thought I had employed my own secretary here in the Practice! Audrey Doyle Feet First Chiropody Practice Managing your day can be stressful,unless someone is helping to run your diary. Letting Kendlebell manage your diary comes at a fraction of the cost of running your own office and with a good deal less hassle. Managing your working day is crucial in business and having an efficient system can make all the difference to your success.We all have frustrating experiences of delays because we can’t get through to make an appointment. When it is your business, that can mean lost business. That’s why Kendlebell offers an online diary management service to schedule your meetings and appointments. It is a useful additional service Kendlebell can provide, so while you are busy in meetings or with clients, your dedicated team of PA’s at Kendlebell can be taking calls and booking appointments for you as well.Their personal, friendly approach can really make an impact and promote a professional experience with your business contacts right from the start. You can see your scheduled appointments any time online or you can call us to speak to your Kendlebell team about them.You’ll quickly find we become a vital part of your business. Medical practitioners, consultants, property companies and lawyers have all found the service becomes essential. One they can’t do without. Discover the difference an experienced Kendlebell PA can make to your business! Call Kendlebell now! Kendlebell Naas, Unit W10G Ladytown Business Park, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland. Tel: 1 800 844 750 Fax: 045 409623 info@kbvo.ie www.kbvo.ie 1 800 844 750