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KWL Teaching Strategy

KWL teaching strategy explanation

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KWL Teaching Strategy

  1. 1. KWL Teaching Strategy
  2. 2. What is KWL • Created by Donna Ogle in 1986 • Teaching strategy used – to engage students in a new topic – Activate prior knowledge – Share unit objectives – Monitor learning • Graphic organizer that allows students to organize information, before, during, and after a unit or lesson
  3. 3. What is KWL • K – What do you Know about the topic? • W – What do you Want to know? • L – What did you Learn?
  4. 4. KWL
  5. 5. KWL Pros & Cons • Pros – A concrete, visual tool which helps students plan – Activates prior knowledge and engages students as active learners – Can be used for multiple subjects – Helps students and teacher realize whether there are gaps in the students’ knowledge which the teacher needs to help fill in – Helps student summarize what he or she has learned • Cons – Very visually-oriented, not very helpful for auditory or kinesthetic learners – May be a distraction, not a help, for students who are not proficient readers – Only beneficial if students internalize the strategy and learn to use it fluently
  6. 6. KWL Example