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Linkedin marketing: The 3 times you must message your linkedin contacts

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Do you ever feel like you're don't know who most of your Linkedin contacts are – including all the potential customers?

It's a common problem. But it's one that's easily solved if you send messages to your network at 3 key times.

Get in touch at the right times with the right messages offering to help and add value to your network and you'll get more in-bound leads, more warm phone calls and more business opportunities more easily and more often.

For more information on how you can get more leads from Linkedin in 3 easy steps, contact Tom Mallens on www.Linkedin.com/in/tommallens, tom@tommallens.com, +44 (0)1926 678 920 or follow me on Twitter at @TomMallens.

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Linkedin marketing: The 3 times you must message your linkedin contacts

  1. 1. The  3  times  you  MUST  message   your  Linkedin  connections         Have  you  ever  felt  like  you  don’t  know  who  most  of  the  people  in   your  Linkedin  network  are,  including  all  the  potential  customers?     3. A way to avoid this is to keep in touch with your network at 3 key times that will help you build a powerful network of contacts. And it will help you reinforce your status as the go- to expert in your field more easily than ever!   5.  Always  message  new   connections  to  welcome   them  to  your  network  and  offer  to   help  them  with  some  useful  info!     6.  Whenever  people  like,  comment  or   share  your  content,  always  follow-­‐up  by   quickly  thanking  them.  It’s  polite,  sociable   and  builds  awareness  of  brand  YOU!     7.  Finally,  if  you  get  connection  requests  from  people  you  don’t   know,  send  them  a  message  asking  more  about  them!       Thank  them  for  getting  in  touch.  Explain   you’re  interested  to  know  how  they  found   your  profile  and  if  you  could  help.     9.  Connect  with  the  right   people  and  message  at   these  3  times,  &  you’ll   generate  in-­‐bound  leads,   warm  calls  and  more   business  opportunities!   1.   2. 4 . 8.   Helping  you  get  more  leads  from  Linkedin  in  3  easy  steps   W:  tommallens.com   E:  tom@tommallens.com   T:  01926  678  920                      M:  07917  005  938                      @TomMallens   It’s  a  common  problem  that   means  you  miss  in-­‐bound   leads  and  opportunities.