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Women's Fashion Trends 2017

Learn how women's fashion trends have changed with todaysera.com.

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Women's Fashion Trends 2017

  1. 1. Women’s fashion Today’s era
  2. 2. Fashion is what you are offered thousand times a year and what you choose is your style. Women’s fashion has become a huge industry with increasing exploration and tremendous experiments in fashion industry.
  3. 3. Fashion time….line…. Classic style…. Persona of beauty in simplicity….
  4. 4. The early 90’s marked the beginning of a new fashion era with sober yet enchanting pointed smoky eyes and high buns and frilled ponies , and heavy looks with simple accessories which took this era towards new heights of women’s fashion industry. The early 90’s
  5. 5. The late ninetees were a new phase in the women’s fashion industry. If we talk in context of the Indian women fashion industry then Bollywood represented the existing trend of fashion amongst women or in other words it can also be said that Bollywood industry was attend setter for fashion amongst people of every age. In late 90’s bold makeup with lot of sexiness and ethnicity dominated the women fashion trend in late 90’s.. La
  6. 6. The beginning of 20’s onwards….. The beginning of the 20’ s marked the era of more realistic fashion trends . The fashion as always remains dominated by the fact that whatever makes you comfortable is the perfect fashion and style , this era marked the gracious use of real time Facial behaviour and beauty more than makeup and uncomfortable accessories.
  7. 7. Today’s era fashion…. In today’s era fashion is all about being yourself. Something that defines you is your fashion and style. Every kind of new experiment which is done in order to enhance the existing fashion trends is just a sample of what can fit to your daily fashion needs. A beautiful wardrobe guarantees a hidden sense of confidence in you.
  8. 8. Today’s era ethnic fashion trends…. • Whenever we talk about ethnicity and traditional fashion we come across a lot of variety , specially in india , which is a country of diverse culture , at a very short distances one can observe a large variety of fashion in various States from Punjab to uttarakhand , and Rajasthan to Sikkim and many more. Changes have been observed in the regional fashion as per the needs and comfort ,one more factor which guided the change was climate and seasonal variations.
  9. 9. Today’s era…modern trends…. In the modern era ‘the way you present is the way you are treated’ is the formula for a succession any kind of event. So Fancy and get ready aptlyf or every special occasion to make your moments more memorable.
  10. 10. Do’s and Don’t necessary to make your style outrageous….. • Always be comfortable in what you carry.Never hassle. • Be yourself. Do not copy. • Experiment carefully. • Keep your style more smart than trying to be beautiful that makes you more beautiand confident in turn.
  11. 11. Thanks for watching…. todaysera.com