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22 Tips Combat Social Media Fear

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What are your social media fears: Troll, Technology, Tracking, Time or ....? Before you launch into a successful social media program the 'elephants in the room' must be addressed.

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22 Tips Combat Social Media Fear

  1. 1. Toby Bloomberg Five Social Media Elephants in the Room With 22 Tips
  2. 2. Trolls Listen for nega-ve reviews Watch your social channels Set Google Alerts Create Talk Walker Alerts Develop a Reputa-on Management Plan
  3. 3. Sales Ask “What influenced your purchase decision” Track orders from Facebook and Pinterest Track website conversa-ons Add tracking codes Consider other forms of Return on Investment: Reach, Awareness, Amplifica-on, Rela-onships
  4. 4. Technology Spend -me learning about the channels that are most successful for your brand Sandbox 1 or 2 networks just to learn and play Create Google and Talk Walker Alerts Follow the networks on social media Subscriber to blogs and newslePers Read books, aPend conferences, Search out webinars
  5. 5. Track Review your roadmap Determine how you defined success Return on Investment e.g. Reach Awareness Amplifica-on Rela-onship Engagement Conversion Traffic
  6. 6. Time Dependent on content direc-on & number of social channels Create topic driven content calendar Build -me to: Research & create content Engage Listen Review analy-cs An-cipate at least 3 hours/week
  7. 7. Continue the Conversation Toby Bloomberg @tobydiva | @divafoodies Divamarke-ngblog.com | DivaFoodies.com tobyb1@gmail.com
  8. 8. About Toby Bloomberg Toby Bloomberg is founder of Diva Marke-ng blog, noted by Forbes as one of the 20 best blogs on social media and marke-ng by a woman. Launched in 2004, Diva Marke-ng is one of the longest sustained business blogs. Toby’s passion is helping brands tell their stories in the digital conversa-on world. Through Bloomberg Marke-ng/Diva Marke-ng, Toby works with B2B, B2C and NPO clients to ensure social media/digital ini-a-ves are integrated, accountable and reflect the brand's core values. She is the cofounder of Diva Foodies which serves the culinary world including chefs, food media, food TV celebrity chefs, cookbook authors and food entrepreneurs. Toby is available for consul-ng assignments, corporate training and event presenta-ons. tobyb1@gmail.com