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TiniFiber - An Armored Fiber Innovation

  1. The Only Fiber Optic Cable You Will Ever Need! Micro Armor Fiber™
  2. TiniFiber® Wins Consecutive “Govies” Government Security Platinum Level Awards in 2015 & 2016 at the ISC West Security Show in the Fiber Optics Category. Award Winning Fiber Optic Cable
  3. Nov 10, 2015 TiniFiber® by CertiCable was awarded the U.S. Patent for the Armored Flexible Fiber Optic Cable - 11/11/2015 Farmingdale, NY – Certicable Inc., the parent company to TiniFiber® has announced today that the U.S. Patent office has awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,182,562 B2 for the stainless steel micro armor fiber developed to protect the fragile fiber glass within the cable jacket. “Our Micro Armor Fiber™ stainless steel concept was conceived back in 2011 and we are pleased that the U.S. Patent Office recognizes the invention as ground breaking and will change the armored fiber optic industry,” stated Christian A. Peterson III, Chief Executive Officer for TiniFiber’s product line. Peterson continues, “We’re focused on providing best-in-class armored fiber optic solutions to meet the needs of large enterprises, IT, communications, telco, CATV, Pro AV, CEDIA, security and government agencies that are seeking a quality fiber optic cable for both indoor and outdoor usage.” Barry Skolnick, co-inventor and Chief Operating Officer, states “The TiniFiber’s revolutionary development of Micro Armor Fiber™ addresses both the armor and non-armor cable markets in a single solution.” Roman Krawczyk, co-inventor and Chief Engineer further elaborates that, “This is accomplished by the proprietary “Micro Armor Machinery” designed to tightly wind the stainless steel tubular coil around the fiber strands. This in turn provides the smallest Outer Diameter (OD) of any armored fiber cable on the market.” The solution offers considerable advantages over the conventional Aluminum Interlocking Armor (AIA) widely used today. TiniFiber® Micro Armor Fiber™ cable does not increase the size of the outer diameter of the basic fiber optic cable. U.S. Patent and Press Release
  4. What is Micro Armor Fiber™? • Micro Armor Fiber is a revolutionary U.S. Patented award winning new product. • It Incorporates a tightly wrapped stainless steel coil around the fiber jacket. • It is designed to provide the lightest, strongest and most flexible solution on the market today. • TiniFiber can be utilized wherever conventional indoor and outdoor fiber optic cables are used.
  5. The smallest form factor armored fiber in the market Micro Armor Fiber™ • The Micro Armor Fiber™ solution is designed to protect the fragile glass fiber strands within the cable jacket. • Micro Armor Fiber™ stainless steel coiled tubular design (combined with Kevlar®) adds tensile strength, unparalleled durability and crush resistance for indoor and outdoor usage. • Future proofs projects by adding unmatched durability in the smallest OD from 1 to 144 fiber strands which includes Multimode OM1, OM3, OM4 and SingleMode OS2. • TiniFiber’s outer jackets are made to meet all required specifications and external conditions from Riser, Plenum, Indoor/Outdoor, LSZH, Direct Burial, Industrial and Harsh Environments as well as an added water block for underground conduits when necessary. • Micro Armor Fiber™ is available with all standard connectors.
  6. Why Micro Armor Fiber? • Micro Armor Fiber™ by TiniFiber® is a revolutionary innovation • The Micro Armor Fiber is encased around the smallest Outer Diameter • TiniFiber provides the best cost/value proposition • 65% smaller and 75% lighter than Aluminum Interlocking Armor (AIA) • Lowers manpower hours for installations • Lowers shipping and warehousing costs • Exceeds the industry performance standards • Single jacket Hybrid Fiber + Power cables PROVIDES PEACE OF MIND AND PROTECTS YOUR INVESTMENT FOR THE LIFE OF THE PROJECT
  7. Where to Use Micro Fiber Armor™ Everywhere you use indoor/ outdoor or armored fiber optic cables: • Can be used in any channel from Telco, CATV, WAN, LAN, SAN, Broadcast, DAS, Security, Pro AV, Staging/Rental, CEDIA. • Data centers, IT, communications and security solutions that pose challenges regarding tight spaces and small conduits for small/medium businesses • FTTD/FTTH/FTTB with single strand of TiniFiber • BMS/PONS for premises who use it for connecting throughout buildings
  8. The TiniFiber® Hybrid Fiber + Power solution allows the installer to run Micro Armor Fiber™ optics and power to devices such as cameras in a single jacket that saves time, space and costs for the end-user. Available in a variety of glass types and strand counts, the fiber component is designed as needed. The “Power Cables” can be 2, 3 or 4 conductor with 12 AWG to 22 AWG options. The basic construction is two (2) strands of SingleMode Fiber and 18 AWG/2 conductor all under one (1) outdoor jacket. Hybrid Fiber + Power Sampling
  9. Micro Armor Fiber™ is approximately 65% smaller and 75% lighter than (AIA) Aluminum Interlocking Armor. Micro Armor Fiber™ vs. AIA
  10. Aluminum Interlocking Armor (AIA) Aluminum Interlocking Armored (AIA) cables are standard fiber optic cables inside a spirally wrapped interlocking armor for enhanced crush resistance and ruggedness. AIA cable is bulky and has been known to crush the fiber when the aluminum casing is compromised. It is difficult to work with, expensive to ship, requires additional crew labor, and is limited in its applications due to its size and lack of flexibility. Fiber Count Diameter Weight* Bendable Armor 12 13.90 mm 395 lbs. 20.00XD Fiber Count Diameter Weight* Bendable Armor 12 5.5 mm 99.20 lbs. 10.00XD Micro Armor Fiber Stainless Steel TiniFiber Micro Armor Fiber optic cable is a stainless steel coiled tubular armored solution that is designed as the smallest and lightest cable with enhanced crush resistance and ruggedness. It is available in riser and plenum constructions. Micro Armor Fiber can be used for all general usage, patch and inside/outside plant applications in place of a conduit. 12 Strands - Based on 1000 feet *This calculation does not include the actual weight of the reel Head to Head Competitive Analysis
  11. Simulation Project for TiniFiber vs. AIA to ship and ship the following: • 20,000 FT of 6 strand TiniFiber Micro Armor Fiber vs. Aluminum Interlocking Armor (approximate) • Pallets of each per trucking costs from Farmingdale, NY to California (approximate) • Pallet cost of 1 month warehousing based on $25.00 per pallet per month (average cost per pallet NJ) TiniFiber - Micro Armor Fiber Fiber Count Diameter Small Reel Weight 4 Reels 6 Strand OM3 5.5 mm 5,000 ft 220 lbs. 960 lbs. Shipping 2 pallets of 4 reels - $471.00 Warehousing 2 pallets 4 reels per month $50.00 per month Total Cost: $521 Aluminum Interlocking Armor Fiber Count Diameter Large Reel Weight 14 Reels 6 Strand OM3 13.90 mm 1,500 ft. 200 lbs. 2,667 lbs. Shipping 7 pallets of 14 reels - $1,410.00 Warehousing 7 pallets of 14 reels per month $350.00 per month Total Cost: $1,760 Cost Analysis 20,000 Ft. TiniFiber VS. AIA
  12. Available in a variety of glass types and strand counts, the fiber component is designed as needed. OM4 2/6/12 is a "universal medium" and supports all existing multimode applications. OM3 2/6/12 most popular strand counts. Laser- optimized 50/125 µm multi-mode fiber OS2 2/6/12 most popular strand counts. Most Popular Strand Counts
  13. Most Popular Fiber Optic Cable Indoor Fiber Optic Cables - Tight Buffered, Loose Tube, Ribbon cables • Loose Tube all contain several jacketed simplex optical 250µm fibers. • Tight buffered fiber in distribution cable is 900 µm. • Ribbon cable includes up to 12 fibers contained side by side within a single jacket.
  14. Most Popular Fiber Optic Cable Outdoor & Armored Fiber Optic Cables Tight buffered cables, loose tube cables, armored cables. • Armored fiber optic cable includes an outer armor layer for mechanical protection and to prevent damage. • Tight buffered cable and loose tube cable are two early common outdoor fiber cables. Tight buffered cables have riser and plenum rated versions
  15. TiniFiber Patch Cord Solutions TiniFiber Duplex Patch Cords – Single Tube for transmitting (TX) and receiving (RX). TiniFiber protects the glass fiber, adds strength with Micro Armor Fiber and is half the size of conventional patch cords! Conventional Patch Cords: Duplex Patch – Two (2) separate tubes for transmitting (TX) and receiving (RX). Therefore, 2X larger than TiniFiber.
  16. • ST has been a popular connector for many years. Bayonet locking design keeps the ST securely on equipment. Used widely in legacy systems and still the standard connector for broadcast applications. • SC is a snap-in connector that is widely used in both Multimode and Singlemode systems. • LC is a newer connector that uses a 1.25 mm ferrule, half the size of the SC/ST. Becoming the new most popular connector for both Single and Multimode fiber. • MTP®/MPO is 12 or 24 fiber connector for high density applications. Its main use is for pre-terminated cable assemblies. • HDMI HD AV, including full 4K/8K and 3D content at distances up to 1,000 feet . Popular Termination Solutions
  17. OS2 Cassette 12 Duplex LC Kit 24 Strand # MTF-OS2 OM1 Cassette 12 Duplex LC Kit 24 Strand # MTF-OM1 OM3 Cassette 6 Duplex LC Kit 12 Strand # MTF-OM3 OM4 Cassette 6 Duplex LC Kit 12 Strand # MTF-OM4 MPO Kits
  18. 10 Reasons Why Fiber Optic Versus Copper Cable Fiber optic cables are the most popular mediums for both new cabling installations and upgrades including: backbone, horizontal, and even desktop/home applications. Fiber offers a number of advantages over copper. 1. Less Power: Fiber optic cabling uses less power and provides less signal degradation than copper cables. 2. Greater Bandwidth: Fiber provides more bandwidth than copper and has standardized performance up to 100 Gbps and beyond. 3. Speed & Distance:. Fiber distances depend on the style of cable, wavelength and network. Distances can range from 550 meters (984.2 ft.) for 10-Gbps multimode and up to 40 kilometers (24.8 mi.) for single- mode fiber cable. 4. Security: Your data is safe with fiber cable. It doesn’t radiate signals and is extremely difficult to tap. 5. Centralize: Fiber networks also enable you to put all your electronics and hardware in one central location, instead of having wiring closets with equipment throughout the building. 6. Reliability: Fiber provides extremely reliable data transmission. It’s completely immune to many environmental factors that affect copper cable. 7. Design: Fiber is lightweight, thin, and more durable when armored, than copper cable. 8. Migration: The proliferation and lower costs of media converters are making copper to fiber migration much easier 9. Field Termination: Auto-aligning pins ensure accuracy for field termination. The use of pig-tails and pre- terminated cable make field connections quick and easy. 10. Cost: Fiber typically costs less to maintain, has less downtime, and requires less networking hardware.
  19. All company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. Customer Sampling • 911 Memorial • Arthur Ash Stadium • AOL • AT&T • ConEdison • Palms Casino • Panthers Stadium • Super Bowl 2013/2014/2015/2016 • Verizon • Winthrop Hospital
  20. NFL Superbowl Outdoor Fiber Every year, the Super Bowl outdoor events attract hundreds of thousands of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The NFL needed a truly reliable crush-proof, flexible, high quality cable with the smallest OD fiber armor. They turned to TiniFiber for the solution. During the 2014 New York City events in Times Square on “Super Bowl Blvd” there were thousands of vehicles and heavy foot traffic running over the Micro Armor cables without incident. The NFL again utilized TiniFiber for the 2015 Santa Ana Super Bowl (Feb 2016) events and will being using I again for the 2017 Event.
  21. Winthrop Hospital Research Building “Winthrop Hospital has undergone an expansion of our Research Building that uses high- tech training for future technologies in the hospital.” “A high end, secured fiber optic network backbone had to be implemented. We found that TiniFiber Micro Armor Fiber optic cable was the perfect solution. The highly flexible, small OD size saved space in both the pathways and the racks and made for a smooth installation and within budget. The stainless steel armor provided the extra strength and security over regular fiber cables. Plenum rated and the best Corning glass made it a no brainer.” - Chris Iorio, Chief Information Officer Winthrop Hospital, Mineola, NY
  22. Smart Choice Press Release Smart Choice Communications Works with TiniFiber® to Provide Superior Voice and Data Services to Clients Micro Armor Fiber™ Provides Increased Flexibility While Significantly Decreasing Time and Costs for Cabling Projects Smart Choice Communications is an end-to-end telecommunications consulting and management company that provides a full range of innovative infrastructure design, voice and data solutions, and cabling and wiring services to its growing client roster. The company is currently undergoing rapid expansion into the healthcare and retail industries, and Chief Technology Officer Basil Stepanov is always on the lookout for new products and services to better serve the demanding technology needs of this customer segment. Stepanov first encountered TiniFiber while working on an extensive wiring job for a large television producer. “For this project, speed was of the essence,” remarked Stepanov. “When the client is constantly pushing large files under tight deadlines, it’s our job to make sure everything runs smoothly and with no hiccups. TiniFiber helps us do just that.” Since that first installation over a year ago, Smart Choice has continually scoped out TiniFiber for a wide variety of projects and is working towards making Micro Armor Fiber the new standard for all cabling jobs going forward. “Micro Armor Fiber is tougher than other fiber without a doubt,” says Stepanov. “It provides maximum flexibility and gives us much more versatility, allowing us to work in large buildings and get around bends without worrying about cracking or breaking.” During some fiber-optic installations there is a need to provide extra protection for the cable due to the installation environment. That environment may be underground or in buildings with congested pathways. Installing an armored fiber-optic cable in these scenarios provides extra protection for the optical fiber and added reliability for the network, lessening the risk of downtime and cable damage due to rodents, construction work, weight of other cables and other factors. “We’ve done a lot of installs in large stadiums and schools, and inevitably the client always requests changes a year or more later,” says Stepanov. “When you’re using standard fiber and moving it at an angle, it could potentially break and cost the client tens of thousands of dollars. Bottom line: when fiber breaks in a 100-story building it’s a huge, expensive disaster.” Working with TiniFiber has helped Smart Choice save their clients significant time and financial resources. Measuring 65% lighter in weight and 75% smaller in size than popular Aluminum Interlocking Armor (AIA) fiber optic cables, Micro Armor Fiber translates into more versatility, lower shipping and installation costs, and decreased manpower hours to complete projects. “When scoping out new technology, the most important thing we look for is how it can help our clients,” Stepanov added. “With TiniFiber, it was a no-brainer.”
  23. Fiber DAS Article Cabling News Fiber DAS Article Cabling News On Apr 17, 2016, FRANK BISBEE <> wrote: FIBER OPTIC CABLE IS BECOMING THE "MUST USE" MATERIAL FOR INTERNAL DAS SYSTEMS AND MUCH, MUCH MORE... For increased coverage and capacity, TiniFiber and other cable manufacturers offer a number of radio-over- fiber (RoF) distributed antenna systems (DAS) that meet operators' distribution needs — from the simplest to the most complex applications. These cost-effective, integrated, end-to-end solutions deliver outstanding reliability and quality of service (QoS) as well as enhanced energy efficiency. Only TiniFiber has the patented Micro Armored fiber optic cable to meet the I/O challenging harsh and rugged environment. Available in CMP - Plenum also. Available as low-power, high-power or unified optical DAS, our units feature distributed intelligence that allows system components to integrate and interoperate like never before. The master unit controllers can be managed from an intuitive, Web-based interface, which supports total equipment administration and configuration. Whether you require a solution for the tallest skyscraper, the biggest sporting event or just a university campus, your fiber optic cable manufacturer designs and manufactures leading-edge technology that delivers exceptional performance, even under the most rigorous environmental conditions.
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  25. Tinifiber® is an award winning, U.S. Patented American engineered Micro Armor Fiber™. TiniFiber® has numerous testimonials from customers on the cost value proposition, ease of installation as well as exceeding durability, ruggedness, flexibility as the lightest weight armored cable in the market. Tinifiber® Micro Armored Fiber™ cables have surpassed the expectations of all customers. Summary & Contact PLEASE CONTACT US REGARDING SPECIFICATIONS AND ENGINEERING OF OUR PRODUCTS Barry Skolnick Vice President of Operations Roman Krawczyk Chief Engineer 102 Marine Street Farmingdale, NY 11735 631.756.2626 opt.2