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The chrysalids intro

A background and introduction for the novel The Chrysalids

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The chrysalids intro

  1. 1. The Chrysalids A Background…
  2. 2. The Genre The Genre The Setting O Every novel has a genre (category) O Some well-known genres are… O The genre for The Chrysalids O Where O When O Society: agriculture or industrialization? – rigid, repressive, cruel O Paradox
  3. 3. Background History World History O WWII: Holocaust O Armenians in Turkey O 1970s Cambodia O 1994 Rwanda
  4. 4. Suspension of Disbelief ~Assumptions O Nuclear holocaust (“The Tribulation”) O After Effects: telepathy, physical mutations O New World Order: God & “True Image”, Noah= prevention
  5. 5. O What does the word mean? O Chrysalid: the state through which larvae of most insects pass before becoming adults. O Physically O To ponder: - why is the novel titled The Chrysalids? O - Who are the chrysalids in the novel? Scientific “chrysalid”
  6. 6. Geography O Labrador: Waknuk O Sealand: New Zealand O Fringes: beyond Waknuk, to the south O Badlands: worst results of radiation in U.S. & S. Canada
  7. 7. Atmosphere & Style O Varies: familiar/ unfamiliar? O society: 18th C? 20th C? O Fear: David, Sophie… O Hope: Petra Style - P.O.V.: First person - Groups: Waknuk, Fringes, Telepaths
  8. 8. Themes O (nuclear) War O Barbarism O Helplessness O Religious oppression O Genocide O (lack of) Acceptance O Hypocrisy O Separation O Alienation O Deviation
  9. 9. Bibliography O http://survivingthechrysalids.wordpress.com/setting/ O http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/12957091 57l/925926.jpg O http://teacherlingo.com/resources/thumbnail/setting- poster-elements-of-literature.jpg O http://languageartsgames.4you4free.com/genres.gif O http://www.todayifoundout.com/wp- content/uploads/2011/10/chrysalys.jpg O http://www.armenian- history.com/images/phocagallery/Genocide/thumbs/p hoca_thumb_l_armenian_genocide.jpg O http://www.eurojewcong.org/img/articles/638x389/851 2.jpg