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Business Development Strategies - How to Enjoy an Instant 50%-200% Net Profit Increase

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There are hundreds of business development strategies, than when applied through expert guidance will rapidly increase the profits of any business. 80% of our business development strategies are not lead generation so that means there’s no implementation cost.

More videos can be found on the https://www.youtube.com/user/BusinessFreedom7 - our YouTube channel.

The strategies of business development include: selling, marketing, team building, systems, business growth planning, cost reduction and more.

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Business Development Strategies - How to Enjoy an Instant 50%-200% Net Profit Increase

  1. 1. You’re seeing the 6th Red HOT Marketing Strategy to Rocket Your Profits Tim Stokes
  2. 2. This video is on… How to Enjoy an Instant 50% to 200% Net Profit Increase!
  3. 3. What’s more important, to increase your turnover or profit?
  4. 4. Probably every business owner would say profit, but their actions don’t agree
  5. 5. Let’s do a simple test to see what I mean
  6. 6. Which of these businesses would you prefer to own…
  7. 7. Annual Sales - $1,000,000 No. of staff - 10 Net Profit - $50,000 Annual Sales - $500,000 No. of staff 5 Net Profit $75,000 Business 1 Business 2
  8. 8. In other words, would you like to have 5 less staff to manage, and have $25,000 more Profit?
  9. 9. I‘ll go over the answers soon, but there’s one more question I want to ask you, before I make a very powerful point
  10. 10. If your Annual Sales were $1,000,000 & Net Profit was $50,000, how would you feel if Sales reduced to $800,000, but your Net Profit went up to $100,000?
  11. 11. This is an extremely important and relevant question!
  12. 12. If your answer before was Business 2, that you’d prefer the $500,000 Annual Sales business, with $25,000 more Profit and with 5 less staff…
  13. 13. There’s an easy way to achieve a similar outcome in your business, if your business is in a service or manufacturing industry, with Annual Sales of $500,000 or more.
  14. 14. This strategy only really works for a service or manufacturing industry business, with Annual Sales of $500,000 or more.
  15. 15. You can still use the strategy I’m going to show you if your business is smaller, but there are other variables to consider.
  16. 16. The strategy to create much BIGGER Profits is…
  17. 17. Raise your prices by 10%!
  18. 18. 95% of business owners worry about the downside, a “potential” drop of Sales, instead of understanding the up side – the massive profit increase!
  19. 19. To take the emotion out of it, let’s look at the facts…
  20. 20. If Annual Sales are $1,000,000 & Net Profit $50,000, when you raise prices by 10%, the Annual Sales will also increase by 10%
  21. 21. That’s because you have the same number of customers spending 10% more
  22. 22. That’s assuming you don’t lose any customers, and we’ll look at that scenario soon
  23. 23. The 10% price rise means there’s a $100,000 increase in Sales but that increase is 100% PROFIT - because there’s no cost involved!
  24. 24. Add that $100,000 to the initial profit of $50,000 & its now tripled! Its increased to $150,000!
  25. 25. If you lost 20% of the Annual Sales after the price rise, the new yearly figure would be $900,000
  26. 26. The original Net Profit was $50,000 on $1,000,000, or 5%. With the reduced Annual Sales it would be 5% of $900,000 or $45,000
  27. 27. That’s $145,000 Net Profit based on the original $50,00, (with the $100,000 increase from the price rise)
  28. 28. Its still nearly triple the profit, if we assume there is a 20% drop in sales from the price rise.
  29. 29. What if there’s no loss of sales? For over 20 years I’ve measured before and after price rises of 10% to 40%, to get the FACTS!
  30. 30. You’d be shocked to hear the FACTS of measuring with 500+ businesses, before & after a price rise
  31. 31. 90% rarely lost any customers, & not 1 service or manufacturing business lost any profit
  32. 32. I’m going to talk more about completely avoiding all risk of a profit loss after raising your prices in video 7
  33. 33. The majority of business owners don’t understand business numbers, & are seriously missing out on HUGE Profit benefits because of it
  34. 34. If you’d like to turn ignorance into profit, to understand business & numbers more, you can learn more for free in an upcoming free online training meeting
  35. 35. For a limited time I’m giving away a copy of my book that will explain more than this video…
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