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  1. Tim Osby Former Co-Founder/Board Member at Wahoo Fitness
  2. Tim Osby received his MBA in Management from the Stern Business School of New York University in 1995. He can work well under pressure and successfully design an organization's plans and growth efforts.
  3. Tim Osby is knowledgeable in internal auditing, internal control policies and processes, balance sheet reconciliation, strategic budget decisions, and financial management systems review. Also, he is adept at conducting efficient internal audits.
  4. When working at Morgan Keegan as a VP of Investment Banking, Tim Osby also handled M&A deals in the Consumer Goods sector, which included retail and dining facilities.
  5. Tim Osby succeeds at increasing operational effectiveness, reducing expenses, and achieving challenging corporate goals in challenging and competitive environments.
  6. Tim Osby also has experience of working in different companies including Jefferies & Company, Swiss Bank, and Wells Fargo.
  7. Tim Osby has a history of launching new firms, conducting thorough research on potential investments, and generating interest in collaboratively marketed items.
  8. Thank You Find out more about him at his official site