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Writing Games in .NET with XNA Game Studio

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Developing your own game can be a daunting task. In this session, you’ll see how easy it is to get started from scratch with XNA Game Studio 4.0, the latest version of Microsoft’s multi-platform game creation toolkit. You’ll be introduced to the developer-friendly—and free!—community resources available for building games for the PC, Xbox, and Windows Phone and learn more about this industry-changing game development technology.

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Writing Games in .NET with XNA Game Studio

  1. 1. writing games in .net with xna game studio Dallas Day of .NET 9 March 2012 Dallas, Texas
  2. 2. your presenter Tim G. Thomas Senior Consultant Headspring tim@timgthomas.com timgthomas.com @timgthomas
  3. 3. a brief introduction Game Development Framework Released by Microsoft in 2006C# or VisualBasic (Managed code) Built on components of DirectX Supports 2D + 3D games
  4. 4. game publishing platforms Windows Xbox 360 (Indie Games, Arcade) Windows Phone 7
  5. 5. successful xna projects• Schizoid• Magicka• Terraria• Sol Survivor
  6. 6. the xna project structure• Game project • Teh codez• Content project • Images • Sounds • 3D models • Typefaces
  7. 7. typical game structure Game Initialization Content Loading Game Loops ... Content Unloading Game Exit
  8. 8. game loops Update() + Draw() Update() called at 60Hz Perform autonomous updatesWait for and respond to user input Draw() immediately after Update visible graphicsBe wary of CPU/GPU constraints
  9. 9. the Game object• Initialization• Content loading/unloading• Game loops• Component management • Mini-games • Separate Update() and Draw() methods • Linked to Game calls
  10. 10. the content pipeline• “Compiles” game assets during a build• Included processors: • XML » Object • Textures » textures • 3D models » vertices, textures, etc. • Audio (XACT) » audio files • Typefaces » sprite fonts• Custom processors
  11. 11. demo“Ping”
  12. 12. other considerations Game complexity Testing Windows 8
  13. 13. microsoft’s “dream build play” 15 May – 12 June 2012 Windows Phone 7 + Xbox 360Judged on “fun factor”, innovation, polish Over $110,000 in prizes
  14. 14. educational resources App Hub create.msdn.com XNA Team Blog blogs.msdn.com/b/xnaShawn Hargreaves blogs.msdn.com/shawnhar Renaud Bédard theinstructionlimit.com
  15. 15. presentation resources Slides slidesha.re/dodn12-xnaCode (GitHub) bit.ly/dodn12-xna-codeDownload XNA bit.ly/dodn12-xna-get Rate Me! spkr8.com/t/9414
  16. 16. thanks for your attendance Tim G. Thomas Senior Consultant Headspring tim@timgthomas.com timgthomas.com @timgthomas