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The Body Shop At Work Project: Summary Memo

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This is the memo I created to explain the processes and design decisions I made regarding this project. It also serves to help online readers get a fuller picture of the events I was setting up to increase revenue.

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The Body Shop At Work Project: Summary Memo

  1. 1. Memorandum Date: March 16th , 2010 To: Dr. Thralls From: Tiffany Welch Subject: The Body Shop at Work Project Overview The purpose of this memo is to contextualize my information sheet that you asked me to create for The Body Shop at Work Project. I worked closely with my Store Manager, Becky to create a unique idea that will grab the attention of potential customers through our Body Shop at Work program. There are four parts to my project: the poster, the gift set information sheets, the order form and the process explanation sheet. Each works with the other to create a fun way for The Body Shop to generate more sales in different small business venues. Process This section will outline a few details about each part of the project and explain how it works with the other parts. Process Overview A small display will be set up in the break room of small local businesses that will allow the employees to shop on their lunch hour without rushing to the mall. In order to accommodate such an audience, I have created a poster that will help them discover which gift set is most suited to their specific needs or requests. Poster I chose to use an interactive poster as the eye-catching media to ensure that customers are drawn into the experience of The Body Shop at Work. The poster takes place of a sales person by establishing the needs of the person, for example: a sales person would ask “What kind of scents does she like?” before making a recommendation. The poster offers a few different scent options for the customer to choose from, then directs them to a gift set that would satisfy that need. Gift Information Sheet and Pictures Once the gift set has been identified from the poster, the customer can get a closer look at what is included and why it may work for them by looking at the individual information sheets and pictures. Each gift information sheet has a picture, a list of included products, and a few sentences explaining the benefits of the gift set.
  2. 2. Order Form After choosing a gift, the customer can fill out the order form provided and wait about a week to receive the gift set in the comfort of their office. The order form asks the customer only to fill out their name, phone number, the gift set they want to order, the quantity of gift sets, the price, and whether or not they are eligible to receive the Love Your Body discount. Process Explanation Sheet There is also a process explanation sheet to ensure a full understanding of how “The Body Shop at Work” operates and how to use the poster and reference materials. Design Decisions I chose to stay with the Body Shop’s signature shades of green and tried to work in the Body Shop’s signature font of “Arial Narrow” where it was applicable. Each part of the project posed it’s own design dilemmas, but for the most part I tried to stay with natural textures and natural colors to adhere to The Body Shop’s theme of “natural beauty.” I hope that the results presented in this memo will be consistent with your expectations for the project. If you have any feedback or need to get in touch with me, I can be reached VIA email at Tiffany.S.Welch@gmail.com.