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How using visibility supports effective decision making

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For executives and leaders, a clear visible alignment of ongoing work to specific outcomes helps to create a focused mindset for making strategic business decisions.

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How using visibility supports effective decision making

  2. 2. 2 Ready to make your mark? /careers ©ThoughtWorks 2019 Commercial in Confidence
  3. 3. ©ThoughtWorks 2019 Commercial in Confidence 3 Ambiguity and pace The very way in which we run companies needs to change. Certainty has massively reduced and we have little time to plan. ● Alignment to the need for change ● Visible results more often ● Weaker signals need leading indicators like ‘Pirate’ metrics ● Better decision making, smaller is better ● Simplified Business Models The rules have changed
  4. 4. ©ThoughtWorks 2019 Commercial in Confidence 4 Visibility is not easy Apart from the very basics of environmentals, there are a few things that stand in the way of transparency ● Politics and the orchestra ● Budgets - the art of spending and capitalising ● Structures - who reports to me ● The Courage to act - what if I don’t like what it means, is their safety? The resistors
  5. 5. ©ThoughtWorks 2019 Commercial in Confidence 5 Visibility makes decisions easier We are now trying to make decisions with less certain information, less knowledge and with less time to make them in.. ● Depersonalize ● Show connection ● Two way flow ● For everyone to see ● Cascading measures and work Transparency leads to trust
  6. 6. ©ThoughtWorks 2019 Commercial in Confidence - Joshua J. Arnold (@joshuajames), Black Swan Farming “In the absence of information about Value, of course the system optimises for other things. Why should this surprise anyone?"
  7. 7. ©ThoughtWorks 2019 Commercial in Confidence 7 How to create visibility It is not as simple as making walls or generating reports, it requires a conscious effort and ongoing nurturing. ● Vision anchors, mental models and Connection - icons, colors ● Location and safety ● Introspectiveness, Protection, unity and sponsorship ● Maintaining and Investment What it needs
  8. 8. ©ThoughtWorks 2019 Commercial in Confidence 8 Anti-Patterns Justifying the status quo ● Lack of ownership of spaces ● Forcing the current work onto it, don’t fear the orphan ● Replicating the org structure, false validation ● Basing it on today’s scorecards and reports ● No Spreadsheets allowed
  9. 9. 9 Questions?
  10. 10. ©ThoughtWorks 2019 Commercial in Confidence Thank you 10 Gary O’Brien gobrien@thoughtworks.com Coffeefourdad.com / @coffeefourdad