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NEW Infographic - See How T&D Service The Pharmaceutical Industry

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Since 1985 Thorne & Derrick International have serviced the Pharmaceutical Industry with Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation Equipment.

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NEW Infographic - See How T&D Service The Pharmaceutical Industry

  1. 1. LINKEDIN DISCUSSION GROUP CLICK FOR MORE INFO ON EACH OF OUR SECTORS DISCUSSIONS INCLUDE: Process & Hazardous Area Industries: Heat Tracing, Gas Detection, Flow Control & Process Measurement. • NETWORK • ENGAGE • PROMOTE JOIN CLICK TO 10K+ MEMBERS READ BLOG ROTRONIC Atex Certified Humidity & Temperature Sensors - Rotronic HygroFlex5-EX SOLAR WIND OIL & GAS PETROCHEMICALPOWER MINING & QUARRYING CONSTRUCTION RAIL PHARMACEUTICALS WATER FOOD & BEVERAGE MANUFACTURING It takes on average more than 10 years to develop a drug. 10500+ There have been more than 500 Medicines approved since 2000. Globally, there are more than 7,000 medicines in development. 7000 SINGLE SOURCE 100+ BRANDS PHARMACEUTICALS T&D ARE SPECIALIST DISTRIBUTORS TO THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY. U K STO CKISTS 100,000+ PRODUCTS 100+ BRANDS CableElectrical Process 6 CORE RANGES Over 100,000 Products and 100 Brands International “door-to-door” Delivery Technical Support Service Over 30 Years Of Trading Experience 30 YEARS OF SERVICE INTEGRITY KNOWLEDGE RELIABILITY ENQUIRE PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS Where: TN. USA When: 2015 Contractors: G-CON MFG. SALES ENGINEERING DRUG MANUFACTURING FACILITY PLOUGH CENTER Located at the University of Tennessee Health Science Centre in Memphis, Tennessee. Mechanical MeteringInstrumentation Total floor space $16Construction cost of 32,000ft 2 of pre-fabricated sterile pods 17,200ft 2 PROCESS HEATERS million GAS DETECTION LEVEL MEASUREMENT SENSORS HEAT TRACING FLUID AUTOMATION DRUM, IBC & CONTAINER HEATING TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY MEASUREMENT HEATING JACKETS & SILICONE HEATING MATS SPILL CONTAINMENT & PREVENTION +44 (0) 191 410 4292 +44 (0) 117 935 9421 Follow us heatingandprocess.com +