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"Busting the myths around GDPR in marketing"

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Geoff Todd Groweb
"Busting the myths around GDPR in marketing"
Geoff will look at what businesses can and can't do with email addresses, personal info etc, how it relates to using targeting and personalisation in marketing and, as marketing aims to get great results at a high ROI, how GDPR compliance actually helps with that.

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"Busting the myths around GDPR in marketing"

  1. 1. The Business Journey March 20 2018
  2. 2. Social Media Follow: @TheBusJourney Hashtag: #SMEJourney
  3. 3. Business Journey Partner Geoff Todd @GrowebDigital
  4. 4. GDPR and Marketing Dispatches from the trenches
  5. 5. “Yes budgets can be tight, technology is moving fast and there’s a race to keep up with competitors. But if you can demonstrate that you have the appropriate systems and thinking in place you will find the ICO to be a proactive and pragmatic regulator aware of business needs and the real world.” - Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner https://iconewsblog.org.uk/2017/12/22/gdpr-is-not-y2k/
  6. 6. Business cards can’t be used without getting a consent form signed to process the data. • Legitimate interest • Fine for one to one contact • Don’t add to your mailing list • “freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous” consent
  7. 7. I can’t use tracking or personalisation on my website or marketing campaigns. • Anonymous is fine • Contracts with providers • Specifically state in privacy notice • Justification • Is it ultimately a positive, useful experience for the end user?
  8. 8. I’ll need to delete my email database • Most likely just needs some re-optins • Who opens emails? • A good thing • False picture of mailing list if many don’t open emails • Lower email marketing costs • Positive experience
  9. 9. A GDPR compliant website • Opt-in forms • consent truly opt in and very clear • Privacy notice • clear and readable • specifically name who will process personal data • say what you’ll do with personal information, how long you’ll keep it, and why you’re processing it • Tracking software • if the data can identify an individual, check contract with the provider • state what tracking you’re doing any why in your privacy policy • Check for other personal data • contract with a third party? • specific mention in privacy policy?
  10. 10. Principles for GDPR-friendly marketing • Helpful, compliant policies • Care about your prospects as much as your leads and customers • Quality over quantity and 80/20 • Fans not customers
  11. 11. Questions for Geoff
  12. 12. Dates for the diary 12 June 11 September 27 November