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How To ThingLink Premium Education Features

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Step by step tutorial on how to use ThingLink Premium Education features

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How To ThingLink Premium Education Features

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Control Panel 2. Groups and Students 3. Advanced Statistics 4. Upload Custom Icons 5. Image Creation 6. Create Group Channels 7. Video Creation 8. 360 Creation
  4. 4. CONTROL PANEL TOOLBAR AND MENU Hosting (if needed) Images from those you follow Images selected by ThingLink staff Browse images Access groups and students Create new images Your profile Menu
  5. 5. Toolbar Menu CONTROL PANEL TOOLBAR AND MENU Settings *Groups Help Log out
  7. 7. GROUPS AND STUDENTS CLASSROOM GROUPS FOR YOUR STUDENTS Click to reach students and groups Click to see groups Create new groups Delete Group Manage Group
  8. 8. GROUPS AND STUDENTS STUDENTS LIST Search for students Change a student password Click to view student list Click on name to view profile
  9. 9. 9 GROUPS GROUP MANAGEMENT PAGE Group members Remove member Registration method #3: Students register themselves Registration methods #1/2: Teacher registers students
  10. 10. GROUPS STUDENT REGISTRATION METHOD #1 Enter student names or student emails Click register PRINT THIS PAGE Student login email Student login password
  11. 11. GROUPS STUDENT REGISTRATION METHOD #2 Use this format to compile student account information Choose the proper CSV file from your computer Upload This method allows you to control all aspects of the student account information
  12. 12. GROUPS STUDENT REGISTRATION METHOD #3 Students use the invitation code to register at www.thinglink.com.edu Students use their school email Invitation code Select STUDENT Register
  14. 14. STATISTICS DETAILED STATISTICS FOR YOUR WHOLE ACCOUNT AND FOR EACH IMAGE Access individual image statistics Access overall statistics
  15. 15. STATISTICS DETAILED STATISTICS FOR YOUR WHOLE ACCOUNT AND FOR EACH IMAGE Select the time frame Select views, hovers, clicks, or time on image Select ‘Total’ or ‘Unique’ users
  16. 16. STATISTICS DETAILED STATISTICS FOR YOUR WHOLE ACCOUNT AND FOR EACH IMAGE Total figures and ratio Advanced metrics for each tag and embedded location
  18. 18. CUSTOM ICONS UPLOAD AND USE YOUR OWN ICONS Click on the menu to open the drop down Click on “SETTINGS”
  19. 19. CUSTOM ICONS UPLOAD AND USE YOUR OWN ICONS Click “UPLOAD ICON SET” Click “TAG ICONS” tab Click “SELECT” to upload the icons from you computer for each option Lastly, click “UPLOAD SET”
  21. 21. IMAGE CREATION UPLOADING Click CREATE to begin Method #1 Upload image file via your hard drive Method #2 Upload image via URL where it is hosted Method #3 Import image from Facebook Method #4 Import image from Flickr
  22. 22. Hosting (if needed) IMAGE CREATION TAGGING Click anywhere on the image to add a tag Edit the title of your image Click to remove touch, share, fullscreen and branding Use + and - to zoom in and out This video explains additional tag types
  23. 23. IMAGE CREATION TAG CUSTOMIZATION Link Click to choose icon Upload or change tag image Enter a link for photo or click through Select tag type Bold Italic Numbered List Bulleted List Alignment Enter caption Font Size Custom tag layout Custom tag button text Upload audio file
  24. 24. IMAGE CREATION TAG CUSTOMIZATION Hide bubble: Tag bubble is always invisible Pinned icon: Icon is always visible Hide icon: Icon is invisible Select new tab, same tab or nothing Choose between 16 font options Select colors for bubble and text Save tagDelete tag
  25. 25. IMAGE CREATION RICH MEDIA TAGS AVAILABLE Use rich media tags to incorporate actionable, interactive tags for your favorite websites.
  26. 26. IMAGE CREATION REMOVE THINGLINK BRANDING 1. Click “ThingLink”2. Select transparent icon or your custom branding Click X to remove touch Click X to remove share Click X to remove full screen
  27. 27. IMAGE CREATION FULLY CONTROL HOW YOUR IMAGE DISPLAYS WHILE EMBEDDED Click “MY MEDIA SETTINGS” tab Click Menu to reveal drop down, then select “SETTINGS” to view your account settings
  28. 28. IMAGE CREATION REMOVE TOUCH AND SHARE BUTTONS AND MANAGE PRIVACY Select “Sharing settings” to manage image privacy Public: everybody can see image Unlisted: image can only be accessed with the image URL Allows other ThingLink users to edit your image Enter the URL you would like to appear in the lower right corner of the image Untick to remove share and touch buttons
  29. 29. IMAGE CREATION REPLACE YOUR BACKGROUND IMAGE WITHOUT LOSING TAGS Click “Replace image” and choose new file
  31. 31. STEP 1: GO TO GROUP MANAGEMENT Click to create a new group channel Scroll down to Group Channels section
  32. 32. STEP 2: NAME CHANNEL Name your channel Click CREATE
  33. 33. STEP 3: ADD IMAGES TO THE CHANNEL On images select the POST button. Check the box for the channel you have created. This works for all group members.
  34. 34. STEP 4: VIEW CHANNEL Click CHANNELS Select your channel All images in the channel Click to view as a slideshow
  35. 35. STEP 5: SHARE CHANNEL Click the share icon Use this code to embed the channel to your website or blog
  37. 37. VIDEO CREATION UPLOADING VIDEOS Click “CREATE” on the top bar Enter the URL of the video you want to tag and click “TAG THIS MEDIA” Or upload from hard drive
  38. 38. VIDEO CREATION ADDING TAGS 1. Choose a time in the video to add your tag 2. Click “ADD NEW TAG”
  39. 39. VIDEO CREATION ADDING TAGS Text font Text and tag color The text on the tag Duration of the tag Tag icon Tag destination Tag: the initial message that appears Popup: the larger message once the tag is clicked open Always save!
  40. 40. VIDEO CREATION ADDING TAGS Add extended content within the popup Select a photo within the popup The inner title of the popup
  41. 41. VIDEO CREATION EMBEDDING VIDEOS AND CHANNELS Copy the embed code Enter the embed code The finished product
  42. 42. HOW TO 360 CREATION
  43. 43. 360 CREATION UPLOADING 360 IMAGES Click create to access the upload page Use UPLOAD PANORAMIC IMAGE 360 button to upload 360° image
  44. 44. 360 CREATION TAGGING 360 IMAGES Use the plus button to begin adding tags
  45. 45. 360 CREATION 360 TAG TYPES There are 4 tag types: image, video, embed and transition Image: Upload an image, add an audio file, and enter a caption Transition: Enter the URL of another 360 image Video: Upload a video file, and enter a caption Embed: Enter an embed code to add third party elements
  46. 46. 360 CREATION IMAGE SETTINGS Click to access image settings Add audio file for main image Choose initial view of the image when opened Name image Uncheck to make image unlisted