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The Mobile Shift

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How connected devices are changing consumer attitudes and behaviour.

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The Mobile Shift

  1. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary.The Mobile Shift:How connected devices are changingconsumer attitudes and behaviourmSport Summit 2013Hesham Al-Jehani, Product Manager Mobile, Europe | 24th April 2013hal-jehani@comscore.com
  2. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 2Agenda comScore Intro Mobile Device Landscape Mobile Media Trends Mobile Sports Consumption Demographics Summary
  3. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 3who are we and what we do?comScore Introduction
  4. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 4comScore is a leading internet technology company thatprovides Analytics for a Digital World™NASDAQ SCORClients 2,100+ WorldwideEmployees 1,000+Headquarters Reston, Virginia, USAGlobal Coverage Measurement from 172 Countries; 44 Markets ReportedLocal Presence 32 Locations in 23 CountriesBig Data Over 1.5 Trillion Digital Interactions Captured MonthlyV0113
  5. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 5Providing Analytics For More Than 2,100 Clients GloballyMedia Agencies Telecom/Mobile Financial Retail Travel CPG Health TechnologyV0113
  6. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 6The Challenge of Understanding Today’s Digital ConsumerTabletPC/Mac TVSmartphone Gaming Digital Omnivores accessing their digital world across multipledevices, in different ways across each day Understanding the person—not just device traffic—is key
  7. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 7comScore Meets the Multi-Platform ChallengeMMX Multi-Platform• Available in US and UK• Official partner for digital audiencemeasurement in UK via UKOMUnduplicated Digital Audience• PC• Smartphones• Tablets
  8. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 8the smartphone majority hasarrived!Mobile Device Landscape
  9. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 92012 Was An Eventful Year For All Things Digital and Mobile• London 2012 Olympics, the first truly digital Games with 55mglobal browser visits to BBC sports online• Launch of 4G in 10 UK cities• Wi-Fi on London Underground• The digital switchover and the death of Ceefax• Launch of Microsoft Surface and iPad Mini tablet• Samsung becomes largest mobile phone OEM by market share• Facebook passes half a billion mobile user milestone• Angry Birds hits 1 billion downloads• The business failure of major high street chains - Comet, Jessops,HMV and BlockBusters
  10. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 10Mobile is Fundamental to Growth!"Today there is no argumentFacebook is a mobile company.“Mark Zuckerberg
  11. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 11The Smartphone Majority Has Arrived: Penetration in EU5 at 59%YoY Growth of 29%in EU 5 andGermany leadingthe surge68%55%55%67%56%20%22%27%32%45%ItalyUKSpainFranceGermanyYoY Growth By CountrySmartphone PenetrationSource: MobiLens™.Data based on 3 month moving average to Feb 2013
  12. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 12Over Four Fifths Of Handset Acquisitions are SmartphonesFeature17%Google56%Apple27%Windows, 8%Blackberry, 8%Other, 2%Smartphones83%Newly acquired handsets in UKby platform February 2013Source: MobiLens™.Data based on 3 month moving average to Feb 2013
  13. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 13Source: MobiLens™.Data based on 3 month moving average to Feb 2013Smartphone Landscape Is Dominated by Android and iOS DevicesWith Over Three Quarters Market ShareSmartphone platform market shareand growth UK42%21%20%22%20%38%56%27%-51%118%31%26%19%19%44%29%8%Feb 12 Feb 13OtherMicrosoftSymbianBlackBerryAppleGoogle27%28%5%50%39%18%13%12%2% 4%27M 33M-14%
  14. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 14Samsung28%Nokia19%Apple18%HTC9%BlackBerry9%Sony6%LG3%Other8%Source: MobiLens™.Data based on 3 month moving average to Feb 2013Samsung The Largest OEM in UKApple28%Samsung28%HTC14%BlackBerry13%Nokia8%Sony5%LG1%Other3%Total Base49.5 MillionSmartphoneBase33 MillionDevice market share by OEM
  15. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 15012345678910Sep-11 Nov-11 Jan-12 Mar-12 May-12 Jul-12 Sep-12 Nov-12 Jan-13Total MarketApple iPadsRapid Rise of UK Tablet Ownership to Over 10 Million Units+280%6millioniPadsTablet ownership over 18 month period to Feb 2013(millions)Tablet penetrationfor smartphoneowners reaching32% of base+217%Source: MobiLens™.Data based on 3 month moving average to Feb 2013
  16. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 16the rise of multi-platform digitalconsumerismMobile Media Consumption
  17. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 1715 16 17 17 18 19 19 20 20 2122 2324 24 25 25 26 26 27 28 28 29 29 30 30Feb-11Mar-11Apr-11May-11Jun-11Jul-11Aug-11Sep-11Oct-11Nov-11Dec-11Jan-12Feb-12Mar-12Apr-12May-12Jun-12Jul-12Aug-12Sep-12Oct-12Nov-12Dec-12Jan-13Feb-1391% of Smartphone Users Connect to the Internet With Their DeviceCompared to a Quarter Of Feature Phone UsersSmartphone users who use connected media(millions)Connected Media = Used browser, application, native email, stream or download musicand broadcast / on-demand video (does not include SMS)95% 2 YearGrowthSource: MobiLens™.Data based on 3 month moving average to Feb 2013
  18. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 18Source: Device Essentials™,UK, February 2013A Third of UK Internet Traffic Driven by Non-PC Devices And MobileMobile Phones Make Up Almost A Quarter of All TrafficShare of non-PC device traffic in the UKFeb 2013PC 68%Mobile23%Tablet 8%Other 1%Non PC32%
  19. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 19Source: Device Essentials™,UK, February 2013Almost 70% of All Mobile Phone Data Usage Takes Place Over a Wi-FiNetwork32%68%Mobile Phone TrafficWi-Fi Mobile NetworkMobile phone traffic by network accessmethod and platform31%40%4%40%69%60%96%60%iOS Android BB Microsoft
  20. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 20Apple iOS Devices Generate 73% of UK Mobile TrafficPlatform share of UK tablet & mobileInternet traffic73%21%5%1%iOSAndroidBlackberryOther93%85%67%94%7%15%30%6%3%BlackberryAndroidiOSMicrosoftMobile Tablet OtherSource: Device Essentials™,UK, February 2013
  21. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 21Source: comScore Device Essentials, 21st Jan 2013 UK dataDevices Satisfy Different Demands Throughout the DayLATE NIGHT(12AM - 7AM)EARLYMORNING(7AM – 10AM)DAYTIME(10AM – 5PM)EARLYEVENING(5PM – 8PM)PRIMETIME(8PM – 12AM)Mobilesbrighten thecommutePCs dominateworking hoursTabletspopular atnightShareofDevicePageTrafficonaTypicalWorkday
  22. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 22mobile is driving growth in onlinesports consumptionMobile Sports Consumption
  23. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 23899101010111213141821212231Television GuidesTech newsAuction sitesPhoto / Video SharingOnline RetailBank AccountsReferenceEntertainment newsSportsMapsNewsWeatherSearchSocial NetworkingNewsSource: MobiLens™.Data based on 3 month moving average to Feb 2013Sports The 7th Largest Mobile Content Category: 13 Million AccessSports News & Info On Their Phones5,2058,805ApplicationBrowser4 million usersaccess sportssites daily on theirmobile phonesTop mobile content categories (million)Mobile sports access method (000)
  24. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 247 millionMobile users10% Average Mobile Exclusive Reach For Sports SitesHow BIG is The Total, UnduplicatedAudience for Sport?UnduplicatedOnlineAudience26MSource: MMX Multi-Platform ™.Feb 2013 Data7 millionMobileUsers24 millionaccessing viaPC
  25. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 25Source: MMX Multi-Platform ™.Feb 2013 DataTop Mobile Sports Sites Enjoy Significant Uplift in Audience ReachThrough Mobile3493504204485836086858901,1475,0398541,2395,6736972,2461,9002,2972,3014,2959,230PC Reach Mobile Reach25%37%14%17%13%46%5%12%20%ExclusiveMobileReachTop 10 Mobile Sports Sites v PC Access (000s)
  26. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 26Source: MMX Multi-Platform ™. and MobiLens™.MobiLens data based on 3 month moving average to Feb 2013, Feb 2013 Data for MMXGrowth In Online Sports Audience Coming Almost Entirely FromMobile Access-2468101214-51015202530Feb-11Mar-11Apr-11May-11Jun-11Jul-11Aug-11Sep-11Oct-11Nov-11Dec-11Jan-12Feb-12Mar-12Apr-12May-12Jun-12Jul-12Aug-12Sep-12Oct-12Nov-12Dec-12Jan-13Feb-13PCMobilePC and mobile phone access to sports sites twoyear trend (millions)Mobile phonesports accessup 54% in 2years
  27. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 27Source BBC: “The story of the digital Olympics: streams, browsers, most watched, four screens”bbc.co.uk/blogs/internet/posts/digital_olympics_reach_stream_stats2012 Olympics Was The First Digital Multi-Platform GamesUsage by hour across the day by devicefor 28 July to 9 Aug
  28. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 28Source BBC: “The story of the digital Olympics: streams, browsers, most watched, four screens”bbc.co.uk/blogs/internet/posts/digital_olympics_reach_stream_stats9.2m UK Mobile Visits to the BBC’s Olympics CoverageUsage by hour across the day by device28 July to 9 Aug
  29. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 29Source: comScore custom analytics. Single Source Multi-Platform Study. A18+. 7/27/12 – 8/12/12. Total Day. ScreenStatus Definitions: TV+PC Only = Followed the Olympics on TV and PC but not on Mobile or Tablet, TV+PC+Mobile =Followed the Olympics on TV, PC and Mobile but not on Tablet, TV+PC+Mobile+Tablet = Followed the Olympics on all4 screens.More Devices Mean More Consumption: Olympic SportsCoverage Viewed Most by Multi-Platform UsersTV Only TV + PC Only TV + PC + Mobile TV + PC + Mobile +TabletTabletMobilePCTV4hr 19min4hr 19min4hr 28min 5hr 6hr 7min50min59min51min47min40min55min5hr 18min6hr 50min8hr 29minAverage Time Spent Per Day Following Olympics in US
  30. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 30who are mobile sports fans?Demographics
  31. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 31Male72%Female28%<£15k12%£15k - <£30k26%£30k - <£45k27%£45k - <£55k14%£55k - <£65k9%£65k - <£75k5%£75k+7%Demographic Profile of Sports Users Describe A Typical 25-34 YearOld Employed Male on a Post Paid TariffEmployedFull time59%Student15%Employedpart time10%Unemployed6%Retired6%Other2%7152622141613-17 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+Postpaid76%Prepaid20%Corporate4%Age (%)Household YStatusPlanSource: MobiLens™.Data based on 3 month moving average to Feb 2013
  32. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 3292% of Mobile Sports Fans Are Smartphone OwnersDevice, platform and OEM share ofsmartphone sports fansSmartphone92%Feature8%Google50%Apple33%BlackBerry10%Microsoft4%Symbian3%Apple33%Samsung27%HTC14%BlackBerry10%Sony6%Nokia5%Other5%Source: MobiLens™.Data based on 3 month moving average to Feb 2013
  33. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 33Top 10 Sports Smartphones Dominated by Apple and SamsungDevicesiPhone 4S1.3MWildfire S0.2MiPhone 41.2MHTC Desire S0.2MGalaxy S20.7MGalaxy Ace0.2MGalaxy S30.5MiPhone 3G0.2MiPhone 3GS0.4MiPhone 50.2MSource: MobiLens™.Data based on 3 month moving average to Feb 2013
  34. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 34key take-awaysSummary
  35. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 35• The smartphone majority has arrived with tablet ownershiprising rapidly• High-speed, ubiquitous mobile data connectivity will lead toeven more mobile media consumption• Multi-platform users typically consume more across all theirdevices• Growth in online audience and engagement primarily drivenby mobile access• A holistic view of the digital omnivore is necessary tosucceed and grow your online business
  36. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 36What’s Next for Mobile in 2013?Get the free white paper!2013 Mobile Future in Focus Report2012 was another milestone year in thelife of mobile as continued innovation inhardware, software and devicefunctionality laid the groundwork for thefuture of the industry.For a look at what’s ahead for mobile,download the 2013 Mobile Future inFocus Report:www.comscore.com/FutureinFocus2013
  37. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Thank you for your attentionmSport Summit 2013Email: hal-jehani@comscore.comFollow us on Twitter: @comScoreEMEAFind us on Facebook: facebook.com/comscoreinc