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Uncanny Valley - Week 2: Tornquist

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Uncanny Valley - Week 2: Tornquist

  1. 1. Buenos dias!~ Welcome back to Uncanny Valley. This update, as you can see, is all about the Tornquist brothers—they get an update all their own for this week! How awesome is that?
  2. 2. If you can remember all the way back to last in-game week, you'll recall that Agnar's love interest Stephanie moved out of Johan & Esperanza's house and moved in with the boys. Despite some misgivings, it seems to be going well.
  3. 3. At the beginning of the month, spirits are high and everything is running along quite smoothly.
  4. 4. People still stop by all the time. Nobody in town is ever at a loss for company, if they want it.
  5. 5. Including their illustrious leader! ...I am going to get rid of that damn ballet barre, I swear. Although I admit watching Heaven do barre exercises while heavily pregnant and in combat boots is rather entertaining.
  6. 6. Eyulf is still trying to learn Physiology, although I was having second thoughts about whether or not he would be the best one for that job.
  7. 7. But yeah; basically, life continues as normal.
  8. 8. But despite all appearances on the surface, there's a bit of trouble in paradise.
  9. 9. Stephanie: Can we talk? Agnar: Of course. Stephanie: I don't quite know how to say this, so I'll just say it bluntly: I think I made a mistake. Agnar: What do you mean? Stephanie: I mean, I think we both deserve something better than two bolts. Agnar: What?
  10. 10. Agnar: You don't understand. I love you! Stephanie: I know that. And I think I love you, too. But I'm not sure. And I do think you deserve better than me. Agnar: But...I love you. Stephanie: You're a wonderful person, and I want you to find someone perfect for you. And I want to find someone absolutely perfect for me.
  11. 11. Well, that was painful and awkward. The walls are so thin, it's not hard for Eyulf to know what's going on, and the next day is a pain to get through. Agnar and Stephanie aren't talking, and the silence is a stilted and tense one.
  12. 12. Later that afternoon, she makes plans and sends for the taxi. Stephanie: I still think I'm making the right decision this time, for the both of us.
  13. 13. Agnar does come out to see her go, though.
  14. 14. Oh god, case of the sads. :c
  15. 15. The following day is a sad one. Eyulf absorbs himself with studying and keeping house.
  16. 16. While his brother goes out to the yard to try and dig up one of those big chests like Nabila found last week. No dice.
  17. 17. Eyulf, ever sensitive to his twin's moods, can tell that his brother is trying to ignore how he's been feeling.
  18. 18. And to be honest, it's bringing how down, as well.
  19. 19. That night at dinner, he broaches the subject to Agnar. Eyulf: I think we need to meet some new people. Agnar: What are you talking about? Eyulf: You're not going to get through this by being alone.
  20. 20. Agnar: I don't think I've ready. Eyulf: We're not getting any younger. And besides, I want to meet some women, too. I want you to be happy. Agnar: I wish people would stop saying that.
  21. 21. When they finished eating, Eyulf went out to engage in one of his favorite hobbies.
  22. 22. He had left his brother with a lot to chew over, after all.
  23. 23. OK, this is where I take a pause in the storytelling part of the update. I decided that they two of them really do deserve better than a fairly decent two bolts. I'd like to see them both get three, and no matter how I tweaked their turn ons it just wasn't happening. The fact made me a bit sad, but it left me open for this little match-making session here. I summoned in a bunch of different townies I'd made and let both Agnar and Eyulf Scope the Room for potentials.
  24. 24. Agnar picks out Frohawk Glasses here (not her actual name, but I can't remember what it is for the life of me)...
  25. 25. I think he digs it!
  26. 26. Meanwhile, Eyulf picks out the serious girl in the modest skirt and shirt set. I think I'll call her Modesty Secretary for the time being.
  27. 27. And this young woman, the blonde with the multicoloured dress. Maybe he'll actually get lucky with one of them? Not like wink-wink-nudge-nudge “lucky”, although maybe even that. What we're really looking for here is a love match, though.
  28. 28. So what's there to do but let everyone go fish in the pond? Kindly ignore the Summoning Cat in the foreground. Really, we all know how I got all these women here, there's no question.
  29. 29. Did I mention that Kareema showed up? Because she did. She stood and talked to Agnar for a little while. The two of them got pretty close in the last week.
  30. 30. Whoops! Well. That sure did just happen.
  31. 31. The rest of the evening was spent chatting up women.
  32. 32. This one doesn't seem to mind Eyulf's awkward attempts at flirting.
  33. 33. —But that doesn't mean he can push it too far.
  34. 34. She soon comes around, though. They're pretty good together, but I think I can do better. At least, I HOPE I can do better.
  35. 35. Damn. I guess he's not feeling any of them just yet. I'm going to have to try harder.
  36. 36. The next day, Agnar gets a call from one of the women he met the night before— a Miss Rhodora Cassidy. They got along very well last night, and I think we can make something of it.
  37. 37. But for the moment, he chooses to keep his prospects open. There's plenty of fish in the sea.
  38. 38. This year's orchard harvest isn't so hot, but it'll get them through the winter at least.
  39. 39. The one blonde woman from that evening keeps calling around too, only she's not asking for Eyulf, sadly.
  40. 40. v (Haha, score. I'm gonna keep you two.)
  41. 41. Eyulf: Well, I'm no fortune teller, but I think the possibility looks good. Do you want to come over?
  42. 42. Turns out her name is Suzanna Chastain. Yes, the only reason I know this is because I just looked it up. Very nice girl, though.
  43. 43. Oh. Would you look at who decided to walk by that evening, just as it started to snow?
  44. 44. I send Agnar out to greet her.
  45. 45. It's quite the romantic scene, even if the snow did stop. Maybe it's fate?
  46. 46. Oh man, look at all those lightning bolts. Let's get them together. Sorry Suzanna Chastain. A winner is not you.
  47. 47. Agnar: Wow.
  48. 48. Agnar: Thanks for stopping by! I always love seeing the likes of you. Rhodora: Aww, thank you. I like to come see you, too.
  49. 49. Well, that was easy. That is some chemistry between these two.
  50. 50. Let the wooing commence.
  51. 51. Haha, wow you guys. Wow.
  52. 52. They just keep going. It's like a pair of kissing perpetual motion machines.
  53. 53. Agnar: Your sweater compliments your lovely eyes. Rhodora: /giggle You're taking notes, aren't you Eyulf? Eyulf?
  54. 54. I guess not.
  55. 55. Suzanna: Well, that's a big letdown. Eyulf: Hm? Suzanna: Those two.
  56. 56. Eyulf: Oh. I'm sorry. Suzanna: You don't need to apologise, it wasn't you. Eyulf: But I'm the one who said you might have a chance. Suzanna: Might isn't the same as will. I know that. You don't have to worry. Eyulf: Well, if it helps, I still think you're rather hot? Suzanna: Thank you Eyulf, that's very sweet.
  57. 57. Meanwhile... That did not take long.
  58. 58. Eyulf: You will always be welcome here. Suzanna: Thanks, Eyulf.
  59. 59. Suzanna: You're a great friend. ...Ouch. I think that wasn't quite what he was going for, Suzie. Well, friendship is never simply a consolation prize in this neighbourhood, so at least he isn't going to become a passive aggressive jerk about it. Besides, I have plans. I always have plans.
  60. 60. Ahem. Anyway. Agnar: Stay with me? Rhodora: Of course. You don't even have to ask. Agnar: I felt like asking.
  61. 61. Agnar: I have something important to ask you. Rhodora: Of course! What is it?
  62. 62. Agnar: I know this is sudden, and we just met, but I was wondering if you would grace me with your presence every day? Rhodora: What do you mean? Agnar: I want to wake up to your smiling face in the morning. I want you to be the last thing I see when I go to sleep at night. Please, live here with me?
  63. 63. Rhodora: All you had to do was ask. Aww, how sweet. :3
  64. 64. Well that's one down, but the week is already half over, and I was starting to wonder if my Plans would come to fruition before the end of the week.
  65. 65. Despite the midnight snow, Eyulf rises early in the morning and I have him go out to tend the garden while his brother has a lie-in. I like how happy he seems here.
  67. 67. /LAUGHING
  68. 68. Ahem. All silliness aside, they all get along very well, and yes, I am already planning the wedding. None of them are getting any younger.
  69. 69. Speaking of weddings, let's make it official. Agnar: Rhodora Cassidy, would you do me the honour... Rhodora: Yes?
  70. 70. Agnar: ...of becoming my wife? Rhodora: Oh yes! A thousand times yes! Kareema: Wait, what?
  71. 71. Rhodora: I'm so happy! Kareema: … Agnar: Oh, hi Kareema. Kareema: …Hi.
  72. 72. Kareema: Hi Eyulf. Eyulf: Oh! Hello Kareema. What brings you by? Kareema: Nothing much...
  73. 73. Kareema: But I sure could use a hug. Eyulf: Certainly. Is something wrong? Kareema: I don't really want to talk about it. Eyulf: Uh, sure.
  74. 74. Candy is dandy but diamonds are quicker. That doesn't flow right, but that's beside the point.
  75. 75. ...Not quite sure how she's fishing through three inches of ice and a foot of snow, but whatever, man. You do what you do.
  76. 76. We interrupt this painful moment to being you this announcement: BINGO! DING DING DING DING DING, YOU WIN THE PRIZE...uh. “Mayweather MacTaggert.” ...Clearly I was on some sort of Scottish/webcomic kick that night. I can probably blame a lack of sleep. Let's call her May.
  77. 77. As usual, there's plenty of foot traffic here, even in the dead of winter. Ibrahim stopped by, and we invited Gary because it's SATURDAY YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I love sim weddings.
  78. 78. He of course proceeds to chat up anything with a set of tits, no matter how saggy. Why yes, nameless townie elder, he is quite smoking. That's probably why he doesn't need a coat.
  79. 79. Oh look who's here: it's May! Hi May! What are you looking at, Ibrahim?
  80. 80. Oh.
  81. 81. Dammit, Ibrahim, can we not go a single week without you creeping on your sister?
  82. 82. May: What's with that guy? Eyulf: Please just ignore him. They've been talking on the phone quite a lot, and have gotten really close that way. Let's see how far we can get them today. A double wedding would be very nice.
  83. 83. Eyulf: I'd much rather focus on you. May: R-really? Oh god I love Shy sims so much. C8
  84. 84. This is it, Eyulf. Show her your moves. Yes. Just like that. Eyulf: (Witty compliment.) May: (Shy giggle.)
  85. 85. Aww, yay crush hearts! Wait, what was that other noise just now?
  86. 86. God. Dammit. You know, somebody is going to get mad one of these days. It will probably be Actual Me, not Sim Me.
  87. 87. Of course, y'all know my sims by now. I look away for one minute and look where they end up.
  88. 88. In the bedroom. I guess May isn't quite as shy as she acts like she is. Either that, or Eyulf is just that much more fly.
  89. 89. I really have a neighbourhood full of hairballs. Gotta love the citrus shorts—looks like May does.
  90. 90. Finally. <3
  91. 91. Dammit Stephanie, stop. Oh my fucking hell. I'm going to have to put a disclaimer on my self-sim download.
  92. 92. Meanwhile, Eyulf uses his sly moves and fancy underwear to convince May to move in with them.
  93. 93. I make sure to update the house a bit, because they're going to need the room, eventually. We have two Family sims in the house now, they're going to be spawning like crazy.
  94. 94. May is a Knowledge sim, however, so I guess we don't have to worry over much about having like, thirty sims on the lot under the Teen age group.
  95. 95. There's nothing much to do during these short, cold days but be around each other indoors, and they take full advantage of this fact.
  96. 96. And there's our love hearts. This is why I wanted them to have three bolters!
  97. 97. Immediately on the heels of this, May takes the plunge and asks her man to marry her. Smart lady! May, I love you a lot. Never leave me. You're so wonderful.
  98. 98. I think we can all tell what the answer was.
  99. 99. Saturday evening rolls around, and Agnar is up first, taking full advantage of that wedding arch that's been passed around lately.
  100. 100. As you can see, most of the town is in attendance, but... otherwise occupied. Seriously, you guys, can you put down the damn fishing rods for a couple of hours so that these guys can get married with an audience? Is that too much to ask?
  101. 101. May is also prepared, ready to step up to the altar next.
  102. 102. Next up is Eyulf and May.
  103. 103. And boy is he thrilled to be here!
  104. 104. The vows are spoken...
  105. 105. Rhodora: What a lovely wedding.
  106. 106. And with that, Rhodora and May both become Mrs. Tornquist. That's got to be an interesting bit of confusion at parties. And in crowds.
  107. 107. The happy couple proceeds to celebrate in the true Uncanny Valley fashion.
  108. 108. Yep.
  109. 109. Pretty sure I heard baby chimes downstairs, though. Family sims move fast, you guys.
  110. 110. May: My god, is that woman in her underwear? Rhodora: Good evenin'. May: Good evening.
  111. 111. Rhodora: So, I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant. May: What, already? Don't you want to have some time just to yourselves? Rhodora: Why ever for? I've been looking forward to children! Haven't you?
  112. 112. May: Well, I suppose, but I was kind of wanting to wait a while. Settle in here, you know? Rhodora: You're married now, darling. Face it; you've settled already. May: I still think I'm going to wait a while.
  113. 113. Rhodora: You can wait as long as you like, it makes no difference to me. I'm still eagerly awaiting this little addition to the family. May: Are you even absolutely sure you're pregnant? Rhodora: I'm a Family Sim, dear. We know. Phone's ringing, you guys.
  114. 114. May: Hello, Tornquist residence? Rhodora: I can't wait for spring. Do you think I could plant a little flower garden? Angar: I don't see why not? What, not going to give your Dear Husband the good news yet? I'm sure he'd be thrilled.
  115. 115. Rhodora: Ooog. Morning sickness? Eyulf: Yikes. I can't be around you if you're going to vomit, sorry. I don't deal with it well. Well, I guess we know where he's going to be.
  116. 116. What was that noi-- WHAT?
  117. 117. WHAT?!
  118. 118. Eyulf: Agnar! May! Someone! HELP! NO, WAIT. Oh crap, I didn't want this to—oh fuck.
  120. 120. Well. Uh. Well, fuck. I did not expect that to happen. Uh, I was really expecting Ibrahim to go first? This was a total surprise.
  121. 121. May: Eyulf? Honey? Were you calling me?
  122. 122. May: Hm...
  123. 123. May: Eyulf?
  124. 124. Agnar: Was there a commotion just now? I could have sworn there was a commotion. May: ...Kinda?
  125. 125. May: My husband just got abducted by aliens. 8D 8D You know, most people wouldn't be that thrilled about that fact. Man, we Knowledge aspirations are a weird set.
  126. 126. May: Oh, you're getting up? Agnar: A farmer's life starts early. Are you going to be up? May: For a little while, yeah.
  127. 127. Agnar: Is Eyulf still sleeping in? May: Oh, I'm sure he's around here somewhere. He'll turn up. ...May, you sly fox.
  128. 128. True to form, Agnar hops outside to take care of their little garden before the sun rises.
  129. 129. As such, he's around for when his twin finally “turns up”.
  130. 130. What, no flowers or anything you guys? Just kick him out on his face?
  131. 131. Eyulf: Oh, I think I hurt myself.
  132. 132. Agnar: What is that thing! May: Alien spacecraft.
  133. 133. Eyulf: What? AAAGH!
  134. 134. Agnar & May: SO LOUD! Eyulf: /whimper
  135. 135. May: My husband was abducted by aliens! Oh now you're reacting? May: Why didn't they take me? ....Never mind.
  136. 136. Agnar: My brother was abducted by aliens! Who will be next? Yes, fear for your personal integrity, my little sims. One day. One day.
  137. 137. Once the initial shock wears off, Eyulf doesn't seem so upset. Guess who forgot that she gave him Knowledge as a secondary?
  138. 138. May: So. Aliens. Eyulf: Aliens. I'll leave the obvious History Channel joke for someone else to make.
  139. 139. May: I hope you're feeling okay. Eyulf: Just a bit queasy is all. It's probably just the near-light-speed travel. Not like there's an alien foetus growing behind your navel. /trollface
  140. 140. Stepping back for a moment to show you my pathetic fail: this? This is not Rhodora. This is her face twin, who I forgot I stuck in the game before her. Go ahead, point and laugh. I would.
  141. 141. Life resumes it's normal pace.
  142. 142. Eyulf: Do you think you can love me, even if I'm pregnant?
  143. 143. May: Of course I can, silly goose. Aww. <3
  144. 144. Rhodora: Hello Tornquist residence? Oh, it's you! How are you then? Why haven't you popped yet? Are you still before 25 hours? Hm....
  145. 145. The boys are taking the news fairly well. Agnar keeps walking around smiling. He's not even the one who's pregnant in his relationship, I mean really. And Eyulf? Well, he's keeping busy. Bit more tired than usual. Lately he's just trying to keep food down and his mood up. Selling paintings helps.
  146. 146. Rhodora: Did I tell you the news? We're pregnant! ...Oh, I already told you? Is there anyone in the neighbourhood you haven't told?
  147. 147. There's another painting done. He's getting quite good at this, really. I expect he'll be selling Masterpieces soon.
  148. 148. The last crop of vegetables was a rousing success. Sadly, there's no real time to stop any time soon, since they're eventually going to have to provide for everyone who can't manage on their own.
  149. 149. Oh, what's this? I think that's a foregone conclusion at this point, darling.
  150. 150. You can't quite tell under that massive turtleneck sweater, but there's a bump under there. I seriously can't wait, even though it's going to mean two babies and two toddlers under one roof. I'm sure I can soldier through, there's four grown ups here. They can work in shifts.
  151. 151. I think this is as good a note to leave on as we're going to get. Besides, it's Sunday night, and you know what happens then. Next up is Stephanie Clay, all out on her lonesome. Let's go see how she's faring next. Happy simming, all.