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  1.  Three King’s Church is the most popular spot in Goa. The church is discovered in the village named Cansaulim near Goa. This is called the body of three boys buried in this place. It is built in 1599 by Fr Gonzalo Carvalho S.J. Three King’s Church is one of the most haunted places in South Goa. 
  2.  How can a ghost live in the church, where people came to see the Lord Jesus for his blessing? How it is possible? Let’s begin with its history. There are 3 boys who were selected to be the three kings. And their name should be registered in the local panchayat because whoever became the king will take care of both this village and the church.
  3.  On 6th January a ritual was organized for all the kings with the people of the village. The ritual was celebrated for nine days of continuous revelry, however, then the devotees come to the chapel of our lady of the mount to offer prayers and seek her blessing.
  4.  After a little while one king invited all 2 kings for the lunch. He decided to mix poison in their food, they die after eating. And he built their tomb in the same church.
  5.  The Indian film industry creates are great role in the famous tourism sector of the country. Some of the movies are shot here. Some breathtaking movies like Dil Chahta Hai, Dear Zindagi Finding Fanny Drishyam, Simmba, and Singham their shotting take place here. We all love to watch all those beautiful locations in the movies.
  6.  The Three King’s Church is both stunning and spooky. People came here to visit the beauty of its nature. Their culture and religion are different so as others. The one popular and interesting is those yachts, must experience. However, haunted places are as well.