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The Second Screen: Connect Your Fans -- Leila Thabet, We Are Social US (Breaking Bad)

  1. hello. We are social
  2. we are a conversation agency
  3. Built from the ground up We’re a new kind of agency built for the age of social media.
  4. 380 staff in 8 offices around the world London Munich Paris New York Milan Singapore São Paulo Sydney we are social 4
  5. We help brands listen understand engage …in conversations.
  6. we are social
  7. The Final Season GO BIG OR GO HOME we are social
  8. A completely fanatical audience we are social
  9. So fanatical, they refer to themselves as addicts we are social
  10. We knew they’d be talking… we are social
  11. We knew they’d be talking… So how did we get them talking even more? we are social
  12. #BBaddict The more you give, the more you get. we are social
  13. #BBaddict Incentivizing fan engagement we are social
  14. we are social
  15. we are social
  16. we are social
  17. we are social
  18. Limitations Moving at the speed of everybody else we are social
  19. No advanced scripts, screenings or plot points We watched the season unfold in real time with everyone else we are social
  20. Weekly team brainstorms analyzed top themes, quotes and characters to inform each week’s strategy we are social
  21. Tapping into existing conversations by creating content based on topics fans were already talking about we are social
  22. we are social
  23. And creating original content that surprised and delighted our fans we are social
  24. we are social
  25. Our #AwkwardGuacamole post became a part of the zeitgeist of the show, setting the standard for how fans referred to a pivotal scene of the series. we are social
  26. The Final Episode In the days before the series finale, AMC aired a Breaking Bad marathon we are social
  27. We pulled out all the stops to take advantage of this momentous event and drive tune-in we are social
  28. We recruited some of the biggest Breaking Bad fanatics to live-tweet the marathon to their over 1.8M followers we are social
  29. We gave our fans multiple ways to say #GoodbyeBreakingBad leading up to the finale we are social
  30. And let our fans say goodbye to each character of this amazing series WALT JESSE HANK SKYLAR SAUL WALTER JR. MARIE TODD we are social
  31. we are social
  32. Results Nearly 125,000 We Are Social content received DOUBLE D BBADDICTS 150% Twitter followers Over in the first month, who achieved 21 million points we are social more engagement than any content than had been produced for the show Increased fans by In two months 1,400,00 0 Across all platforms
  33. Thank you.

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  2. Scripts, plot details kept under tight lock and key – sometimes even our clients weren’t in the loop on what would happen!
  3. Our “awkward guacamole” post became a part of the culture of the show, becoming the way people refer to a pivotal scene of the series.
  4. iJustine, Steve Zaragoza, Richard Ryan, Rob Fee